Exactly as Advertised



Trip Date:
July 2018
My apartment
not specified
130 lbs


Name Dosage Route of Administration
DiPT 70 mg oral


I had already experimented once with DiPT. I tested the waters with a low dose, as my research had suggested that along with its novel auditory effects, DiPT is heavy on the mind and body. I ended up polluting and adorning my first experience with an assortment of other substances after finding it much more manageable than expected. For this second experiment I increased the dose and made sure to not add anything to it other than cannabis.



Dose taken in gel cap.


Begin to feel the first notes- the usual nausea, though it is slighter than it is with many tryptamines.


The other expected physical symptoms begin to kick in- chills, shaking, further GI discomfort.


The first hint of the predicted auditory effects begins to manifest. There is a slightly noticeable drop in pitch. I am listening to familiar music to serve as a reference.


Sounds are getting deeper. Despite the fact that I am objectively being slowly and gradually immersed into this experience, I have a sense of rapidly and violently sinking and spinning down and down, like a pebble in a lake- it’s like a auditorily illustrated descent into madness, a great big waterslide into a bulging syrup that swallows every sound that comes to me. My mind is reeling and I am shaking a great deal more.



It’s still burgeoning and ballooning, I put a playlist of familiar music on shuffle as a reference point to fully analyze the alterations. The slide into this trip is gradual and continuous- it seems like every song sounds deeper than the last. Perhaps this is a perceptual illusion, like a Shepard’s tone, but what isn’t a perceptual illusion while tripping? Are the effects asymptotic? At what point will they level out? Only the passage of time will answer these questions. However just when I think I am following a predictable slide into the bubbling cauldron of effects, new perceptions begin to manifest-
There is slight warping at the edges of my vision, like viewing the world through a glass disc, curved around its rim. It is subtle but definitely noticeable. This was entirely absent with a lower dose.
Soon the auditory changes are not characterized only by a drop in tone, but also by a sense of bending and flanging and whirling and warping. It feels analogous to how the visual effects of psychedelics alter base visual perception- the ways in which my visual input would be altered have transposed themselves onto my auditory stimuli. Perhaps if I had more understanding of sound, tone, and music theory, I would be able to discern patterns and structures similar to the patterns and superstructures present in the visual perceptions of more standard psychedelics. To my mind however, it is simply a chaotic and esoteric shakedown of my sensory experience. The timbre of everything simply sounds “broken” for lack of any better description- it all feels so wrong, yet it is simply the experience I have subjected myself to, and I am content to accept that.
The bodyload sits atop the trip like a gargoyle, unpleasant but entirely manageable. The nausea is bubbling and tense, as if the churning of my stomach has a magnetic energy that pulls my muscles inwards towards it, taut and unnerving.


To answer my previous questions- sounds still do seem to be getting deeper, albeit it a slower and subtler rate. I would describe the progression of effects as being certainly asymptotic. My auditory input is adorned with further hallucinatory effects- Now there are odd off kilter harmonies sliding up alongside everything – as if every sound has a duplicate that is shifted slightly out of phase, turning the world into a beautiful cacophony of discordant tones, yet this is not unpleasant in the least, it is mostly fascinating.
The last time I did this, I found the novelty of the experience exhilarating. I felt elated and euphoric and wanted to communicate this enthusiasm with everybody I knew, as if the drug had an empathogenic effect. This time around however, the novelty has worn off and the experience is very matter of fact- merely existing before me. Perhaps all of the euphoria, the excitement, the sociability from last time was just a result of being enthralled at the novelty of the experience. I am decidedly content with the experience I am having now but am not feeling much beyond that.
Cognitively I am still largely functional, typing the same, existing the same, I could probably pass for sober in most contexts were I not so weirded out and distracted by the alterations to sound.


Things definitely have a sort of ringing metallic quality now, as if every sound is being played inside of or being emitted from a steel drum. It is like the room has become round and reflective around me and every sound is bouncing off the walls and splattering and clattering around every which way, a sharp metallic reverberance.
The out of phase harmonies that accompanied every sound have now taken on a form of their own, it’s as if every bit of input has a ghost image, shifted slightly askew, fuzzed and twisted into a ringing, beeping, buzzy corruption of their source, a pixelated simulacrum.


Decided to work on a drawing that was commissioned by one of my friends. I notice that my drawing ability doesn’t feel altered in any way- none of the flowing traceries and patterns and repetitive or radiating or exponential forms that I typically draw while on psychedelics. While listening to more music I notice the flanging effect is less noted through headphones than through speakers, as if the distance the sound travels through the air gives it a greater capacity for the drug to wrangle it and bend it out of shape. Another odd effect is music with voices that have been pitched up now sound completely normal- this shouldn’t be surprising or interesting in the least, it was entirely expected, but it was interesting to observe. Aside from that, sounds still are tinny and have an odd ring to them.


The effects have for the most part leveled off- the asymptote is now in its holding pattern as it approaches zero. I have been watching youtube videos for the better part of the last hour. Mostly videos of airsoft because I was curious about the hobby, having never participated. Watching videos of people and hearing their voices in a non-musical context provides for a new interesting stimulus. Every voice of course sounds lower, but is also accompanied by an odd low buzzing, like a speaker clipping. It’s as if there is a fuzzy distortion oozing off of every sound and pooling at their feet, a jumble of artifacts and noise.



The auditory effects linger but barely noticeable at this point. I am unsure as to whether or not I have simply gotten used to them and tuned them out or whether they have truly faded. I don’t really care to be honest though. I smoke more cannabis and it has no effect on that aspect of the experience.


Call it a night and go to sleep with no problem.

Conclusion / Aftermath

Conclusion: This drug did exactly as advertised. There isn’t too much more to say on it at this dose. Higher doses may yield more profound disruptions of one’s sensory experience. At this level though it is at the very least an interesting novelty that all self-proclaimed psychonauts would find fascinating and perhaps glean some value from. It’s a curious experience but so far hasn’t proven to be much beyond that.

Related Effects

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