30mg 15x Salvia extract experience report by Kaytwo

  • Substance: salvia 15x extract
  • Dosage: 30mg
  • ROA: smoked
  • Age: 24
  • Gender: female
  • Height: 6ft
  • Weight: ~125lbs
  • Setting: Inside my flat with my girlfriend who was trip sitting me
  • Medication: n/a
  • Date: 19/03/2018
  • Subjective effect tracker PDF

4:43 pm - smokes salvia

4:45 pm - I was getting a weird half breakthrough. After what feels like 30 seconds after I smoke, I initially thought I wasn't going to get strong effects; then it seemed like there was an entity with a female voice right behind me who was trying to pull me backwards and to the left through the cracks in the couch into another room. Despite not egodeathing I didn't question the entities presence or it trying to pull me into the salviaverse. I got the impression that she was going to take me on a tour, but the dosage wasn't enough. "you took too low of a dose, you cant fit." she said. "I was going to show you around." there was also another salvia person standing right behind me who was silent.

I saw part of the place they were taking me to; it half looked like a courtyard with some building entrances on the other side of it. The courtyard was small, no more than 20-30ft. One the left side of it, there was a building with a roof that sloped downwards to the ground with red lights on the edge of it. What I saw was half salvia/people courtyard and half a bookshelf that I was looking at in the physical world. I could feel the entity trying to suck me into the salviaverse. I had the delusion/thought that I should say something to my girlfriend regarding what I'm seeing, but the female voice said "don't say anything yet", and I was delusional enough to just go along with it. I came down around a minute later and started recounting the trip to my girlfriend.

5:11 pm - I have returned to baseline. There do not appear to be much in the way of residual effects. I feel pretty much normal.

Trip report by Kaytwo

30mg 15x Salvia extract experience by Josie Kins

  • Substance: Salvia 15x extract
  • Dosage: 30mg
  • ROA: oral
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: female
  • Height: 5ft10
  • Weight: ~125lbs
  • Setting: Inside my flat with my girlfriend who is trip sitting me
  • Medication: 300mg spironolactone / 8mg estradiol daily
  • Date: 19/03/2018
  • Subjective effect tracker PDF

6:01 pm - I smoked the salvia and immediately start laughing intensely. My girlfriend was typing what I was saying which was:

"Oh no. Oh god. Oh god. That's hilarious. Oh shit, that is hilarious. Hahaha, and they don't even know what is funny about it yet. Oh shit. Oh, that's funny. Oh, shit that's funny. Okay, I vaguely remember whats funny. That is absolutely ridiculous. It's Josie that's funny. Oh god, she's typing away. Oh god, that's so funny haha. Oh no. oh shit. Oh, shit I'm seeing it now. Oh god, that's hilarious. Oh my god that's so funny." she laughs more. " it's so ridiculous. Oh, that's so fucking ridiculous. It's still funny after all this time. Oh, that's going to be so ridiculous. Oh my god, that's so funny". She laughs even more. "and you're still going, haha oh my god that's so funny. Whats funny is I can't even remember what you're typing, but I'm like part of it". She laughs more and says "I'm trying to remember what you're typing. You're typing that I'm tripping on salvia!" 

From my perspective during this, the salvia hit me with instant ego death. I couldn't remember who I was, or what anything was but I knew that something was hilarious and that I couldn't stop laughing. However, I had forgotten the punchline to the joke and what it was that was funny in the first place. My body and vision stretched horizontally into infinity, and I felt as if I had become part of a colossal cube machinescape with many different complex components. I felt that this structure which I could both see and feel was literally my body. I was not aware that I had a body in the real world or that things had ever been any different. I was aware that Kaylee was another person in the room and that she was typing something, but I had no conception of what she was typing or what typing even was.

As I came down, I realised that the structure was actually the corner of the ceiling I was looking at combined with some furniture. I understood that the punchline to the hilarious "joke" was "being Josie while tripping on salvia". I also realised that my girlfriend had been typing what I was saying because I asked her to do so before the trip. 

6:10 pm - I'm sobering up and feeling coherent at this point. However, I'm still experiencing cognitive suppressions and a body high. I noticed that my hands and feet were sweating and I got up off the sofa to type out the experience into this document.

6:39 pm - I can no longer feel the effects of the drug.


