Delirious laughter



Trip Date:
In my flat with my girlfriend who is tripsitting me
150 lb's
300 mg spironolactone / 8mg estrodiol daily


Name Dosage Route of Administration
Salvia divinorum 30mg of 15x extract smoked


6:01 pm:

I smoked the salvia and immediately start laughing intensely. My girlfriend was typing what I was saying which was:

“oh no. oh god. Oh god. That’s hilarious. Oh shit, that is hilarious. Hahaha, and they don’t even know what is funny about it yet. Oh shit. Oh, that’s funny. Oh, shit that’s funny. Okay, I vaguely remember whats funny. That is absolutely ridiculous. It’s Josie that’s funny. Oh god, she’s typing away. Oh god, that’s so funny haha. Oh no. oh shit. Oh, shit I’m seeing it now. Oh god, that’s hilarious. Oh my god that’s so funny.” she laughs more. “It’s so ridiculous. Oh, that’s so fucking ridiculous. It’s still funny after all this time. Oh, that’s going to be so ridiculous. Oh my god, that’s so funny”. She laughs even more. “and you’re still going, haha oh my god that’s so funny. Whats funny is I can’t even remember what you’re typing, but I’m like part of it”. She laughs more and says “I’m trying to remember what you’re typing. You’re typing that I’m tripping on salvia!”

From my perspective during this, the salvia hit me with instant ego death. I couldn’t remember who I was, or what anything was but I knew that something was hilarious and that I couldn’t stop laughing. However, I had forgotten the punchline to the joke and what it was that was funny in the first place. My body and vision stretched horizontally into infinity, and I felt as if I had become part of a colossal cube machinescape with many different complex components. I felt that this structure which I could both see and feel was my body. I was not aware that I had a body in the real world or that things had ever been any different. I was aware that Kaylee was another person in the room and that she was typing something, but I had no conception of what she was typing or what typing even was.


6:08 pm:

As I came down, I realised that the structure was actually the corner of the ceiling I was looking at combined with some furniture. I understood that the punchline to the hilarious “joke” was being Josie while tripping on salvia. I also realised that my girlfriend had been typing what I was saying because I asked her to do so before the trip.

6:10 pm:

I’m sobering up and feeling coherent at this point. However, I’m still experiencing cognitive suppressions and a body high. I noticed that my hands and feet were sweating and I got up off the sofa to type out the experience into this document.

6:39 pm:

I can no longer feel the effects of the drug.

Conclusion / Aftermath

This trip was incredibly confusing while also being one of the funniest experiences I’ve ever had. I’m starting to think that my next salvia trip should be alone, as the knowledge that my girlfriend is there observing me seems to heavily impact how I’m feeling during this disorientated state.

Related Effects

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