Hello, I am Uther.

I am many things - an artist, a blogger, a harm-reduction advisor... and, of course, a fellow psychonaut. I strongly believe that drugs tell us something fundamental about how the human mind works, and that by exploring their various effects both on the brain and the subjective self, we can untangle a part of the great mystery that the cosmos presents us with.

One of my dreams is to help establish psychonautics as a real, reasonable academic field - this is the reason why I take part in this project. For EffectIndex, I mainly provide formal phenomenological reports on various substances, novel and classic, in hopes that I will help document their nature, and thus aid people in using them responsibly for personal growth or even just plain old fun.

I don't bite, and if you feel like reaching out, please do. I will always try to respond, even if I am really buried in stuff. :)