The Essence of Bugs



Trip Date:
My apartment
not specified
130 lbs


Name Dosage Route of Administration
4-HO-MiPT 20 mg Oral in Gel Cap


Was recently busted by parents with drugs for first time in a year, they confiscated a large amount of 4-AcO-MET, feeling really bummed and stressed about that, guilty and afraid.



20 mg taken in gel cap.


Starting to feel chills, slight nausea


So far only feel body load, nausea, general discomfort and cold


still just discomfort, it’s building and almost seems as though it’s coming to a crescendo. Jogging in place and doing jumping jacks relieves some of the muscle aches.


I decide to take a hot shower to ease the chills and try to calm some of the discomfort in my limbs. In the shower I try to sit down and curl up and do whatever it is I can to ease this unnerving discomfort. The water feels like its clattering on me, my body flatly refusing to take in any of its warmth and life. I sit down and a feeling begins to come over me, like some dark force has begun burning in my stomach and is seeping into my veins. I stare at the wall as the droplets on it begin to flow and drift. They begin to merge and form into vague biomorphic shapes, the drops seeming to be part of some hivemind or collective consciousness. Each drop seems like an ant creeping up and down the shower. As the wall behind them begins to swirl with color my face contorts into a twisted grin. I have such a warm feeling of satisfaction from watching these droplets march down the wall, yet there is such a sinister feeling, as if my perception is at the mercy of nature. I am aware of how cruel nature can be, but there is pleasure in knowing that it is being merciful right now. It is like watching the beauty of a thousand ants slowly dismantle a corpse.



I feel very different then when I went into the shower. I am definitely tripping a lot harder. The body load is fading to an agitation, the nausea to a feeling of deep seated poisoning, as if I can feel a burn where the capsule landed in my stomach and that burn is creeping through my extremities.
Sinister and dark and also charming, I feel giddy and giggly despite a physical feeling that is distinctly powerful and harmful. Not overwhelmingly malevolent, just harmful, like a venomous animal with a bad temper.
OEV’s have greatly picked up- geometric forms adorn the borders of my vision and mainly flash red and green. Patterns that resemble twisting dragons or serpents adorn white spaces, reminiscent of Aztec designs or Pacific Northwest Indian Art.
It feels like I’m being squashed under an oppressive root tangle of visuals making the poison in my veins glower ever more. A thousand intricate patterns roll past my consciousness in the edges of my vision, intricately patterned wheels, mostly green now.


I go outside. Our fucked up shrine to hedonism made out of 40 bottles and a Halloween mask is covered in stag beetles.
I took pictures just to make sure
What the fuck.
The sky is beautiful and swirling and everything feels like swirling dark around me, like the tide is washing in around me as dusk sets in
I can feel the thousand consciousnesses of a thousand insects dance around me, everything feels like bugs this trip. The visuals crawl and creep like a march of ants, the patterns seem to be made of groping segmented legs, the entire world feels like an invisible force swarming around me like a trillion flies. As it gets darker outside I begin to pick up shadow figures in the corner of my vision, more and more of them, some seem to dash around my peripheral while others seem to stop and stare. I decide to go inside now.


I have uncomfortable chills and shivers. The intensity of trip comes and goes in waves, best observed through my entire field of vision wobbling and swirling like I am viewing the world through heat waves. This would sometimes fade to relatively normal vision and sometimes crescendo to a big rippling rainbow swirl. I feel giggly and stimulated- it is certainly a fun trip, albeit an uncomfortable one.
Strange sounds around me are triggering a distinctly evil panic feeling, reminiscent of the noises that triggered a panic when I was on mushrooms in here that one time.
I sit on my bed and read obsessively about beetles for like 2 hours.


I take a big big hit of weed, one of those hits where I lose track of how big a hit I’m taking and I get demolished like a big smoky wrecking ball has swung through my lungs.
I am above where I was before- CEV’s are vivid photoreal images of insects, as if taken from a nature documentary. They dance around and become my existence.
Every light source seems like blistering sunbeams, crackling with crystalline prisms.
There are organic synesthetic visuals of cartoonish landscapes, with beings who interact with waves and sensations of sound. These are not autonomous entities but merely projections, it is like I am watching a cartoon on a screen.
My visual field dissolves into iridescent ripples shooting in four ways from each word on my screen. Soon my entire field of vision is rippling like a puddle, and distant objects extend away, becoming more and more distorted and warped and rippled the more they recede.
Definite auditory effect, like a thousand bells in various tones accompanying each other.
There is no body load to speak of, at times the room seems to shrink and box me in
The fan feels like a thousand moths flying against me. Still the feeling of everything being biomorphic, and particularly reminiscent of insects.

Conclusion / Aftermath

This trip had a very dark and sinister essence the entire time, and just very much reminded me of insects at various points. Something about the trip seemed to creep and crawl. Body load was relentless but was tolerable at points. There was just a lot of energy flowing through me- this stuff would be good for going swimming.

Related Effects

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