Ego death and unity with a friend

by Alex


Trip Date:
At home in company of Josikins


Name Dosage Route of Administration
DMT 40mg Smoked



This was my first DMT trip, it began by preparing a bong with 40mg of DMT mixed evenly across a small amount of marijuana. Once this had been done we headed upstairs and made ourselves comfortable in a darkened room on the bed.

I compiled a short musical playlist for my trip which was comprised of Friction and Mt Eden which I intended to listen to through my head phones during the experience.

Once this was done, Josikins began to light the DMT mix for me and I started to rip the bong. After taking a few hits from the bong, my visual field suddenly became extremely altered. It appeared as if I was looking through a psychedelic kaleidoscope spiral of repeating shards of inconsistently shapes triangles. These shapes did not contain colors but a continuously repeated image of my vision.



As this increased in its intensity it became clear that I could no longer continue inhaling the smoke due to a complete loss in my ability to function normally. I ceased smoking the DMT and the the bong was taken away from me as I slowly collapsed backwards on the bed with my eyes closed.

At this point I experienced total ego death. I had no knowledge of self or even physical being. All that existed was the music and the most amazing level 6 geometry comprised of intricate patterns with thousands of brilliant hues and shades that fluctuated and pulsed to the beat. This continued for several minutes until I slowly started to regain physical feeling. I realized that I felt slightly damp, then suddenly it felt like gravity was pulling me down, as I started falling into the position which I awoke from above.

I sat up at the edge of the bed and opened my eyes, distortions such as visual drifting along with geometric patterns still covered my whole field of vision. I then found that the damp feeling was due to the bong being spilt slightly on me while I was tripping but I hadn’t felt it until I began to reconnect with my body.



At this point my friend was also sitting next to me in the same position. I began to see a semi transparent image of myself over laid on top her. I then felt a profound sense of oneness with Josikins which lasted only minutes but during this time I felt that we were like two halves of the same whole. I realized that we were two different people but yet somehow deep down we were the same being.

Once I had sobered up enough we proceeded to head downstairs to the living room and immediately began to play the popular board game known as “cluedo”. Throughout this I still felt a body high and minor distortions continued in my field of vision for approximately ten minutes.

Related Effects

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