My First Proper Psychedelic Experience

by Greg


Trip Date:
A friends bedroom


Name Dosage Route of Administration
Ayahuasca 3.5g Syrian Rue / 30g Mimosa Hostillis Oral



The first thing I noticed was the feeling of my hands melting into my thighs as I was sitting. Then a few minutes later I saw my friend’s face go ‘glitchy’, and his nose stretched and went back to normal. That all happened in a matter of seconds, and I knew I had started tripping. I closed my eyes and saw my first psychedelic visuals; geometric, brilliantly colored fractals and wire-y shapes morphing in front of me. I looked at my friend’s PC screen when he was changing the song, and saw inside the monitor; though the front was flat and I knew how thin the monitor was, I could see deep inside the screen, which looked like a very small room defined by a matrix of fantastic colors.

I shut my eyes again and just followed the light show in front of me. Eventually I saw some sci-fi engine which, I guessed, was the particle accelerator of the universe’s engine. Or whatever. My friends and I took some Nitrous Oxide via balloons, and this set me off down a tunnel of rainbow colors (much like the DMT seal image found on, accompanied by a high-pitched, generic sci-fi sounding noise (like a digital home telephone ringing constantly, but the pitch shift was linked to the speed I was going). I got very close to the end of the tunnel, but started to slow down and was exiting the tunnel, backwards. We took some more nitrous whilst standing up, and I noticed the tunnel’s shape had changed from just a circle to a symmetrical outline of a lady (like the ones you see on truckers’ mudflaps), again accompanied by the high pitched noise.



I didn’t make it through again, but I noticed that if I squeezed the empty balloon in my hand, whenever air came out of the balloon I would briefly accelerate again. Of course, I was slowing down overall, so it didn’t get me to the end, but it was strange how squeezing this empty balloon was affecting my trip so obviously. From then on it was generic visuals until sobriety.

Related Effects

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