Mad Max Fury Road



Trip Date:
Movie theater, grocery store, and my apartment.
Not specified
130 lbs


Name Dosage Route of Administration
DPT 70 mg Intranasal



I decide to rail what’s left in the bag that I have, roughly 70 mg. I just stick a straw in the bag and inhale. It takes two goes to get it all out. As expected it is extremely unpleasant. It stings a bit and the chalky powder clumps and sticks the whole way up. It fluffs up in my sinuses and clings to everything, remaining suspended the whole way down my throat. It’s not painful, but it’s exceedingly unpleasant. It feels like I have a very bitter sore throat and the drip is disgusting in a very unique and special way. I drink two capri suns to chase it.


The plan is that me and my roommates and a friend are all going to see the new Mad Max movie together. This would be my second time seeing it. I can feel the effects coming on, there is some amount of nausea and discomfort but I can deal. Visuals are beginning to kick in pretty hard by the time I am waiting by the door for everyone else to get ready. I wait outside on the street. The world feels like its closing in on me, the sky seems much closer than it really is and the world feels like it’s being seen through a square fisheye lens. Patterns form on the sidewalk and on other surfaces, and sounds are taking on a distinct reverberation.


My friend gives me some nausea pills as we walk to the theater. I feel like I am floating and that I am telescoping out of my body. The visuals are flowery and flowy, rounded and blossoming and organic with some sharp edges. They are all blue and purple and green and pink, and my sense of perspective is completely destroyed by the overlapping and bursting visuals.



We get to the theater. I am definitely starting to peak. I am way too fucked up to even attempt at ordering tickets, so my friend does it for me. Me and her wait in the upstairs lobby for everyone else. My vision seems to be splitting and repeating like I am viewing the world through compound eyes. Within each little screen of vision, the image mirrors and splits and fractalizes further. It feels like my field of vision is a dome on all sides of me, that I am seeing everywhere at once in all these little windows. The windows begin to intersect and repeat themselves, overlapping one another.

Oh man, I really need to get into the dark theater. Sounds start to become incomprehensible, everyone sounds like they’re babbling and the ambient noise around me seems like its babbling too. The only thing that makes remotely any sense is someone talking directly to me. It seems like people’s faces are made of interlocking shapes and patterns, each shape independent from one another but still forming a coherent structure. Everyone else finally comes upstairs and we get into the theater.


I am sitting in the dark now, some degree of respite. The advertisements weird me the fuck out. There are giant people on a screen in front of me. Real people are overwhelming enough, but these giant people are even weirder. The commercial playing when we walk in features several references to a TV show I had never seen or heard of before that, so the dialogue is extremely confusing and I am completely bewildered. Have I drifted this far from humanity to the degree that everything is fundamentally incomprehensible? The darkness around me feels like it’s made of millions of violet and maroon interlocking shapes.

At last the movie begins. I am beginning to feel the body load, and as that burgeons I find myself having a hard time keeping calm. I am sweating like mad. I feel nauseous and lightheaded and my heart is beating wildly. I strip off all of my outer layers and just pray I don’t sweat so much I get dehydrated as I didn’t bring any drinks.


The movie has begun. Ho boy. It is very strange to watch a movie while tripping. I begin to see all the little deliberate actions that went into every shot, every line of dialogue. No shred of the production seems frivolous or random, the fact that I am seeing everything makes me realize how every little bit of it is deliberately and carefully placed. The attention that went into the cinematography, the writing, the costumes, the editing, the soundtrack, it all becomes apparent. It is truly a very heavily enhanced experience and I would highly recommend people do it with their favorite films.

The first 20 minutes of the film consists of a great deal of super loud and brutal revving noises. I begin to get worried about falling into a bad trip, as the movie gets pretty violent right off the bat. The first road battle is extremely intense, no other word for it. I project myself onto the characters and it becomes frightening honestly, to imagine being in their position. Amongst explosions, shrapnel, flying metal, fire, heavy machines and wheels-I feel like I am on the verge of being brutally mangled just watching. I feel like I can feel the heat and shockwaves of the fires and explosions. This is wild, visuals aren’t too apparent now because I’m so focused on the stimulation from the movie. I still feel sweaty and uncomfortable. It feels like I am flying around the screen when there are wide angle and establishing shots.



I begin to notice I’m down enough to no longer have too much body load. This is a huge relief and the rest of the movie is more coherent and less stressful. Seeing the rest of it is highly enjoyable.


Afterwards we go to the grocery store for some snacks before we go home. I realize that one reason I enjoy psychedelics so much is because I feel strong and special, I feel like I am facing and overcoming psychological adversity that many others have openly stated they would not be able to handle. The beginning of the movie was super stressful and I’m very proud of myself for being able to keep under control.

I feel like a hero, battling big monsters made of chemicals, brushing aside these absurd challenges without a hitch. It fills me with confidence and life force. I am getting light visuals still and feel very spacey/am having fast paced psychedelic thoughts. The afterglow from DPT is probably one of my favorite drug afterglows. The amount of insight and confidence and social aptitude it gives me is second only to acid.


We go home. I smoke a bunch of cannabis and get vivid CEV’s. They look like huge gears and rotating cylinders. They are red and pink with yellow and orange spots and patterns on them. I socialize the rest of the night with my two friends, mostly about mental illness, suicide, depression etc.


I am roughly back to baseline now with some slight afterglow. Mostly just stoned. Still able to rapidly and efficiently process and express thoughts, though it’s slowed down from before.

Conclusion / Aftermath

This setting was perhaps not ideal to present a neutral profile of DPT, but it’s the one I remember best. I have experienced it several other times however and can say the draw the following conclusions: DPT is a very intense psychedelic that hits hard and fast if taken the most efficient way-insufflation. It is one of the most uncomfortable drugs to insufflate, due to the chalkiness and god-awful flavor of the powder. It fluffs up and sticks to the insides of the sinuses, forming clumps and clinging to everything. It also stings a good bit. I always would have a bloody nose the next day. After that, the trip comes on incredibly hard and fast with an uneasy combination of nausea and intense sweating. It crashes over to deliver a consistently profound experience that feels challenging in a stimulating and healthy manner.

The visuals are vivid and alien, geometric and harmonious in a way that does not seem abstract or fully organic. They are colorful and spectacular. The headspace is not lucid relative to the world around me, but lucid within its own paradigm, allowing for coherent and consistent navigation of profoundly altered and alien thoughts. It rages for a bit and wears off relatively quickly. It is not for the faint of heart, but it’s absolutely worth it for those willing to put up with the intensity and deep discomfort it may instill.

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