A Relaxing Morning in the Park

by Greg


Trip Date:
In my flat and then a park


Name Dosage Route of Administration
4-AcO-DMT 30mg Oral



I had the day off work, it was a lovely day, so I had an early trip in the park by myself. I thought I would start off by watching some pornography, but it looked so fake that I lost all interest in it. I was listening to some music as well, and the actors’ gyrations synched up with the music, and their bodies were covered in visuals, but there was nothing arousing about what I saw so I headed out for a walk in the sun.



I took a more scenic route, and stopped every now and then to smell the flowers, which isn’t something I had done before but I shall definitely try to remember to smell more things when I next trip. I’m pretty sure that they smelled more intensely than normal, more clearly defined. I could smell individual flowers from a bunch all at the same time. I found a quiet spot in the sun when I was in the park proper, and meditated. I thought about myself from the view of an outsider, and analysed some of the things I had said to some friends in the last week, and I was remedying myself; I ought to be a more considerate friend, I ought to make more time for the people I don’t see very often, things like that. The visuals weren’t all-encompassing, but they were a nice touch to what was a more psychologically cleansing trip. There were no cosmic mysteries, no aliens, no ancient religion, it was all down-to-earth and concerned with normal activities and how to improve myself. It kept my ego in check, as opposed to stripping it away, and the good vibes carried on for a few more weeks after; I made the time to see my seldom-seen friends, and was more reassuring to one or two who were having family troubles at the time.

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