Visual exposure to semantic concept network

An analogous representation of the visualization of neural circuitry.

Visual exposure to semantic concept network is the experience of percieving a seemingly infinite mass of complex interconnected geometric forms which are comprised entirely of innately understandable representations. Together, these individual geometric representations are perceived to simultaneously convey every internally stored concept and memory contained within the mind.

At its lower end, this effect is something that fluctuates wildly and is neither constant or consistent in its intensity. Instead, it is momentarily triggered by the experience of a concept. For example, if someone were to say the word "Internet" to a person who is currently undergoing this state, they would see the mind's concept of the Internet immediately manifested in a geometric form amidst the very centre of their visual field. This form will then quickly branch out from itself in a manner similar to a spider diagram or mind map chart.

For example, the concept "Internet" may have dozens of immediate child nodes that are representative of computers, which may have associated descendant nodes involving technologies. This may branch out further to include concepts representing human intelligence, which may then branch out into concepts related to the evolution of humanity, and so on until all concepts known to the person are represented within the network.

Once this occurs, the sensory overload can temporarily disconnect one from their external environment and result in simultaneous long-term memory suppression, or "ego death", for several seconds to a minute before a person is briefly returned to reality. This is usually triggered again and again in quick succession. However, it is worth noting that this process can, to a certain extent, be disabled through continuous physical movements. This may be because movement stops the process of thoughts branching out by not giving one's brain the time it needs to lock onto new concepts as it is focused on movement rather than processing thoughts.

As the dose of the psychoactive substance is increased, the process becomes easier to trigger while extending its length and duration. This eventually results in a stable state of complete disconnection from the external environment alongside sustained "ego death", as well as feelings of experiencing "all of existence" in a single instant.

Visual exposure to inner mechanics of consciousness is often accompanied by other coinciding effects such as ego death and high level geometry. It is most commonly induced under the influence of heavy dosages of stimulating psychedelic compounds with little hallucinatory content, such as LSD, 2C-B, and 4-HO-MET.




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