Permanent all-encompassing states of unity and interconnectedness

by Oscarette


Trip Date:
Walking through the streets of madison


Name Dosage Route of Administration
4-AcO-DMT 20mg Insufflated



After taking 20mg of 4-aco-dmt snorted, I was walking around alone outside listening to music and the visuals were more intense than anything I have ever experienced before. I was so happy and I did not feel any anxiety at all. The clouds had faces. Visuals were floating around in the air instead of staying on the ground.

There was a very large nearly invisible/translucent entity standing in the middle of the sidewalk and road. It looked like some kind of dinosaur/rhino spirit animal. I couldn’t interact with it, it was just standing there. I moved out of the way of the animal and actually crossed the street to the other sidewalk because I did not want to walk inside of it. For some reason, I suspected that walking inside the animal would trigger ego death and I did not wish to experience this in the middle of the street.



During this walk, I had rapid cycling thoughts and it felt like I was discovering the secrets of the universe. the walk felt timeless. I felt like the wind and the music were controlling my trip and thought process. I experienced the third truth from the “Psychedelic exposure to the inner mechanics of consciousness and its relationship to states of unity and interconnectedness" post on I’ve pasted an excerpt of this below:

“The psychedelic disintegration of this apparent illusion is commonly described as a loss of perceived boundaries between the physical body and the external environment, giving the profound sensation that you can no longer understand where your physical body ends and the external environment begins. Our central centre of self with which we identify as “ourselves” is at this point, revealed to be illusory and not any single component of our being, such as the ego, the brain as a whole or even the body in its entirety. Instead, the central centre of self with which we identify with becomes no single component of existence but all of it in its entirety, creating the sudden undeniable perspective that you are literally the entire universe experiencing itself and performing actions onto itself through the very specific point of space and time which your ego happens to reside in. The ego or self as separate from external systems of behaviour is felt to be an elaborate fabrication, that the skin is not what separates us from the universe but what connects us to it. This is a feeling that when experienced is immediately and universally understood to be an undeniable truth by anybody who undergoes it.”

Conclusion / Aftermath

This truth has changed my life and it was the most powerful thing I had experienced at the time… Almost a year later, I still see everyone as myself. You are me and I am you. I experience frission/asmr and whenever I read something that has to do with unity sober (like in Buddhism texts), I get a feeling of intense frisson that feels like I am having a mind orgasm and moves throughout my entire body. I now find it impossible to hate others or be mad at anyone ever because I realize that I am them. It is incredibly hard to explain, but the description linked above matches what I felt and still feel perfectly. I consider this shroom trip one of the greatest days of my life, but it doesn’t come close to what happened when I took LSD a few days ago.

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