Shaking a Lot



Trip Date:
my apartment
not specified
120 lbs


Name Dosage Route of Administration
4-AcO-DET 20 mg Oral in solution



Mix powder into solution and drink it. Incredibly bitter, as expected


First notes hit. This comes not in the form of visuals, sensations, or thoughts, but bodyload. I am smacked with chills, nausea, and bruxism.


Start to notice the first visuals. Very colorful, slight warping and distortions.


Visuals are very clear now. They are florally, they are radiating and blossoming and shaped like rosettes. They are all very carefully organized and structured. As if the world is made of hexagonal or diamond shaped cells, and each rosette pattern is blossoming symmetrically inside each one. They are clear and mesmerizing, and not really in motion at all. The bodyload is still powerful and makes me shudder with discomfort.


The visuals are picking up even more. It looks like someone took the warp tool in photoshop and just wiped it haphazardly across my vision. Everything is twisting and distorting. Patterns appear on blank surfaces, but even they are subject to this grand warping. The visuals are rainbow colored, while most substances seem to have a certain color to them this drug captures them all, a total spectrum. There are concentric rainbows being emitted from everything. Not just lights, but literally every independent object, like auras. They pulse and breathe with my stressed and quickened breaths. This is insanely sedating and stoning, it almost feels dissociative. I don’t want to move at all, despite the restless feeling and intense discomfort that makes me writhe and twitch. Something is torturing my muscles and blood it feels like.



I want to find calm and harmony, I want my body to chill the fuck out. If I close my eyes I really really drift off, my body fades until all I can feel is my racing heart. The CEV space is not too strong, but consists of similar patterns as described before, but with an element of depth and more dimension. I am still experiencing intense bodyload. I try putting on all sorts of music. I’m not sure why, but I choose to listen to noise. I really don’t know why I do this, it doesn’t help anything, at all. In fact it feels like it is contributing to some psychosomatic landscape that is exacerbating the bodyload. Whatever, I do have a tendency to fuck with my own body. I curl into a ball on my bed, it’s the only comfort I can find, it feels like I am on a rocking boat. Emotionally, there is no euphoria, no depth or introspection even. There is a great deal of pondering the minute details of my stimuli, especially music. Music becomes pretty fascinating. I would love to try this one again with a healthier diet and maybe more melodic and harmonious music. The grinding discord, the disjointed cacophony and auditory fearmongering shreds me apart though. It’s an interesting sensation. It feels like the air is being poisoned by soundwaves, that every breath I take in this space is leeching this toxin into my blood and thoughts. I can’t move and don’t want to move.


I invited friends over, but told them to come later. They ended up coming early. Whatever, that’s fine. I let them in. Social interaction feels super awkward. There is still that over-analytical aspect of every bit of stimuli that meets me, and this of course makes socializing a total mess. I feel like I am reading too much into people’s body language and emotions, I am reading into things that just straight up aren’t there. This interrupts being able to coherently respond to people or process interaction. Whatever. I’ll just go smoke weed. That usually pacifies any social awkwardness. My friend brought dabs. Ho boy. We go up to my room. They interact and I’m glad that I don’t have to do much. I show them some cool stuff I found recently. I take a dab. I smoke a bowl. I take another dab. Suddenly, a strange thing happens. It feels like my ears pop. I can suddenly hear myself in the third person. It is like there is a microphone recording my voice and playing it back into my ears in real time. This is weird. Otherwise, there are not really any other auditory hallucinations that are standard to my trips. The visuals are mostly fading out now, I am shaking a lot still. A lot. The nausea is still there but has calmed down.



We go play videogames. The amplified mind afterglow is there, but not too prominent. I can interact much more seamlessly and effortlessly now. There is no confidence or euphoria, but thigns feel ok. I still feel incredibly awkward at points and my little social faux pas that are ubiquitous feel absolutely crushing and devastating, but I get over it.


Mostly back to baseline.

Conclusion / Aftermath

4-AcO-DET is a short trip. It’s less introspective and more … outrospective ? Is that a word? You find yourself hyperanalyzing everything, free of the mooring lines of emotions or your own ego / personality. It is a very neutral drug. The bodyload was heavy, but I would later learn that a nutrient deficiency was responsible for that. I am excited to sample it again once I’ve restored some equilibrium to my body. The visuals were beautiful, and it made music fascinating.

Related Effects

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