A Punch in the gut



Trip Date:
My apartment
not specified
120 lbs


Name Dosage Route of Administration
2C-E 22 mg oral in gel cap





Begin to feel onset, feel a lot of chills and starting to shake a lot.


Visual effects begin to pick up. Angled concentric polyhedral begin to dominate my vision, taking on deep forest green and teal colors. The visuals are very synthetic and technical seeming, in that they in no way resemble the commonly held idea of “organic” forms, there is no blossoming or harmony but a cacophonous array of angles that seem to have been shaped by some sentience. The visuals are burgeoning and growing more intense at a noticeable rate. Very marked nausea has picked up at this point too.


I feel very very sick. I am leaning over a trashcan. I feel on the verge of throwing up and honestly my stomach just hurts. It feels like everything is twisting, like reality has been turned into a big metallic ribbon that is being turned and twisted. This twisting runs through my bones and to my very core, it feels like my innards are twisting into this infernal nausea that pervades my veins. It is such an odd metallic sort of sickness.



The headspace honestly feels like a tryptamine, thoughts are growing and blossoming organically with everything seeming so matter of fact, so zen, so natural. It is not the sort of speediness or synthetic weirdness of other phenethylamines that makes the world seem so alien, it is wonderful and harmonious. The visuals are synthetic in character but organic in nature, if that makes any sense. They are synthetic geometries that are behaving in an organic fashion in terms of how they flow, grow, and interact. It is beautiful and graceful, I lie on my bed and feel like a big beautiful graceful bird soaring above the landscape. If only I didn’t feel so sick.


I throw up a bunch. I still feel sick afterwards. This is a bit frustrating, I was hoping purging would make it all feel better. I am clearheaded enough to do things, but also very very altered. I couldn’t interact with people, but like, I’m lucid enough to use a computer and maybe talk to people if I really really needed to. It is a really pleasant and beautiful and harmonious headspace, I just wish I didn’t feel so sick.


The trip feels like it is somehow torn between two dualities, or has turned the world into a pole between two dualities. Not in the sense that I am seeing everything in terms of black and white, but in that our entire world exists as a duality to another entire existence. Maybe that would be a very lofty and superlative way to refer to it. It feels like I am being vibrated between two poles, that the fibers of my being consist of duality, or that there are two polar beings who are judging me and guiding me, and my existence is an amalgamation of these dualities, a fundamental and absurd dissonance.


This is beginning to get more intense. I am having trouble with my short term memory, a sure sign that I am tripping absurdly hard. It’s a good thing I am alone. The bodyload is immense, I can feel the discomfort in my bones I can feel the discomfort as electricity through my muscles. Time dilation becomes very distinct. I wish the nausea would pass but time is just passing so slowly that it seems like I’ll be stuck with this for a while.


-It feels like an hour has passed. Whalp. I feel so primal, it feels like I’ve been pared down to my flesh and blood and bones. All these possessions around me are nothing, I am not any of the things I own or the image I project, I am only this body. I feel so isolated from everything and anyone, I feel so independent and it is liberating to a degree but also somewhat unsettling. I feel so alone against such an immense world, without my identity or possessions to back me up. The bodyload feels like a big gross spear has been impaled through me axially.



I’ve just been dicking around on the computer for the last hour and a half. Truly I am the deepest psychonaut. I ended up down some absurd rabbit hole of internet pages. I notice this happens with being stoned or being on psychedelics. I suddenly take immense interest in every little bit of everything I read online and it draws off into an endless tangent of intense focus. I get into reading about a person exploring some mysterious abandoned underground facility. There is a whole thread towards determining what it is. It turns out the big complicated thing was just a mundane old pumping station. It is a huge place and its absurd to think about how much went into building it, only for it to end up abandoned in the isolated French countryside. But in reading the thread there’s a whole lot of discussion about the dangers of exploring underground confined spaces, coming from people all over the various industries that deal with that. The place was apparently extremely dangerous, and there is immense danger in toxic gas build ups in those sort of spaces. People were sharing stories about people who died in septic tanks and sewers and maintenance tunnels its some really unnerving shit. I get caught up in what a painless but crushing death that must be. Accidental death weighs on my mind a lot while tripping, though usually in immensely gory and painful fashion. It is sort of comforting to imagine such a “soft” and painless seeming way out like being overcome by a massively dense and instantly lethal dose of toxic gas.

Conclusion / Aftermath

It seems I have the misfortune of adverse reactions to 2C-E, what has been tauted as a spectacular substance by many. The headspace was unique and enjoyable, as was the visual aspect, I feel like there’s a lot of directions to take this substance, but unforuntaely my explorations seem to be hampered by the feeling of being acutely poisoned.

Related Effects

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