Brilliant Flogging



Trip Date:
my apartment
Not specified
130 lbs


Name Dosage Route of Administration
4-AcO-MPT 25 mg Oral in gel cap



Dose taken in a capsule along with some stuff to quell the nausea (Bismuth subsalicylate + raw ginger). The chemical had come in a package earlier in the day with a bunch of other goodies and I was eager to sample one of them.


Despite my precautions, the first indicator of the coming experience is nausea. I am playing dynasty warriors while I come up.


The nausea has transformed into a tightness in my guts, a feeling of queasiness and discomfort and a lot of shaking. This is fairly standard for me as far as psychedelics go however, pretty much all of them do this to me now. Other effects were not really noticeable until-
There is a sudden flash of energy. The trip instantly explodes to life without warning. One moment I was sitting there feeling uncomfortable, the next I am fully immersed in the experience. I have to pause my game and shut off the TV. I am shaking and shivering all over while glistening patterns peek in from the corners of my vision, violently polychrome with the piercing shine of a halogen light. The visuals are sharp and radial, like unfurling rainbow palmettos, spinning and expanding with vibrancy and vigor. The overall feeling is one of stimulation and energy, a colorful electricity crackling through my body. It feels like being caught in a sudden storm, where one moment the sky is clouded with the peaceful premonition and then without warning- impenetrable sheets of rain, gale force winds, searing lightning, and roaring thunder. My teeth are chattering, the physical effects feel particularly acute because I was not slowly immersed into them, rather I was dunked headfirst into their toothy maw. One interesting physical effect to note is random uncomfortable tactile sensations- little shocks and pinpricks and aches all over my body, popping up at random times and in random places. They do not seem to resolve no matter what position my body is in.
Everything feels fluttery- the whipping rhythmic flashes of visuals, the tip taps on my skin, my racing heart, my nervous breath. It’s as though birds are sitting all over me, occasionally taking wing and flying off with pieces of my consciousness in their talons, carrying them to far-flung corners of the world. In addition to the radiating and pulsing and swirling patterns, there are some odd, drifting open eyed visuals, like aimless shadows wandering through my field of vision. With my eyes closed, I feel gentle and safe, the closed eye visuals are mild and hardly noticeable, which perhaps contributes to the feeling of a peaceable sanctuary. Everything seems so dreamy and unreal as the experience tugs at me and zaps me. Time dilation is very noticeable, it feels as if the last 5 minutes have been stretched out over half an hour. It is like a psychedelic vivisection, as I lie on my bed and the substance cuts me open and toys with my nerves.



This trip is just very incapacitating. I do not think this is a substance where I could be up and walking around in public. There is a burning nausea and a rippling tension in my muscles. My joints ache and feel like they are being tugged at with taut wires. It feels like being whipped by a fierce wind and repeatedly zapped with a taser, each spark setting off cacophonies of color and wicked spasms through my body. Nevertheless, it is cognitively and emotionally very pleasant. I have been instilled with a powerful and genuine sense of curiosity and insatiable desire to read and learn. My thoughts are flowing harmoniously into one another and building on each other in critical and meaningful ways. There is so much to ponder, so much to know in the world.


I am mostly just aimlessly reading things on the internet now, not even things of particular educational value, just wherever my mind takes me- slice of life peeks into the social media profiles of strangers, random banter on forums etc. I just feel like soaking up the immense amount of seemingly mundane information that is available for my viewing pleasure. Everything I read seems more striking and important than it really is, everything tugs at and wears on my emotions more. I still feel sickened and afflicted, but the worst of the bodyload has definitely passed. I certainly feel like I am on the comedown now.


Take a gravity bong hit. This kicks things back up, but with less discomfort now. After a brief pause I am plunged deep into the experience again, with pulsing vibrations travelling through my body and the feeling of a yawning void opening around me. The colors and energy that had been reduced to smoldering ember flare up again, a conflagration tearing across my field of vision and zapping me with sensory stimuli again. It is like a bonfire rippling in a cold wind. I feel encased in my head, the closed eye visuals are mild and unremarkable and slightly synesthetic. To a degree I still feel somewhat cold and uncomfortable, but not as much as I did before. I feel good about myself for no real reason, which is a foreign but pleasant feeling. There is a great deal of euphoria and a warm sunny nostalgia. Ideas and thoughts are flowing freely through my head, my chains of thought feel productive and meaningful. However, all ostensibly useful ideas I thought I had devised would eventually be deconstructed and rendered pointless as I came down and returned to rationality.



I am mostly down by this point. This trip was short and sweet. I mostly feel the classic psychedelic afterglow with a slight headache. There isn’t as much cognitive or emotional enhancement as other substances grant me but it’s still pleasant and feels profound and meaningful.


Almost entirely down now. I go to sleep without any issue after smoking more weed.

Conclusion / Aftermath

This substance is short and sweet. I’m not entirely sure what to make of it. It is like a hit and run, diving into me and quickly fleeing. It is very stimulating and incapacitating, with a lot of jittery energy and body zaps. It is fairly visual and colorful, though not remarkably so. I am curious about how deep it can go, as I feel like there is some potential for it go further, but I’m doubtful as to how far that may be. It is a nice novel substance and an express trip, some of the cognitive effects hint as being useful for meditation and introspection and therapy, but they definitely need to be wrestled out of the stimulating nervous storm that it induces.