Agile and competent



Trip Date:
Around the park/woods, my friend's house
not specified
120 lbs


Name Dosage Route of Administration
2C-I 18 mg Oral via gel cap



Dose while on the bus to my favorite tripping spot. Other people don’t seem to notice me conspicuously just pop a pill.


Have arrived at my spot, not really feeling much yet, a slight stimulation in my body.


First visuals begin to present in slight color enhancement and faint transformation of mottled surfaces to patterns in my periphery. I have decided to explore the woods near my spot and have discovered an incredible place. The forest is littered with fire pits and encampments, and part of it has a large stone wall on a cliff with windows and stairs down to the park below. It’s like a castle! There is a large boulder that I can climb and sun myself on too, and its really cool because a really busy road cuts through the boulder with a tunnel. Ascending this wooded hill, I reach the summit, a large open space with logs to sit on and a large peace sign made of vines and painted and tied to a tree. All of this seems like ritual spaces, but from what I’ve heard hippies just gather there and do drum circles once a week.


-I run around the forest because I am suddenly so stimulated and full of energy. If I stop moving my legs feel twitchy and itchy and restless. Some nausea is setting in, but I took many measures against it (This being monitoring my diet for the past 24 hours, taking a trace mineral preload, drinking ginger ale and taking ginger extract supplements, immodium, tums, and pepto bismal tablets). I perhaps would be in more pain had I not, and maybe even vomited. I manage to sit down and smoke a bowl on the summit of the hill however. The weed feels nice, it feels like it leeches into my body and numbs the nausea and restlessness. I lie down and stare at the sky and listen to music. The patterns that form from the clouds are large and colorful and not very intricate. I close my eyes and the CEV’s are also somewhat faint, but much more intricately patterned.



-Open eyed visuals becoming more apparent. The dirt in front of me begins to form patterns out of mirroring itself, when suddenly it all gets interrupted by the patterns melting and warping. Soon my entire field of vision is mirroring, warping, bulging, melting. I fall sort of into trances when this happens, although I can snap myself out of it and restore a more functional and less altered field of vision. Leaves and trees multiply and fractalize to look like snowflakes.


I decide to leave the forest after running around some more. I feel very focused, it is the sorted boosted mental aptitude I feel when I am on acid. I also feel like I have superior proprioception. I see now why people often sell this 2C as “An LSD-like experience”. It feels very similar, although more stimulating, and the visuals have a different nature. They seem more synthetic, with less pareidolia or organically blossoming/flowing shapes and patterns. To reach the trail that I want to walk on, I have to climb down that boulder. My sense of balance and my control over my limbs feels vastly superior to normal, and I am able to more or less run down a nearly vertical cliff using only my feet, with my hands in my pockets.


I feel such a sense of euphoria and whimsy as I walk around. There are lots of people running/biking/walking the same trail, and I get this sense that interacting with anyone would be very difficult and awkward in this state. I am outside though, I have access to the great sky and beautiful plants and fresh air all around me, everything is seen through a fisheye lens with distortions on the periphery and everything is colorful and beautiful. A friend invited me to a party later that night and I decide whether or not I’m going to go. I branch off the trail to a cool smoke spot overlooking the river. While there I see a goose. I end up staring at it for a good 15 minutes, just utterly fascinated by this living breathing animal in front of me. The way it preens its feathers, the way it bent its neck and moved its head as if trying to communicate with me, the expression on its face, it was all so fascinating.


The sun is setting. I decide to walk to my friend’s house. The walk there is pretty long, through a large residential area of the city. There is nothing to note, I felt pretty light and stimulated still, with the same spring in my step and the same control over my limbs.


I arrive at their house. I am greeted by one of their housemates who sells psychedelics. There are a lot of people there, many of whom I only very vaguely know. It’s kinda overwhelming. Especially the transition from being in the open inside to a very crowded inside. It feels like the room dissolves into patterns and collapses in on me. I quickly shelter with their housemate because she definitely understands what sorta experience I’m having. I am able to anchor myself and get comfortable. Eventually, I smoke a bowl on the roof.


My girlfriend arrives. I have never tripped this hard around her before. I quickly anchor to her, as she is in the midst of the most crowded part of the house. Everything is colorful, colors dance around my head, they dance around my vision. She says I seem spacey, and I do feel spacey. I feel like I am burning out and powering down, but it is a nice colorfully decorated ride down.



I talk to some old friends I haven’t seen in a while. I feel less socially awkward, and I am given the opportunity to draw on a large piece of wood downstairs. I occupy myself with this for a while and don’t even notice myself coming down.


I smoke some more and it kicks things back up slightly, at least the body high, visuals and euphoric aspect, not so much the psychedelic state of mind. I watch an old friend’s band play, it’s very emotionally charged music and watching it be performed is a very beautiful experience. I enjoy it thoroughly.


The party goes on. I would say I’m back to baseline now.

Conclusion / Aftermath

2C-I has been sold under the line “It’s a lot like acid” and I can see why. In terms of headspace and physical effects, it is very similar, although it is more stimulating, and although similar the body high leans more towards other 2Cs. The visuals are also more like the other 2C’s, being very synthetic. For me, LSD’s visuals are a coalescence of organic and synthetic, while this was more purely synthetic. At this dose I was also fairly lucid the entire time, I could operate my phone. The visuals were a great deal of fun though. Also euphoria presented. Hard to tell if that was from set/setting because this is my only time taking it, although I have a hunch that this drug has a great euphoric aspect, also contributing to it being sold as something similar to MDMA too. Overall I would say this drug is great, I want to test it to see how much bodyload it creates without my precautions, and if it is benign enough with respect to that and with respect to headspace at higher doses, it might make its way into my toolkit for making combinations, likely for situations requiring stimulation and heightened physical control.

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