Productive Stimulation without Euphoria

by froggie


Trip Date:
6'3 / 190.5cm
~170lbs / ~77kg
Cyproterone Acetate, Estradiol


Name Dosage Route of Administration
2-FMA 10mg Oral, powder


I’d ordered this from a Polish lab through a certain Netherlands vendor, and chose this stim over other stims because of it’s apparent lack of euphoria and being more functional than most *amphs. This report is being written two days after my first time trying 2-FMA, giving myself time to evaluate how it affected my sleep.



Weighed out the powder and ate it, washed it down with some flavored water. It has an extremely bitter taste and an aftertaste of what I’d imagine a dried lime peel to taste like.


I’m noticing it’s effects by now. I’m pleasantly surprised by the lack of jitteriness in my hands, and feeling mildly stimulated without additional euphoria. I was in a really good mood before dosing, but partly tired. It’s put a lid on that mood and made it more controllable so I could get work done, and given me this “fake” wakefulness that is just barely able to keep me awake. My sleep from the previous night was very poor.


I dosed 400mg of caffeine in the form of a cocoa espresso, mainly to keep me awake. Since I ran out of L-Theanine, I’m expecting this caffeine to add a few negative side effects, mainly anxiety and physical jittering.



I’m at peak functionality now, just banging through code and having a blast programming. I noticed I’m not distracted by external stimuli as I normally would, such as Discord or Youtube or something. I’m much more able to put my focus and attention towards what I want to, and feels entirely different than caffeine would just on it’s own.



I’m noticing the 2-FMA wear off by now. The caffeine had already worn off a few hours previously and there was some passing anxiety as that happened, which I don’t imagine would happen with 2-FMA on it’s own. My heartrate is still quite elevated and I’m just eating dinner and watching TV, but the mental effects are slowly wearing off.


I decide to go to sleep by this point, feeling some aftereffects still but not many. The stimulation itself is largely gone, but some of the positive mental effects still are and I feel like I could keep working for a while.


I wake up, feeling very well rested and better than I had been in a couple days. No awful dreams, which was a pleasant change since the previous week of dreams after my last psychedelic trip.


I still feel much more productive than usual, and more motivated to go work on my tasks. I hadn’t dosed anything except my regular medications today.

Conclusion / Aftermath

2-FMA feels like it’s exactly what I was looking for in an amph, without the euphoria or abuse potential that Adderall gives me. It feels like it’s given me a lot more potential towards handling my ADHD properly, and look forward to judging to long-term effects and see how they help me manage it. As of writing this report, two days later, I have not tried 2-FMA again as I haven’t felt the need to, my mood and motivation have both been elevated, whether as a result of the initial experiment, I’m not sure. I did not notice it affecting my appetite either, which is also nice to see.

Related Effects

This trip report seems to include the following subjective effects: