Heat Waves



Trip Date:
My apartment
Not specified
120 lbs


Name Dosage Route of Administration
Escaline 100 mg Oral



Dose taken. Feeling a bit anxious over the purported body load from this drug. I have prepared for myself a very intensely flavored brew of lemon extract and fresh ginger. This was done following a claim that β-pinene could be found in lemon extract and in fresh ginger. β-pinene acts as an antagonist of the 5-HT3 receptor, the same pharmacodynamic action as ondansetron, which has worked wonders for me in the past with respect to nausea and GI effects.


Feeling a bit of the onset. So far I just feel mentally wispy and faint, no notable physical effects to report.


I feel a jolt travel to my extremities, radiating from my upper chest. This is the only notable effect so far, but it feels like an alarm, like it’s preceding a steep drop, it feels like the winds that sweep in before a thunderstorm. The nausea has begun to set in, but it’s not the sort of acute, gut wrenching, twisting nausea that I am familiar with. It’s a subtle queasiness, a slight instability in my stomach. I have also begun shaking a bunch.


First visual effects noted. They manifest as an abstract swirling and warping of textures, first arising in mottled and variegated surfaces, but soon spreading to my entire field of vision. It appears as though ripples are pulsing through my existence, ripples that bud into smaller ripples, in a sort of fractal spawning of these visual distortions.


Vomited without warning. Nausea was manageable up until this point, it was not painful or even acutely uncomfortable, but I found myself stricken with a sudden urge to purge. It was uncomfortable and unpleasant as expected, but I felt better after, which is rare. Usually when psychedelics make me throw up, I am feeling nausea and discomfort for the rest of the trip. I hope that I’ll be granted mercy here.


Decide to go outside and bask in the warm spring air. I smoke a bowl of cannabis and become wrapped up in the peak of the experience. I feel faint and dissociated and like I am having trouble understanding some fundamental aspect of the universe that I had been familiar with before, though I am no sure what that aspect may be. Visuals are light but apparent and are best seen in the clouds and on the surface of the pavement.



I have become enraptured with a curious organism in my backyard and dedicate quite a bit of time to studying it closely. I feel euphoric, stimulated, and also very hot and sweaty. The visuals were most apparent by this point, resembling some sort of 3-dimensional crumpled diamonds. There were also lots of spirals, cones, and triangles, and all of these shapes blended together harmoniously to form ephemeral patterns that would transform and twist and rearrange in a state of constant yet coordinated flux. They were seemingly organic yet had a definite structure to them that implied some sort of deeper level of organization.The closed eyed visuals were some sort of 3 dimensional zig-zag shapes, like chevrons alternating direction or like step pyramids. The visuals are mostly neutral in terms of color, with some pinks and teals showing through. It seems as though the entire world is rippling with heat waves.


Smoke more cannabis. Nausea is mild but not an issue at this point. The visuals are shimmery and shaky and overall very standard for phenethylamines. Nothing about them particularly stands out in my memory beyond the degree to which they were transforming and reorganizing themselves. Overall, they are somewhat lackluster, like an afterthought to the cognitive experience. The closed eyed space feels at once exhilarating and underwhelming.

I feel as though I have a view of soaring through various faint and indistinct landscapes of stepped forms and round shapes enclosed by sharper ones. It is not a sensation of myself actually soaring but rather one of simply viewing the passage through this space, as though I am watching it on TV. I am now joined by my roommate. I find conversation to flow easily, social skills in fact feel somewhat improved.


The cognitive enhancement is marked and apparent. I feel like my mind is running on a manic fit of passion. I want to learn about things, I want to read and work out the intricate details of what I am interested in. I read about high level organization of the phylogenetic tree, as exciting as that sounds. But I find it impossible to tear my attention away from it and feel as though I am in a rush to memorize as much as I can about it. If only I could harness this to gain interest in my studies somehow and actually be successful in school. The visuals are now shimmery and fluttery, as if they are no longer textures applied to planes but rather 3D forms, not entirely tangible or coherent in any way, but flashy and ethereal, flitting through the darkness around me.


Feeling a bit of shakiness now, still reading a lot, still awash in fading visuals in the darkness. I am beginning to see tracers behind movement now and am catching little interjections of phantom movement, followed by their own phantom tracers.



Mostly feel down by now, have a bit of a headache. Smoke more weed.


As I smoke more I seem to be coaxing the drug out of from whence it was receding. I enter that nice warm headspace of coming down from a substance, where thoughts flow easily and words are more articulate than normal. My thinking is connected and coherent, I feel as though my mind has been stimulated throughout the entire experience.


We watch a movie in a dark room now the visuals become more apparent now. The same patterns as before in faint relief on the wall, dancing and forming in an intricate interplay. Closed eyed visuals are no longer apparent, nausea has returned though. This is likely due to having eaten very little all day. There is still some residual uncomfortable stimulation. Also experiencing urinary retention.


Lie down to sleep. Fall asleep after about an hour of tossing and turning and lying awake.

Conclusion / Aftermath

This drug was better than I had expected it to be, but still was not very much. It, like some other phenethylamines, seems to light a fire in my mind, generating improved and accelerated cognition, leaving the dynamo of the brain feeling burnt out afterwards. Useful for socializing and for learning or engaging with media, though it doesn’t particularly stand out in that regard in comparison to other drugs. Sensory effects are minor and are not particularly noteworthy or spectacular. The nausea peaked at the come up and mercifully subsided after suddenly vomiting once. Overall an enjoyable although somewhat nondescript experience.

Related Effects

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