K-Holing with Oppa and the Fire Nation

by Lucratiel


Trip Date:
In a Doctors office


Name Dosage Route of Administration
Ketamine 150mg over 50 minutes IV


This happened in a doctor’s office while receiving a ketamine infusion for chronic pain, girlfriend was present. We had been binge watching Avatar the Last Airbender prior to appointment and discussing it leading up to the appointment.



About five or so minutes passed after the Dr started the IV, I ‘disconnected’ from the world and felt as if I was on-top of Oppa from Avatar the Last Airbender, I was still cognizant that I was laying back in a chair with my girlfriend to the side of me, but she sort of fizzled out of my vision as she was rewritten by large pastel panels that formed over the existing walls, this formed a room with little sense of scale or depth, leaving me on top of Oppa/the chair.

I tried looking for my girlfriend asking her to play some music for me, I saw her “appear” in the room as she stood up from the chair placing some headphones on me I asked for so I could have some music to listen to. When I started hearing the music it was as if the music directed the scene as I was suddenly back on Oppa wondering why the fire nation or whatever was pursuing me, the room would gradually shift between scenes and settings as I drifted through these large voids of mountainous looking forms.



My memory of the first twenty minutes of the K hole are fuzzy, my girlfriend said that I vomited some at the start and that I asked her if earthbenders and firebenders were outside the door looking for me. I remember flashes of feeling pursuit from an entity through these void structures.

This started manifesting as recursion, I would snap back to the start of the scenario where I realize I’m on Oppa and that I was being chased. However this also occurred with a completely different setting and “entities” with only the theme being the recursive element. Each scenario’s structure was fundamentally different, at one point I was descending into what felt to be a forest fragmented across the void of indescribable proportions and complexity, the further I descended into the forest structure the darker and more ominous it became with the feels of pursuit becoming inescapable. As the feeling of being chased grew in strength so did the bizarre forest it had reached a point where the forest had closed in on me and oppa leaving nowhere to go, then the recursion happened again and I entered a new void structure of arched hallways and large rooms with infinitely high ceilings. Near the end of the infusion after multiple recursions of setting with the same consistent theme of pursuit and evasion the entity had eventually caught up with me and sat alongside me occupying the periphery of my vision as a semi-human figure. I tried looking at the figure multiple times but could never have it centered in my vision, each time I tried I would start drifting away again on top of Oppa.

At this point the Dr returned to the room to see how much was left in the IV, he said that there was a little left and injected the remainder of the IV all at once before removing the IV which was an absolute rush as my vision disconnected again and I was right back to Oppa with the entity finally in the center of my vision. It was an amorphous creature that looked vaguely human but was constantly shifting in color/shape and almost dissolving into nothing all at the same time. The moment I laid my eyes on the entity I started feeling some extreme uncertainty over my existence, whether my girlfriend was in the room or if she was also a hallucination, and if I was ever going to return to the world.

I started dissolving away along with the entity with my vision gradually compressing information down into a single point with a torrent of emotions about a job I had recently lost, these emotions also started dissolving as I became more and more disconnected from myself and my mind, I started feeling a great sense of peace and unity at this point with my vision having become a black/red tunnel ringed with twisted fractals that spread out to the edges of my vision.



I gradually came back to reality feeling a great sense of relief that my girlfriend was in fact real and not a hallucination, we then headed home and spent the rest of the day watching Avatar the Last Airbender.