Psychedelic dissociation



Trip Date:
In my flat with my gf who is also tripping.
~150 lbs
300mg spironolactone / 8 mg estrodiol daily


Name Dosage Route of Administration
DXM 531 mg Oral
Nitrous Oxide a couple of cannisters on the peak Inhaled


7:35 pm:

Ingested the DXM bottles.

7:40 pm:

I’m already feeling subtly dissociated. However, it kicked it in so fast that it may well be placebo.

7:50 pm:

I’m feeling ever so slightly stimulated with increased energy levels.

7:55 pm:

My motor control is suppressed as if I’m drunk; it’s getting harder to type.

8:00 pm:

I’m starting to feel physically and emotionally euphoric. My mood is elevated, and I feel slightly happier than I otherwise would be.

8:05 pm:

My motor control gets a little worse as if I’m even drunker.

8:07 pm:

I’m getting dry mouth and I now suddenly feel sedated instead of stimulated.

8:10 pm:

My body is feeling itchy in an identical manner to that of my experiences with codeine and heroin.

8:30 pm:

Music sounds much better than usual. My appreciation for it has increased and it is evoking a much stronger emotional response from me.

8:31 pm:

I’m feeling distinctly dissociated. I’m starting to zone out and lose track of my environment. I’m also getting muscle relaxation when I lay back in my reclining armchair.

8:38 pm:

I’m starting to get nauseous and feel like I might vomit soon.

8:40 pm:

I’m grinding my teeth and getting double vision. My thought patterns and mental awareness feel stimulated, but my body and physical energy levels feel sedated.

8:45 pm:

I feel more robotic in my movements when I walk. There is something about physical disconnection which results in mechanical robot like bodily movements.

8:58 pm:

I’m feeling VERY dissociated. I decide to lay down in bed and start watching adventure time. I find it to be hilarious, far more so than I usually would.

9:39 pm:

I’m starting to feel extremely nauseous and feel as if I could vomit at any minute.

9:44 pm:

I’m getting tactile enhancement in hands and feet. I feel as if the sensations from my hands and feet are more prominent and that I am more aware of them.

9:50 pm:

I see slowly morphing clouds of brightly lit colour patches when I close my eyes.

10:10 pm:

I’ve been laying in bed and watching adventure time while finding the episodes to be incredibly emotional and immersive. I experienced a vivid memory flashback to another occasion when I watched this same episode as a teenager with my friends while tripping on MXE. During this episode my friend was dressed in a Finn while holding a makeshift sword, I had to dissuade from wanting to “go outside and fight demons”.

I’ve also been getting deep introspection regarding my place in the community of the city of fort collins and the world as a whole.


10:20 pm:

I vomited three times into a bucket and then suddenly felt so much better. My stomach bloating disappears, and I am no longer even slightly uncomfortable. This dramatically improves how I’m my state of mind, and I suddenly feel as if I can now truly enjoy my trip.

10:39 pm:

I’m feeling really good due to the emotional euphoria and dissociation. I tried to pee but gave up after around ten minutes of sitting there while struggling to do so.

10:42 pm:

I took a hit of nitrous out of a box of canisters which I purchased from my workplace, I immediately ego deathed and floated into a realm of crisscrossing geometry. I had no conception of who or what I was for around five minutes. Taking nitrous on DXM seems to make me immediately ego death and drift off into hallucinations before quickly coming down with no residual effects.

10:46 pm:

I’m getting very strong psychedelic geometry that would just not occur on any other dissociative. It’s is very brightly lit and colourful.

10:47 pm:

I’m getting strong double vision which makes it hard to see what I’m doing without closing one eye. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to be alive and to be living this life as a human being on planet earth.

10:49 pm:

I’m getting profoundly strong spiritual feelings that increase both my appreciation for existence and my feelings of hope, love, and purposefulness.

11:17 pm:

I’m feeling strong feelings of existential self-realisation. I am “re-remembering” who I am, where I came from, what I’m doing with my life, and who my friends, family and loved ones are.

11:19 pm:

I feel very content and at peace.

11:28 pm:

I took another hit nitrous. It made me briefly ego death and hallucinated a conceptual representation of my connections between my new life in the USA and my friends/family in the UK.

11:41 pm:

While struggling to pee I close my eyes and see Finn from adventure time riding on a cylinder through the grass kingdom. The hallucination was made out of condensed psychedelic geometry. Afterwards, I sit back down in my reclining armchair with my girlfriend (who is also tripping), and I notice how incredible the music sounds. I am listening to my good vibes playlist on Spotify, and it is making me unbelievably content and happy.

11:43 pm:

I continue getting intense feelings existential self-realisation. It feels very profound.

11:56 pm:

I’m feeling intense feelings of love towards everybody in my life. I am incredibly happy.


12:29 am:

At this point, I am starting to come down as the feelings of dissociation subside. I feel very calm, serene, and grateful to be alive.

1:09 am:

I’m still progressively coming down. I now feel subtly dissociated, and I’m grinding my teeth. I feel very happy.

4:00 am:

I finally fall asleep after hours of laying in bed with residual stimulation.

12:00 pm:

I feel great and have an afterglow. My body feels physically euphoric with subtle teeth grinding, and I feel like I have an increased appreciation for my life and the world around me. I spend the day walking around fort collins university campus while enjoying the lovely weather and the beautiful trees. Despite my physical energy levels and emotional well being, I am experiencing mild analysis suppression and focus suppression; I, therefore, am incapable of performing high-level tasks which require focus.

4:00 pm:

My feelings of euphoria and gurning abruptly give way to feeling sleepy and exhausted. I go home and pass out.

Conclusion / Aftermath

Once again DXM has far exceeded my expectations. I think I had previously overlooked this compound due to its reputation as a “kiddie drug”. However, this may well be my favourite dissociative. It’s spiritual and therapeutic effects easily rival that of any of the classical tryptamines for me.

I suspect this may well be due to the way in which DXM presents psychedelic effects combined with dissociative effects. It seems to be 70% dissociative and 30% psychedelic. Either way, I am very much looking forward to trying this substance at a wide range of dosages to fully document the experience.

Thanks for reading.