Heavy dose of 2C-E

by Kaylee


Trip Date:
In flat with my girlfriend who is also tripping


Name Dosage Route of Administration
2C-E 25mg Oral


1:20 pm:

I swallow the 2C-E pill.

+7 min:

Slight headspace, faint tingles that feel like they’re moving outwardly from my core. Definitely feeling altered.


Thoughts feel stimulated in a creative and conceptual way, overall mild stimulation

+21 min:

Vision is slightly distorted, harder to read text on LCD screen a few feet away. Increased alteration in headspace, feel more wrapped up in thoughts and less on sensory perceptions

+37 min:

No change from ~ 15 minutes ago

+50 min:

Tingly body-high intensifies, especially in core. Stomach feels off but no nausea.

+55 min:

Mild drifting if I stare at a fixed point, senses seem more acute, auditory and touch enhancements

+60 min:

Feeling of increased mucus or salivation dripping down throat. Vision slightly blurred/vibrating. Physical stimulation is stronger now, with some jitteriness in my hands. Mild tactile enhancement and sexual arousal.

+70 min:

Starting to get visual breathing, effects slowly intensifying. Simple and faint closed eye visuals on backs of eyelids.

+75 min:

Increased jitteriness and stimulation, body high feels like tingles coursing through body

+85 min:

Slight gurning. Yawning a lot. Starting to get mild geometry, especially in the carpet. Face feels hot and flushed.

+ 90 min:

Drifting into brief vivid daydreams. Getting strong feelings of empathy and love for Josie. The feelings come abruptly and are so intense that my eyes begin to water. It felt like experiencing directly the full extent of the love, appreciation, and admiration I have for her.

+ 100 min:

Starting to feel too cognitively impaired to continue normal activities. Go to lay down in bed. Visuals are mild – moderate at this point. Geometry is low level, about level 4, mixed with faint internal hallucinations which blend seamlessly together. Drifting is noticeable but mild enough that objects appear to remain stationary while backgrounds drift. Feeling very clear-headed and coherent, but cognitively impaired. Handling daily activities would be confusing and difficult at this point. The stimulation has started to blend with physical and mental sedation. Body high is stronger, overall very tingly with jolts of energy rushing through muscles and limbs that cause them to twitch or flex.

+120 min:

Effects are still about the same in intensity, if not very gradually getting stronger. The long come up is likely from the small amount of food I ate before. I decide to smoke some weed.


+ 125 min:

Smoking weed felt different, instead of getting my high in the normal way that weed does, it feels like it instead just enhances the strength of the rest of the trip. Visual drifting is now quite intense; my entire visual field looks like everything is in motion, rhythmically swaying, breathing and drifting. Geometry has intensified to level 6 and is overlayed on my vision. I’m also experiencing strong level tracers, moving my eyes causes the environment to streak and blur until I focus on a certain point.

The body high is now positively electric; it feels like energy is coursing throughout my body in a strong tingling/vibrating feeling that flows through me. It causes my limbs to twitch and move slightly, and my muscles are increasingly/unconsciously tightening and relaxing. I can now stare at one point and have geometry gradually overtake my vision until it is unrecognizable. If I meditate and focus on my experience, I drift into ego death. The overstimulated feeling is gone, and instead, I feel relaxed and sleepy like I’m in a dreamlike state. Laying down and letting visuals overtake me feels natural.

+140 min:

Trip has gotten insanely intense at this point. This is likely from the weed and a delayed come up on 2ce. Laying down watching visuals would put me into ego death within several seconds to a minute. The geometry was level 7 at this point and would immediately overtake my vision if I watched them. It was incredibly hallucinatory, with high-level internal hallucinations blending with geometry and building on top of it. It felt like my brain was recursively hallucinating, hallucinations quickly built on top of hallucinated content in a constant stream of visual data.

At points, I was sexually aroused, partly by the very euphoric body high. Any sort of sexual stimulation did not seem appealing, but this caused hallucinations that involved kinks of mine and happened to what felt like the idealised version of my body. This continued for a bit; I was aware of the hallucinatory content but not that it was hallucinations or that it was coming from me tripping. I also experienced sci-fi, and alternate history-themed hallucinations, such as being led through a futuristic club full of transhumans of different sorts, and being part of a resistance movement in a fictional universe where the Nazis won WW2. The body high at this point was very intense but not uncomfortable. The sensation was intense in a mostly neutral sense, but nonetheless somewhat euphoric.

During brief moments of lucidity in which I remembered I was tripping, I would smoke more weed then lay back down. Ego death was near constant but with some small interludes where I would remember where and who I was, often triggered by a spasm or twitch of my physical body that would ground me back with my senses.

I felt clearheaded and alert during the hallucinations and did not feel cognitive impairment of the sort I’d expect from a tryptamine. I had acute and detailed tactile hallucinations of a sexual nature. My arousal felt like it was being caused by the intense body high and hallucinated tactile sensations. At one point, I felt near orgasm until I was pulled out of the hallucination by a distraction in the external environment.

There was little introspection or reflection on my life, the external world, etc. What thoughts I did have were in response to the hallucinatory experiences I was having. Weed did not seem to alter the headspace of the trip much. It did not tend to make it more delusional, as it would a lysergamide or tryptamine. Weed instead just made the visuals much more intense, not categorically different, and made the headspace a bit more relaxing and dreamy.


+ 280 min:

Josie is up and walking around, and I join her. We talk, and in between saying things, I drift almost immediately back into trancelike ego suppression and geometry, and hallucinations stack up in my vision. At one point I am sitting on the couch and staring at my leggings with the room in my peripheral vision. As my vision stays fixed at one point, the background morphs into being a coffee shop, then an art studio. This transformation happens with my eyes open and seems to happen without the individual objects morphing or changing, but my brain reinterpreting what they are due to not being grounded by short-term memory. Despite this, when Josie says something, it brings me back to the present, and I am coherent enough to respond seamlessly. I am starting to experience increasingly strong sedation as the trip has worn me out. I am not getting analysis suppression but am getting extreme thought disorganisation and thought suppression.

+ 300 min:

I attempt to fill out a trip report and have regained enough short-term memory, and my visuals have decreased to a level manageable enough to see the screen in front of me. I am getting time dilation; I spent 10 minutes on the form which felt like an hour.