An Interesting Night



Trip Date:
My bedroom
not specified
130 lbs


Name Dosage Route of Administration
25C-NBOMe 1000 ug Sublingual, via tab


I had successfully completed my first order via deepweb, and included in my bounty was a strip of 25C-NBOMe. I had encountered 25I-NBOMe previously, though unintentionally, being sold as LSD. Now was my first chance to intentionally and purposefully explore this family of molecules. (This is the second report I had ever written, way back when I had just freshly graduated high school)



Tab is extremely bitter and tastes like gross chemicals. Extremely unpleasant. Makes my tongue very numb.


Starting to feel “high”, feeling lightheaded and dazed. Slight visuals in the form of a barely noticeable colorful pattern overlayed on everything.


Feeling very “high”. Visuals are still the same level, feel like I’ve just smoked a ton. Feeling lightheaded, elated, happy, dazed, and having the same strange thought processes that weed gives me.


Visuals starting to kick in harder. Things starting to breathe and vibrate. I feel like I’m vibrating and resonating with my surroundings. Even though I am in the dark, everything is very colorful. Any source of light has a rainbow halo around it. Everything light colored has a rainbow sheen. Dark objects begin to have blurry outlines and become very ambiguous in shape. Bruxism starts to kick in so I chew some gum.


Visuals reaching full force. Fractals begin to fill my vision and overly everything. Every dark or uniform area of my room becomes filled with swirling fractals and mirrored repeating shapes. Tracers are very evident with every movement. Objects begin to change proportions, breathing, stretching, vibrating, warping, and swirling. My body feels like its being rocked back and forth like its on a boat. There is an owl made of fractals on my ceiling, staring down at me. THe rest of my ceiling has taken a grid shape that extends into infinity, each square of the grid filled with flashing spiraling shapes. Beams of light crisscross my ceiling, and random flashes of light are in the corners of my vision. These fractals don’t feel “organic” but rather much mroe synthetic, with sharper angles and edges. My computer screen has fucked up proportions, with text warping and swirling, and all white space being filled with pulsating rings of rainbow colors.



Huge flashing ghost images begin appearing all over my field of view. They look like rainbow colored holograms. Most notably are giant flying insects-hornets and wasps and beetles. They make me feel really happy and are flying in circles all around my room. These soon get replaced by huge armored figures standing in my room. THey are wearing impractically huge fantasy armor with lots of spikes and bells and whistles, stoically standing there and watching me. They aren’t vivid or realistically colored, but rather are translucent and rainbow colored. Ghost images follow everything I look it, blurring my vision, but they eventually dissolve into spiraling swirling fractals and flashing colors. Very interesting effect. The breathing of everything gets more intense. I can literally feel my room breathing, I can feel hot moist breath on me. I feel very sweaty. The walls are breathing in and out. My room is a living thing and I am inside of it.


My bedsheets have circles on them (not in this state, I mean that’s the design on them). Looking at them, there are detailed human faces in each circle, each one looks hostile and is staring at me in some sort of unhappy manner. I don’t really mind though, and I glare back at them. My computer keys are all changing in size and shape. The keyboard is lit up and rainbows are spiraling out of the light of each key, making typing hard but fascinating. Very little body load, extremely visual. Still feel like I’m on a boat/in a breathing entity. I try to stand up and realize I can’t feel my legs. They feel cold and numb, but not like frozen numb, just numb like I’ve been sitting on them for a while. Walking is hard and I am having a hard time balancing. I sit back down, and feel immensly heavy. I feel like my insides are sloshing around like I am a water balloon. This wears off rather quickly though.


I start to look at my mineral collection. They are all beautiful and emitting rainbows. The crystals are all mirrored and breathing and pulsating rainbows and fractals. I decide to get off my computer for about 15 minutes to really sink into the trip. I stand up and lie on my bed and stare at my ceiling and blast some music. Lights that look like comets and amorphous blobs blast across my ceiling and dance to the music. Spiraling flashing fractals extend into infinity as my ceiling becomes a field of various color and shapes. In front of this are a bunch of wasps and dragonflies flying around. I curl up like a dead bug and feel my limbs go numb. Am I dying? Doesn’t matter, the world looks cool. I can see the room starting to fold up on itself, withering like me, the insects become more agitated and fly around faster. I unfold my limbs and feeling rushes back. The fractals in my ceiling become more colorful and begin to flash more excitedly and the insects fade away. I stand up and return to the computer.


I’m starting to feel very hot and sweaty. It feels like a large warm wet animal is draped over me. I stand in front of my ac for a bit and feel the tingling cold breeze on my skin and it goes away. At this point I feel extremely happy and optimistic and have an elated sense of self worth, believing myself to be some sage or philosopher or some shit. I begin lecturing people on the internet about the power of positive thinking and happiness and I honestly can do nothing but smile. Things are still flashing and making ghost images and such. I’ve taken to just making inane observations and shouting them at people like they are grand epiphanies.


I try playing Chivalry:Medieval warfare. It’s extremely difficult. I give up pretty quickly.



Visuals aren’t as overwhelming anymore but are strong and consistent. There is really nothing new to report. For the next few hours, I am in pretty much the same state. The visuals are all the same and are of the same strength, as are the though processes and feeling of being high. Same fractals, same breathing, same vibrating, same pulsating, same lights and flashes and colors.


I decide to go to the bathroom to get my cat. The bathroom tiles are all look like mirror images of themselves and are breathing and pulsing colors and faces which was pretty cool. Being in a new environment was nice and changed the nature of the hallucinations. I grab my cat and return to my room. He is soft and his fur is swirling and warping. I go on webcam with someone. my face is warping and shifting in proportions, like I’m looking at myself in a funhouse mirror.


The peak is coming to an end. The visuals are becoming milder but I am in the same mental state. Nothing really special to note.


Starting to pick up again oddly enough. The clouds outside are forming into clumps of letters, but I can’t read them. Things are still breathing and swirling and warping, no more colors or fractals though.


Clouds are beginning to return to normal, warping and swirling and shifts in proportion slowing down too. I try to sleep, its hopeless. Bruxism is very strong at this point and very annoying, as is the sweating.


Finally manage to fall asleep. Trip can be considered officially over.