It felt like I was on rails the whole time

by Greg


Trip Date:


Name Dosage Route of Administration
DMT Unknown Smoked



My Second DMT trip. It felt like I was on rails the whole time, and first of all I entered a dodecahedron cavern made of bright visuals, ever-repeating itself, like a wallpaper but it was covering everything, including the moving parts and beings of the trip. It looked a little like the ‘eye’ of a peacock’s tail; bright pink, bright blue, and the filler was yellow.

In the centre of the dodecahedron was a single stalactite, which melted into the floor, like sand in an hourglass. Then the cave started to morph, and became a giant lady looming above me, dancing something like the Can-Can, waving her skirt around her hips like they do, and her skirt obscured her face (all entirely made of the same visuals). After the cave morphed into the lady, I started moving sideways (to my right), automatically. The lady became a gentleman (a giant once more); suited and carrying a briefcase, though because he was walking past me his briefcase obscured my entire field of vision and so I didn’t see his face either. I then began to move slowly backwards. I knew that this meant I was past the peak of my trip, so I had to make the most of my time there. It was like I was standing on a platform in outer space, and in front of me were the visuals jumping up and down, looking like multi-colored television static. I asked the dancing shapes (without using my real voice) “This is lovely, how do we (humans) find you?” The shapes became flat, and I could see shapes among this enormous 3D plane resembling jets, like jet propulsion (so maybe this meant fly to another planet?). Each time the visuals made a shape, they went back to looking like static after about 1 second. I then asked “How do we get here?”, and the plain changed into endless mounds of countless human skulls (still multi-colored, and they didn’t seem sinister), which I took to mean ‘all of mankind will see this when they die’. I finally asked “What happens to us (mankind)?”, and the static changed into clouds and thrashing rain (which I thought meant a storm-based/water-based natural disaster as opposed to just lots of rain).

I was continuing going backwards, and then saw that I had passed through a gateway, then the gate shut in front of me. I was travelling backwards into a cell, and though that I would end up in an upright coffin. I thought that was a bit sinister, but then to reassure me the DMT produced an entity in the shape of a Victorian nanny, who picked me up (I was looking at myself from the 3rd person for this), and kissed me on my forehead and placed me into a cot like a baby. This was very reassuring. When I was lying down in the coffin I was back in the room.

As I was in total silence for this trip (having previously tripped while listening to Shpongle), I had some audio hallucinations; there was music that largely sounded like whale song but was deeper-sounding/more bass-y, but it was interspersed with pops like the kind you hear underwater.

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