First experiment with 4-AcO-DET



Trip Date:
At home with my flatmate who took a similar dosage.


Name Dosage Route of Administration
4-AcO-DET 28mg Oral



Took 28mg of 4-AcO-DET in a gel cap


I’m feeling a slight tryptamine bodyhigh and also light nausea.


This body high feels somewhere between that of 4-AcO-DMT’s and 4-HO-MET’s.


I suddenly feel quite mindful and I’m much less anxious than I expected to be.


I’m playing a retro videogame called Yoshi’s Tetris Attack and I’m finding it much funnier than it should be considering it’s just a silly little puzzle game.


The body high actually feels really good. It’s kinda euphoric and I feel like I’m in a great mood.


I’m really surprised by how little body load I’m experiencing. This feels really physically comfortable but I was expecting it to feel synthetic and sketchy for some reason. I’m seeing faint psychedelic patterns when I close my eyes.


I was feeling extremely cold so I put on my kigurumi and very quickly felt uncomfortably warm. Typical temperature regulation supression stuff.



This feels surprisngly close to LSD! More so than any other tryptamine I have ever tried. I’m only tripping lightly but I’m honestly much more impressed with this substance than I thought I would be. It feels easy on the body, it’s not disorientating, and unlike 4-HO-MET the visual effects seem to actually have depth to them.

I was initially playing retro videogames with my flatmate while cuddling and I realised that I wasn’t experiencing any deep or introspective thoughts. I decided I would try and watch episode 5 of the midnight gospel as I vaguely remembered it having a lot of deep Buddhist themes. As soon as I put it on I am absolutely blown away by how it looks and am almost overwhelmed at points throughout the episode. It left me confused and deeply contemplating a lot of the Buddhist content I have been reading recently.

Later on I started cooking with my roommate. While whisking an egg I found myself visualising the history of cooking, ancient man, the development of agriculture, and the amount of technology that went into the fork I was holding, the bowl I was whisking the egg in, and the various kitchen appliances I could see around me. These are not things I would even consider for a second if I was sober, or at least not while cooking.

When I close my eyes I see LSD like geometry. They aren’t super intense and are at about level 3. However, I can clearly see that they have potential if I were to take a higher dose. I have also been experiencing acuity enhancement, colour enhancement, and level 2 drifting that is exclusively within my peripheral vision.



I feel like I’m coming down at this point. I am very notably not crashing however, it is simply just wearing off. I guess this stuff does have quite a short duration but I can definitely see the benefits of that.


I feel mostly sober but I’m still kinda high mentally. I’m experiencing cognitive suppressions and I feel a little more stupid than I would if I was sober. When I close my eyes I’m still seeing faint geometry and I suspect that will the case for the rest of the night.

One notable thing I saw while closing my eyes was a faint vision of the videogame I was playing earlier. However, a block in the videogame suddenly turned diagonal, an eye appeared in the middle, and the entire scene was sucked into a netted neon tunnel. This was all very faint and on a dark background but it seems that I can at least hallucinate on this substance so that’s pretty cool.

Conclusion / Aftermath

I really like this substance! I’ll have to try it more to develop a nuanced opinion of it. However, I have 250mg of it so going forward I intend to try increasingly high dosages while documenting its effects.