The Polychrome Sea



Trip Date:
My apartment
Not specified
120 lbs


Name Dosage Route of Administration
Ephenidine 150 mg Oral



Dosed in gel cap.


Onset not felt until now. Was mostly relaxing watching my roommate play video games, just passing time.


Picking up, that rising sense of dissociative warmth. It feels as though my head is very heavy and sort of drifting away. I am also very dizzy. My limbs feel like they’re vibrating away, and it feels like pulses are running through my body like I am a jellyfish. Visuals begin to manifest on the walls, they are brightly colored interlocking diamond patterns that warp and ripple. It feels like my fingers are buzzing and vibrating which is pretty cool.


I go outside to the backyard with my friends. Currently, an old friend from high school is hanging out at the house with us. He ran into some trouble back in high school and I haven’t seen him for three years until today. It’s pretty cool to be hanging out with him again and pretty wild to be tripping in his presence. We all smoke some weed under the setting sun. Very pleasant and idyllic. The plants are just starting to come alive. I close my eyes and try to let myself sink into the mounting headspace. I am greeted by solid and angular geometry in bright colors, mirroring and bending. It feels like I am being vibrated apart, similar to MXP. It is like I am a string that is being plucked, only for the intensity of its vibrations to take it to pieces.

One distinctive open eyed visual came looking at the sky. I wove a web of twine over my backyard for vines to grow into some sort of canopy. There were eyespots in the middle of the spaces in the web, which was a pretty cool effect. I feel as though I am drifting out of touch with reality, where basic tasks and familiar images become unrecognizable and inconceivable. Every object we see has a semiotic designation in our minds, for example you see a car and think of the word “car”, and then all your thoughts and memories involving cars are triggered (at least that’s how it is for me). Here though, I see a car, and simply see an object in front of me, undefined and devoid of any meaning.



A heavy peak with intense time dilation sweeps me up like floodwaters. The scape of open eyed visuals is that of brightly colored floral patterns overlaying everything. The edges of these patterns fractalize into infinite complexity, becoming variegated and frilly. Things then begin to paradoxically reduce in complexity, making the world appear pixelated, or reduced to polygons like early 3d-rendering. It feels like I am sinking and going numb. I feel like I can stand up and be functional if I want to, the headspace is fairly lucid. I just choose not to, it simply isn’t preferable in this mindset.

I am playing music from my laptop, my roommate and my friend have a ukulele and small keyboard and are playing accompaniments to it. It is a warm euphoric space of camaraderie and pleasant bonding. I close my eyes and am awestruck with the intensity and complexity of the visual world that followed.

The first thing that manifests is a teal and magenta afterimage, a snapshot of the very last thing I saw before closing my eyes. This image lingers briefly, then begins to melt and deconstruct, warp and drag and blur until it is an unrecognizable mess of prismatic geometry. Suddenly it is all swept away by images of vast landscapes and realms. These images are reminiscent of the anatomy of invertebrates-tentacles and gelatinous protuberances, the repeated or branching forms of gills and filters and appendages, all in fluid pulsing motion, all in a spectacular array of rainbow or pastel colors. In some instances, there appears to be a vast polychrome city of soft and drooping forms, like towers of melted ice cream and putty.

The images begin to repeat and fractalize, until it is repeated in an infinite field before me, each manifestation of the image overlapping the others, like a vast screen of shingles or scales, each scale with an image on it. The entire field of repeated images begins to ripple and pulse.


The edges of my vision begin to ripple and fractalize into that same variegated pattern that appeared at the edges of the floral patterns. It is as though my entire field of vision has taken the form of a leaf or flower with intricately jagged edges. With my eyes closed, I am bombarded with more biomorphic images. Geometry forms into branches, rapidly replicating into fractal infinity, a beautiful representation of the recursion and replication inherent to all life forms. A great iridescent serpent slithers through a great pulsing rainbow landscape of mountains and hills. The hallucinatory visual field splits into segments, and it feels as though great segmented creatures are pulsing and thrashing against me. It feels like a rush, like cold water is pouring down my face. Everything in motion seems to leave behind 3 dimensional tracers, almost as if the “essence” or “soul” of all things in motion is trailing behind them, or perhaps it’s a representation of their kinetic energy when my vision is not bounded by linear time. This is present with both open and closed eyes. It feels like sounds are cushioning everything and outlining and encapsulating everything.

My laptop dies and I eagerly demonstrate that I can snap back into functionality by standing up, carrying it into the house, going upstairs and grabbing my charger, plugging it in, walking back outside, and plugging in the outdoor lights. I feel like I am melting and sinking when I sit still, but in motion I am acutely aware of my movement and momentum. This entire trip feels “pulsey”, “tentacley”, and “tendrilly” for lack of better or real words. None of this is remotely frightening or distressing, rather it is all quite whimsical and fantastic and fills me with wonderment.


It feels as though I have very suddenly come down, I am at a very functional level of sobriety both mentally and physically. My short term memory feels a bit stunted, but aside from that the drug only lingers in a pleasant glow, a numb warmth in my body, a gentle buzz in my head, and calm visuals playing on the walls. I play videogames with my friend and roommate.


I smoke a lot of weed. It kicks things back up. I feel a weight in my head that I often get from dissociatives, and it feels like a numbing energy is pulsing through my extremities. The visuals pick up and play again, and my short term memory seems to get tired and take a break. The only closed eyed visual I recall from this point was an image of a 3D rendered robotic arm, jerking back and forth and flailing about.



I walk my friend to the train station. I am plenty lucid to be in public now. Being outside and walking around is exhilarating. My equilibrium has returned enough that I am not stumbling or walking off balance. Socializing feels distant and weird but still pleasant in a whimsical way. The entire time it feels as though some sort of pressure is being exerted on me, permeating my flesh and leaking into me in a stream of colors. This is very pleasant. It feels as though this pressure is moving my limbs, driving me along and giving me momentum.


I return home. I go up to my room and relax. I still feel a strong glow.


I go to sleep. I am still feeling the drug somewhat when I go to bed, in the form of a dissociative warmth and a psychedelic headspace.

Conclusion / Aftermath

I love this stuff. It is like dissociative 2C-B or LSD. It is easily the most psychedelic and most visual dissociative I have taken, and I love it! The visuals are spectacular, colorful, beautiful, complex and organic. The headspace is fairly psychedelic, stimulating abstract and alien thought, and only such a psychedelic headspace could let one integrate so easily into the absurd visual space. Yet it is still very lucid, and you can easily be basically functional if you need to (walking, talking etc). Otherwise, it’s very warm and social, with a hint of empathogenic qualities, which is quite outstanding considering how emotionally dead dissociatives can be.

Some of the sheer strangeness of the visual and headspace was reminiscent of DXM. Physically, it is neither stimulating nor sedating. It has a warm melting feeling with some of the rush that comes from MXE, which overall feels really nice. I’m not sure if it has inherent euphoria or whether I was just giddy over the absurdity and whimsy of the experience. Definitely one of my favorites. One thing to note- similar to psychedelics it has a fast and hard tolerance buildup, weakening the effects of all dissociatives for about a week after use.