Another Punch in the Gut



Trip Date:
The length of broad street and my apartment
Not specified


Name Dosage Route of Administration
Methallylescaline 50mg Oral in solution



Mix powder into orange soda. There is absolutely no flavor, interestingly enough, no cringe inducing bitterness. I have mixed psychedelics with orange soda before (4-AcO-DMT and Psilocin), and the bitterness pierced through the flavor and made me cringe and shiver. I sip it. I decide to sip it while en route to my destination.


My destination is the southern terminus of Broad St. (the main street running north and south through the center of philly, my house is about a 7 mile walk from the southern end of it). I feel the first notes of the come-up as I sip my concoction on the subway. My plan is to get off on the southmost stop (the train runs most of the length of broad st.) and walk home from there.


I get off the train. The southernmost stop is the city’s sports complex. There is a great deal of patriotic people about, as it is the army/navy game. I feel uncomfortable. I look out of place as hell. There’s a heavy police presence as well. I walk to the southernmost end of the street. I have to cross highways, and at last I reach it. It is military territory and the only non-navy building is a huge GSK building. I sit on the lawn and smoke a bowl. I am starting to definitely feel the come-up, in the form of nausea and lightness.


I plug in my headphones and embark north. I had to cross a bunch of highways. I’m lucky I didn’t get owned by a car. Visuals begin to creep in, it feels mostly like a colorful aura surrounding things. Nausea is surprisingly manageable, in contrast to what I’ve read about this substance. Nothing much of note happens as I walk. I stop in a library to use the bathroom. Visuals are light, still only in the form of color enhancements. Everything just feels… strange. Everyone is strange as hell, they each have their own day that they’re going about, their own story, and I’m just a weirdo wrapped up amongst all of them.


I stop to smoke a bowl in an alley. If I close my eyes I can really feel my body fade. Sitting down after being in motion for so long feels like I am sinking into jelly. Two young boys walk up to me, dollars in hand. They ask me if I’m homeless. I say no, they say “oh” and walk away. Patterns are appearing in the clouds. This trip is incredibly colorful, everything is rainbows. The clouds seem to be developing patterned furrows and fissures. I feel like I am floating along. Every interaction such as passing strangers etc. feels like briefly poking my head out of from under the surface of a great rainbow lake.



I am definitely peaking now. Patterns appear on the sidewalk, on the clouds, everywhere. The world looks like I am viewing it through a fisheye lens. They are angular yet seem to flow and blossom organically. I am in center city now. I haven’t been making good time really. Its very crowded, and I sit down in the center of city hall to rest for a second. I take out my headphones and WOW the auditory hallucinations are mind blowing.

I close my eyes and everything fades into an absurd mess of reverberating and trailing and steely noises. They are beautiful and harmonious, like they are all bending and distorting in accordance to one another. I feel clearheaded mentally, this feels like the standard psychedelic mindset, it feels like a mid-low dose of acid, with a certain
waviness and uneasiness to it. It feels somewhat more organic than acid too. I continue onwards.


I arrive at home finally. I collapse on the couch and am immediately stricken by discomfort. It feels like I’ve been running from the body load all day and its finally caught up with me. The auditory hallucinations are still disproportionately strong compared to the other sensory effects. I feel stoned as hell mentally, not even a full psychedelic mindset just feels like being stoned as fuck. I am somewhat disappointed that A.

I didn’t trip harder and B. nothing really happened/I didn’t really encounter anything interesting while I was out. It was a fascinating view of the lifeblood of the city, with a thousand people going about their own unique business. But I was honestly expecting some sort of odyssey, something with absurd encounters and strange spontaneous adventures. I honestly just walked in a straight line. I guess that’s my fault for expecting too much, or not appreciating what I had.


Uh oh. I feel a pain in my gut. I go to the bathroom and yak up, it is horrendous and painful and uncomfortable. And here is where hell began. I do not know if this was from the substance or just a coincidentally time food poisoning. I’m as of now inclined towards thinking this is due to a mineral deficiency. I feel so sick. Usually when I’m on drugs, throwing up makes everything better. Instead, I feel worse, much much worse. I go to my room and try to smoke and distract myself, but the intense pain in my abdomen only intensifies. I spend the next 2 hours in the bathroom, I am anchored to it. I am suffering immensely, the pain is mindblowing and I empty myself out completely.

I just lie facedown in the toilet, wishing it would come to an end, I try a datura seed to calm the nausea but nothing is helping, it is only intensifying. It feels like I’ve swallowed a fucking thornbush. As I am racked with pain my body is shaking wildly, like I am shivering to death. I am deathly pale in the mirror. Holy shit this sucks. I’m still tripping really hard. It’s interesting to ponder such disgusting and visceral suffering while tripping. The trip felt high pitched… it felt like there were a ton of wires being pulled taut from me, and something was strumming them all, they were waving and springing and vibrating. The visual aspect was spirals and concentric circles, I was radiating a strange thin high pitched energy.



Some friends come over to hang out with my roommates. I decide to just chainsmoke weed. I pack my one hitter and just hit it steadily for like an hour. This alleviate the pain somewhat. I linger with my friends, although I have to make runs to the bathroom every now and then. It is beginning to subside.


The pain is tolerable now. I still feel nauseous as fuck, I won’t even attempt eating, and I just feel a sickly weight from the pit of my stomach. Ugh whatever. We watch nausicaa and the valley of the wind. It is so magical, I am so stoned and still lightly tripping, and the distraction helps me fend off the pain and nausea. Weed helps a lot.


We start watching princess mononoke. Everyone ends up falling asleep. I am damn tired. I don’t want to lie in bed and be in pain at all. I pop a handful of Benadryl and am thankfully put out for a while.

Conclusion / Aftermath

I woke up sick as hell the next morning still. I was able to keep food down at least. I was sick the next day too. This shit sucked a great deal. I did MXE a few days later and almost threw up (never happens with MXE) I guess because my digestive system was still raw. Anyways, aside from this, it was an interesting psychedelic, it had a nature of being very taut, springy, and vibrate-y. It was thin and high pitched but harmonious. I want to try it again, to see if the nausea really was from the drug or was some other factor. There really is only one way to confirm that :P

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