Entombed in Syrup



Trip Date:
My apartment
not specified
130 lbs


Name Dosage Route of Administration
2F-DCK 150 mg Intranasal



Suck down two fat mounds of powder- it has been quite a while since I have had to snort so much powder at once, and it is exceedingly unpleasant, as expected. It doesn’t have the acrid petroleum odor and flavor of other arylcyclohexylamines, rather it is more of a musty, rancid smell.


A gentle wave begins to wash over me, a cascade of dissociation running down the length of my body like syrup. It manifests as a sense of feeling dizzy, lightheaded and perceptually askew. The burgeoning feeling is bulbous and pulsing, like a bubble expanding in my mind. The drip is starting down the back of my throat, and it is predictably very unpleasant. A dry sandy numbness begins to settle in my extremities.


I feel a numb sense of fading in my face as though a gentle breeze is stripping away my sensory experience. The drug is making my surroundings flow around me, rather than the drug flowing through me. I am mentally very distant and disconnected, my thoughts turning to an empty neutrality.
It feels like muted ketamine, whereas ketamine kicks down the door, this one just quietly slithers in and constricts me. There is the similar sense of waves slowly pulsing up and down the length of my body, as though I am an oily film on the surface of a rippling pool.



I have been immersed in a great dense stratus cloud that has settled over my existence. An icy dissociation freezes its way into my limbs. The visuals are dim and boring, barely discernible with eyes open or closed. This turns out to just be the prologue to the experience however-
I soon seep past this antechamber and begin to feel subject to overwhelming dissociation in earnest. It races down my limbs and into my being, blurring and deconstructing the world around me, turning it still and vitreous. My vision becomes nothing but a mere still image, devoid of the usual connections and associations that sensory stimuli generate. My open-eyed vision begins pulsing and flashing, as a sense of numbness and oscillating motion grips me, like great strong hands of icy static clutching my face, squeezing my arms, and wrangling my mind. I smoke cannabis from a bowl as I peak and nurse it over the next 10 minutes or so, this seems to have an effect of igniting flareups in the experience, bringing out the visuals and illuminating its overall intensity.


Everything has converged into a very heavy mass, sinking into the fabric of reality, sagging it down. My mind still feels fairly lucid, but my body is trapped in viscous syrup. Everything feels very blue and purple. My sense of space is spasming- At once I feel very far away, very high up, very distant, then shrunken, compact, sinking into the earth.


Some dissociatives have a sense of rushing force, like a raging torrent of dissociation stripping my senses away with furious velocity. There is a vicious manic energy to them, with racing thoughts and soaring visuals. This one presents as more of a sinking, suppressing dissociative, where I am slowly being immersed deeper and deeper into the pressing depths of a viscous numbing fluid. I fee like a malleable piece of bent metal.


I am still cognitively very lucid and this seems to generate a sense of dissonance with how heavily dissociated my body is. My extremities feel like little crystals of syrup
My essence is dripping all over and there is a great weight in my head, as if a huge brick is glued to my brain. Closing my eyes yields a dulled space, decorated with cool colors like teals and violets.


The experience is already on the downturn. I feel out of breath, despite it not being particularly jarring or intense. My mind is running exponentially faster with each passing moment as it rises out of the pool of this experience, my body is stil running slow. I still simultaneously feel spacey, droopy and deconstructed. I get up to go to the bathroom, walking is wobbly and difficult, but in more of a drunken way than the usual astoundingly broken proprioception that other dissociatives can impart.


I cut out and redose 60 mg intranasally. It’s much less unpleasant this time, probably because I am already pretty dissociated.


The second dose hits fast and hard, like an avalanche crushing my consciousness. I have been impacted, splattered across the dissociative space. My mind twists and bends to accommodate this striking new stimulus, or rather the lack thereof, as it smothers my perceptions. The closed eyed visuals have manifested more clearly, as grand violet forms slowly revolving and rotating around me, a dim room with stark corners and walls, formless yet acutely defined, empty and blank with great sharp rectangular voids.
My body feels like it’s being scanned as waves slowly pass through it, reading every bit of its form. Pulses run through my body and drag its essence along with them, turning my sense of self into a warped, smeared mess. I get many of the classical non-manic dissociative effects- the sense of movement when I am still, blurry double vision, difficultly reading, a twitching and flashing gripping my visual field.


I am being spackled and spat across a grandiose void onto a gently rotating nexus. My seemingly comatose body is turning around it, a swirling violet Armageddon like a furious aurora thrashing above me, fracturing into looming blocks of color. I feel like I am being ground between the gravitation force of two great cosmic wheels, but it is an entirely pleasant sensation. With my eyes open, everything is draped in a matte veil of wintry blue.
I am sinking into a casket, I am gelatinous and blank, entombed in a gooey crystal prison garden, a sense of constriction and swelling and tightness overtakes me, as if I am being wrapped in cellophane or as if I am an arthropod about to burst from its vitreous exoskeleton. There are odd little pressure anomalies traveling around my body, as if little hands are brushing me and tapping me all over, particularly up and down my legs. The room is spinning and I am wildly dizzy. I would describe it as “dark ketamine”.



I am curled into a ball as the experience slowly weakens its grip, like a tide going out and dragging the sediment with it, the waters cold and glassy and deep midnight violet. The great deep sinking has given way to a gentler dissociation, like slowly being blanketed by snow. Everything is slowing down, I am definitely able to walk and function more, but each movement is still very punctuated and marked with exaggerated momentum.


I am drooping and lowering slowly, my form is returning to my body but I feel like a distant and numb icy wraith.


It continues to fade, still some residual numbness in my extremities and a sense of feeling cognitively distant.


almost back to baseline, have a bit of a headache


Returned almost entirely to baseline.

Conclusion / Aftermath

2F-DCK is a sinking incapacitating sort of dissociative. It is reminiscent of ketamine in terms of duration and overall feeling, but it has had the energy and light of ketamine ablated. It is a suppressed, sinking, duller and stiller dissociative, it holds the user very still and drapes them in a cascade of syrupy blue resin that hardens around them.