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Replication Artist

Hi, my name is Rho. I’m a 22-year-old enby from California. I am fascinated by the intersection of complex systems, philosophy, and art and I am working to communicate these concepts and phenomena through multimedia installations.

Subjective effects are one of the primary examples of these phenomena. Another is morphogenesis, the processes behind the formation of bodies and notably complex features like animal spots. Combining insights from Deleuze and Whitehead with research by Bressloff and others into modelling the interconnections between these phenomena, I explore methods of recreating the continuous novelty so characteristic of nature and the mind.

My involvement in the index itself is focused on the PsySim project. It’s goal is to allow replication psychedelic experiences with speed and ease, without sacrificing the uniqueness of the results. As such, it provides tools for quick layering and combination of effects from the Effect Index, as well as tools for generating different style variations of psychedelic geometry.

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