Comfortably Melty and Floaty

by froggie


Trip Date:
6'3 / 190.5cm
~170lbs / ~77kg
Cyproterone Acetate, Estradiol


Name Dosage Route of Administration
3-HO-PCP 15mg Oral, Powder


I avoided reading any trip reports of this substance beforehand, so I would have no specific expectations when I tried it, with the exception of checking PsychonautWiki for a dosage guideline.

Note that I list 15mg as the dose in this report, I had dosed 10mg previously the night before but passed out during the comeup, as I had been exhausted from the flight I had just been on, given I had spent about 16 hours travelling, in total.



Woke up about 20 minutes before, and as a result of realizing the nap I had planned during the comeup of my last dose had turned into sleeping through the whole trip, I decided to dose 15mg.


I’m really starting to feel the full-body dissociation, and it’s rapidly setting in.


My lips are entirely numb, and so is most of my skin. I’m quickly feeling the effects setting in. Typing is quickly becoming a struggle, and I’m feeling an almost uncomfortable body load. I spent the next ~25 minutes lying in bed feeling very anxious, and almost paranoid. It quickly passed, but I’d say it’s the most intense comeup of any substance I’ve done, despite the fact it wasn’t very physically intense.



Typing is really a struggle at this point, and I’m physically numb on most of my body. I feel entirely weightless, as if I’m not even lying down and instead floating on air. Tactile sensation isn’t really changed all that much, and isn’t noticeably pleasant how it is on DXM.


I spent the next half hour ish having very introspecting thinking, my sense of self was very abstract and moldable, in a way. At the time I described it as going back to the drawing board and asking for people’s suggestions, taking them quite literally with responses like “but that would make me into a frog” to being told to draw a frog. At this point the physical sensations were smoothing out a lot, and the trip only got much more relaxing and comfortable from then on.


I was extremely comfortable at this point, and my soft blanket was beginning to feel quite nice, and I was very comfortably warm. I feel purged, and rejuvenated, and I’m in a much better mood than I was earlier. Mentally the headspace has been quite clear since the comeup, and I almost feel sober until I try to move around. Putting my glasses back on causes the slight double vision to be noticeable, so I keep them off.



I practically feel like I’m back at baseline, except for moving around still being slightly wonky.


I decided to take a shower, and eventually it feels more welcoming and comfortable as I finish it up.

Conclusion / Aftermath

I spent most of the day relaxing and programming afterwards, feeling very rejuvenated and in a wonderful mood. I feel like this was the perfect substance for getting settled back home after a month long vacation, and feel it was a good choice despite not having done it before. I had planned to relax in the evening after getting off the plane, but had turned out to be too tired to experience that one properly. The combined sedation and relaxation, with a clear headspace yet physical dissociation, is a really wonderful combo, and I’m excited to see what other PCP analogs hold for me.