Psychostimulant egodeath

by Amethyst


Trip Date:
A friends house and walking around my hometown


Name Dosage Route of Administration
AMT 30mg Oral


t +0h00m:

Take pill containing 30mg of AMT.

t +0h45m:

I started to feel stimulated, had a sort of MDMA-like buzz setting in. I decided to try and do some of my college photography coursework, hoping that I’d have increased creativity, but was too easily distracted. My other friends then take their doses. One friend was on just AMT, the other on LSD and AMT.

t +1h30m:

The LSD guy starts to come up. Me and the LSD friend go and have a bit of a dance on our own. At this point, I was feeling very euphoric, and couldn’t stop giggling.


t +2h00m:

The three of us, upon suggestions from our stoned friends, decided to go on a wander. We took a walk up to the top of a huge hill, where we could look over our whole town. We started giving each other history lessons, pretty enlightening. We then headed to our local playground, and all had a go on the swings. There’s a seat thing that you can sit on, and another person spins you around. We all had a go on that, but had to quit when it got a bit intense, and the LSD guy ended up throwing up.

t +3h30m:

We headed back to my friend’s house. We decided to play Mario Kart with the stoners, which was incredible. I was still ridiculously giggly. I also was finding it hard to concentrate; in the middle of the game, near the end of a race, I just stopped driving with no reason why and preceded to fall into an uncontrollable ten minute long fit of laughter. I came near last in every game, unsurprisingly. Rainbow Road was intense. I started to trip at this point, and the walls were melting. My vision started getting very jittery (nystagmus, similar to the effect when someone takes a little too much MDMA), and I couldn’t focus on one thing; my eyes kept jumping around out of control.

t +5h00m:

At this point, I started to feel very nauseous. I smoked a bit of weed to help the nausea, which intensified the tripping slightly as a side-effect. The three of us ended up in a big pile together on the sofa; although nauseous, I was still feeling very happy and close to my friends.

t +6h00m:

My two friends decided to head back to LSD man’s house, but I was feeling too sick to go. I stay with another friend, and we watch TV. I began to feel very delirious, and out of it. My short term memory wasn’t very functional; I was having trouble remembering what I was doing, the day etc. I found it very hard to carry on conversation with my friend, as I would just forget what I was saying in the middle of talking. I also noticed that my body was feeling very heavy, and movement was difficult.

t +7h00m:

I began forgetting everything much more intensely, my friend’s name, my own, where I was etc. Began to go through minor ego death, but mentally, not visually.

t +8h00m:

Attempted sleep. Failure.

t +9h00m:

My friend who had been on holiday arrived back, at five in the morning. I got up and chat to him, as I was still buzzing hard, and at this point was starting to trip slightly more. I started getting CEVs, which prevent me from sleeping. The visuals were similar to LSD visuals, but slightly duller color-wise.


t +10h30m:

I attempted to sleep again, failure once again. I couldn’t shut my eyes properly, as they were still jittery.

t +16h00m:

I finally got around an hours sleep.

t +17h00m:

I began to feel slightly more normal again, but the comedown was pretty bad. I spent the rest of the day feeling down, with a bad headache, as well as being very tired.