Nitrous Entities



Trip Date:
A small office, sitting at my computer desk. Then later, a small bedroom.
5'9'' (1.75m)
200mg Spironolactone, 6mg Estradiol, 5mg Finasteride


Name Dosage Route of Administration
Nitrous Oxide About 30 Cream Charger Canisters Inhalation
Cannabis One regular (YMMV) sized dab of a hybrid (dom. indica, 75% THC.) Inhalation - Dab Rig
Armodafinil 200 mg Oral


My girlfriend and I purchased ~50 cream charger canisters that we shared. I’ve been smoking cannabis for almost 6-7 years fairly regularly, but just recently started experimenting with nitrous with a friend 3 weeks ago. This is the first time I’ve continuously dosed this much, this quickly. I was sitting in a chair in my office playing Boards of Canada and reading through PW articles on nitrous, trying to comprehend what I was reading to compare it with what I was feeling. The dissociation was very heavy, making it much more difficult to comprehend everything as I got closer to the peak. The times listed below are flubbed, as my perception of time was heavily altered.



Upon inhaling 2 to 5 canisters of N2O continuously, I felt an intense euphoria rush over me. I started to get into laughing fits and my body began to feel fuzzy and light, with tiny vibrations coursing through it. The feeling reached all the way to my toes, but became the most apparent in my hands and face, where they started to lose feeling. Upon taking a hit of N2O in this state, my vision became quickly filled with large circles of blackness, then whiteness. Auditory distortions sounded like white noise and phasers, getting increasingly louder and dampening what was going on around me. The synaesthesia was mild, and I could visualize the white noise pulsing to the beat of songs or sounds in my head. Double vision started to take over and made it incredibly hard to focus on things, while items within my direct line of sight began to drift slowly. In my CEV, I started to see level 2 geometry beginning with small ripples that moved to the beat, while my OEV began to form vague lattices that became harder to pick out and focus on as I dissociated further.


I took 20 more cartridges continuously, taking a dab of a hybrid (dom. indica, 75% THC) in the middle of them. After each hit of nitrous, I experienced the same flash of darkness into light that would completely take over my CEV and OEV. The visual effects were becoming much more apparent, and I was beginning to see drifting and melting effects on level 3 geometric vortexes and ripples inside my head. I stared up at the ceiling in complete awe, watching it drift faster than it had previously before and pulsing with the beat. My body didn’t even feel numb anymore, and instead felt like it was never there to begin with.


After the 25th hit, my sense of self was beginning to diminish. I started depersonalizing heavily, imagining that I was viewing my actions and hearing everything I said in third person without entirely leaving my physical form. There was one point where every thought I had, any time I needed to speak, or even when I needed to move, it felt as though I was living my life through my brain and manually sending electrical stimulation and signals needed to get my body to accomplish these tasks. Eventually, after a few more hits, my body was almost entirely autonomous. I could still speak clearly and collect my thoughts enough to get them across in between hits, but it felt like someone else was saying and doing all of this for me. Waving my hands back and forth in front of my face started to produce very distinct tracer effects. The synaesthesia was getting very strong at this point, and I was beginning to see level 4 geometry in my CEV that drifted heavily to the beat of the song.


12:12 AM:

After my final 30th can of nitrous, my entire sense of self disappeared. I laid back in my chair, holding in the final hit, while I experienced the last powerful flash of light/darkness. My head fell backward to look at the ceiling while I closed my eyes. My body felt as though it was slowly drifting/melting into the floor. I hit a short-lived level 2 ego death, losing all sense of where I was or how I got to this point. My perception of time started to slow down more and more. The level 4 geometry filling my CEV began drifting and pulsing to the music even faster, becoming more intense. Suddenly, it felt as if my entire consciousness had been lifted from my body, soaring towards the ceiling into a bright light.

After the bright white light disappeared, I was in a room full of a large, complex level 5 geometric shape, spinning in a large circle. In the center, I noticed a large orb of light. It lit up very quickly upon me noticing it, and suddenly filled my vision with another flash of white light, followed by complex geometric shapes that resembled a human face. I heard a voice speak to me. I can’t remember specifically the words it used, but vaguely remember that it was telling me to make sure that I checked on my girlfriend. The face started to fold up into itself, disappearing just as quickly as it had appeared, and I was left in the white room we occupied for a short while until my body forced my eyes back open.


12:15 AM:

I awoke to my ceiling again, still experiencing heavy drifting effects. It felt like the trip state I was in lasted for 20-30 minutes, when in reality it was only about 15 to 20 seconds. I stood up and moved into the bedroom where my girlfriend was laying down for bed. The visual effects were going in and out in waves. I would be fine for about 20 seconds to a minute without seeing any visuals, then after that period of time I would start to experience more drifting. I laid down to cuddle my girlfriend and stared at the wall. Upon the textured walls, I noticed what looked like the head of a frog. This frog head morphed slightly until it eventually became much bigger, with a wide, gaping mouth. I chuckled at what I was seeing, then sat up to go get a drink of water. I found it very difficult for me to walk in a straight line without bumping into walls. The auditory effects had all but disappeared, but I still had minor visual drifting that progressively became less apparent over the span of 15 minutes. As I came back into the bedroom, I felt as if the room had shrunk in size, or that I had grown larger. This effect continued for about 20 seconds until everything returned to its normal size and perspective.

3:00 AM:

3 hours following the peak, I was still experiencing weightlessness, brain fog, and cognitive euphoria. I started developing a headache, prompting me to call it a night. I woke up the next morning with a mild hangover, which could have just been dehydration. My brain fog still didn’t feel entirely gone, and it felt as though my eyes and mind were still having trouble focusing entirely on things.

Conclusion / Aftermath

I’ve never gone past 3 or 4 canisters back-to-back until this experience, so this is my first time peaking this hard on Nitrous. I would much rather prefer to stay as high as a few canisters could give me at one time. I find Nitrous is great to do in social settings with close friends, but not to try and peak.

N2O pairs nicely with some other dissociatives or hallucinogens, but I wouldn’t recommend chasing this level on Nitrous alone unless you’re really curious about what it’s like to peak on it. There are far more efficient methods of breaking through.