I slept for 27 hours

by Julie


Trip Date:
At home alone
110 lbs


Name Dosage Route of Administration
DPH 500mg oral
DXM 240mg oral


I am a regular dxm user, I smoke cigarettes and drink every day. I have tried dph at 300 and 500mg before but never really got any visuals probably because I was smoking cigarettes the whole time. I took 240mg dxm at around 8 in the morning. I was sleepless the night before and was tripping on dxm while talking on discord. It was the same old euphoria, controllable high then.



At around 8:40am I took 500mg dph. I decided to do it at 500 again just to see if it’d be different this time around. I was already kind of tired when I took them.
I had a notebook and a pen with my phone on me to check the time. From last time’s experience, one cannot type any coherent sentence on a phone on dph and you’ll most likely try to text and call your friends and family just to freak them out by your illegible voice.


4 minutes in, my vision is hazy. I see red and green slits of refracting colors all over the white walls. I have a poster of a tree on the wall. The walls and poster start to expand. I seem to feel this overwhelming wave whenever it does kick in. The lighting brightens and darkens. The dimensions of the room expands and shrinks, and I saw the entire room rotate angles. When I look back at my poster, the branches of the tree formed into multiple trees, and they were all clapping their hands to enjoy the peace.


Dph makes me even more sleepy than before. My eyelids were very heavy and this warm feeling started coming up in my body. I feel the excitement now!



My body feels like it’s going through a constant electric shock. I feel it on my tongue too, it’s numb. The visual drifting is here now. The aliens were sending me messages. I hear so much static, and robotic voices talking in my ears. I could not understand what they were talking about , but it was very robotic and they were voices. I can hear sounds everywhere even when I close my eyes. The green lights and red lights are still shining through the atmosphere. By this time, My handwriting was already illegible. I blacked out.

I had splits of memory, of talking with family members that disappears after a while. I could not understand what I was saying myself, and neither could they. I remember picking up things like my phone and watching it disappear in my hand in seconds. Everything that I tried to pick up were hallucinations. Every text that I tried to type are illegible glitches of random punctuations and characters that makes zero sense. My brain and my body were still going through waves of electric shock. It felt like every rational sense in me had been fried.



I deliberately chose to do this in daytime so nobody would be inside the house to find me insane. My sense of time was so distorted as well that in my notes I jumped from 9am back to 8:58am again. I woke up for a minute at 8pm, my aunt and her husband was already home. I could hear them in the living room. My pen was gone, and the pages of my notes were somehow ripped out. It was like something was deliberately preventing the dangerous trip of dph to be exposed. I folded them next to me and went back to sleep.


It is now the next day at 1:43pm. I slept for over 24 hours. My body is exhausted and my brain is so numb from the intense shock of dph. My pen is missing. I still cannot find it sober. There are black ink splotches all over the bedsheet and blanket. My face appear dull with a brown tint, my dark circles are raging and there are random scratch marks on my right cheek.

Conclusion / Aftermath

DPH is not a fun drug to play around with. It literally erases every sense and ration in your being and turns you into an animalistic creature. It shocks and fries your brain and every nerve in your body. You will not be able to think or do anything. You will not be able to speak or type anything. You will not be able to interact with any person or object that is not an halluncination. And most likely, you won’t even remember most of your trip anyways.

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