My second experience with 4-AcO-DET



Trip Date:
24th of October 2020
At home with my friend who is also tripping


Name Dosage Route of Administration
4-AcO-DET 40 mg Oral



I took 40mg of 4-AcO-DET in a capsule


I feel a fuzzy body high and slight nausea. My mood is definitely elevated.


I’m feeling slight cognitive impairmments such as clouded thoughts and a difficulty focusing.


I feel a sudden urge to poop. This seems to happen to me at the start of almost every trip for some reason.


I’m feeling giggly and there are faint moving colour clouds when I close my eyes.



At this point I’m experiencing a very strong body high. If I try to categorise it in relation to the style variations of the Spontaneous Bodily Sensations effect article it comes out as: motionless in movement, constant in persistent, soft in texture, all encompassing in its bodily location, and euphporic in interpretation. It is currently also distinct (level 2) in its intensity.


I find myself lost in thoughts accompanied by extremely vivid day dreams. At one point I look at my hand and imagine myself growing old and dying. When I close my eyes there is very faint level two geoemtry with an array of everchanging imagery pertaining to retro 16bit videogames. I have been playing a lot of classic nintendo games recently so my hallucinations are presumably playing off of that. At one point I see giant 16bit pincers eating a neon ball that was bouncing off of some walls. At another I see a yoshi open its mouth only to reveal another yoshi doing the same thing in a recursive loop that zooms in on itself.


I’m tripping too hard to focus on the TV show the midnight gospel so I stop watching it. I’m getting very strong acuity enhancement, colour enhancement, level 5 geometry, and drifting. I attempt to categorise the style variations of the geometry to definitvely document their style. While I’m doing this my friend does the same thing with her’s as she has taken the same dosage. I am incredibly confused while reading and trying to understand my own writings.Throughout this process I was laughing intensely at the situation, as it seemed absurd that I had ingested this drug and was trying to categorise it’s effects in such a seemingly pedantic level of detail, instead of just lying back and enjoying myself like a normal person.

I now realise that I need to seriously rework this section of the subjective effect index. Regardless though, the categories it fit into are:

Intricate in complexity, abstract in style, synthetic in theme, unstructured in form, brightly lit in lighting, multicoloured in scheme, glossy in shading, equally soft and sharp in its edges, small in size, fast in motion, jittery in framerate, non immersive, and consistent in intensity.

When we compare notes afterwards the only difference was that she categorised her’s as slow in motion, and I categorised mine as fast. I find it interesting that both of our categorisations lined up so closely.



At this point I am coming down, I go for a walk and at one point I am absolutely shocked that it’s dark. I was somehow completely convinced that it was the middle of the day still, even though I’ve been timestamping my report this whole time. I must have not been taking any conscious note of what those timestamps meant.


I’m now sober but I will be experiencing residual effects for the rest of the night, like faint hallucinations when I close my eyes. It’s hard for me to comment on whether or not this is even still the drug in action as I find that whenever I trip, I experience faint visual effects until I fall asleep. Even if I stay up 24 hours after the initial dose. I suspect hppd has something to do with this.

Conclusion / Aftermath

Nothing particularly remarkable happened during this trip, but I have found 4-AcO-DET to be one of my favourite tryptamines so far. I intend to take 60mg next time I trip and I suspect that will result in sub ego-death level effects.