This trip was incredibly confusing while also being one of the funniest experiences I've ever had. I'm starting to think that my next salvia trip should be alone, as the knowledge that my girlfriend is there observing me seems to heavily impact how I'm feeling during disorientated state. 


Trip report by Josie Kins

531mg DXM report by Josie Kins

  • Substance: DXM
  • Dosage: 531mg
  • ROA: Oral
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5ft10
  • Weight: ~125 lbs
  • Setting: In my flat with my gf who is also tripping.
  • Medication: 300mg spironolactone / 8 mg estrodiol daily
  • Date: 26/03/2018
  • Subjective effect tracker PDF

7:40 pm - I'm already feeling subtly dissociated. However, it kicked it in so fast that it may well be placebo.

7:50 pm - I'm feeling ever so slightly stimulated with increased energy levels. 

7:55 pm - My motor control is suppressed as if I'm drunk; it's getting harder to type.

8:00 pm - I'm starting to feel physically and emotionally euphoric. My mood is elevated, and I feel slightly happier than I otherwise would be.

8:05 pm - My motor control gets a little worse as if I'm even drunker.

8:07 pm - I'm getting dry mouth and I now suddenly feel sedated instead of stimulated.

8:10 pm - My body is feeling itchy in an identical manner to that of my experiences with codeine and heroin.

8:30 pm - Music sounds much better than usual. My appreciation for it has increased and it is evoking a much stronger emotional response from me. 

8:31 pm - I'm feeling distinctly dissociated. I'm starting to zone out and lose track of my environment. I'm also getting muscle relaxation when I lay back in my reclining armchair.

8:38 pm - I'm starting to get nauseous and feel like I might vomit soon.

8:40 pm - I'm grinding my teeth and getting double vision. My thought patterns and mental awareness feel stimulated, but my body and physical energy levels feel sedated.

8:45 pm - I feel more robotic in my movements when I walk. There is something about physical disconnection which results in mechanical robot like bodily movements.

8:58 pm - I'm feeling VERY dissociated. I decide to lay down in bed and start watching adventure time. I find it to be hilarious, far more so than I usually would.

9:39 pm - I'm starting to feel extremely nauseous and feel as if I could vomit at any minute.

9:44 pm - I'm getting tactile enhancement in hands and feet. I feel as if the sensations from my hands and feet are more prominent and that I am more aware of them.

9:50 pm - I see slowly morphing clouds of brightly lit colour patches when I close my eyes.

10:10 pm - I've been laying in bed and watching adventure time while finding the episodes to be incredibly emotional and immersive. I experienced a vivid memory flashback to another occasion when I watched this same episode as a teenager with my friends while tripping on MXE. During this episode my friend was dressed in a Finn while holding a makeshift sword, I had to dissuade from wanting to "go outside and fight demons". 

I've also been getting deep introspection regarding my place in the community of the city of fort collins and the world as a whole.

10:20 pm - I vomited three times into a bucket and then suddenly felt so much better. My stomach bloating disappears, and I am no longer even slightly uncomfortable. This dramatically improves how I'm my state of mind, and I suddenly feel as if I can now truly enjoy my trip.

10:39 pm - I'm feeling really good due to the emotional euphoria and dissociation. I tried to pee but gave up after around ten minutes of sitting there while struggling to do so.

10:42 pm - I took a hit of nitrous out of a box of canisters which I purchased from my workplace, I immediately ego deathed and floated into a realm of crisscrossing geometry. I had no conception of who or what I was for around five minutes. Taking nitrous on DXM seems to make me immediately ego death and drift off into hallucinations before quickly coming down with no residual effects.

10:46 pm - I'm getting very strong psychedelic geometry that would just not occur on any other dissociative. It's is very brightly lit and colourful.

10:47 pm - I'm getting strong double vision which makes it hard to see what I'm doing without closing one eye. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to be alive and to be living this life as a human being on planet earth.

10:49 pm - I'm getting profoundly strong spiritual feelings that increase both my appreciation for existence and my feelings of hope, love, and purposefulness.

11:17 pm - I'm feeling strong feelings of existential self-realisation. I am "re-remembering" who I am, where I came from, what I'm doing with my life, and who my friends, family and loved ones are.

11:19 pm - I feel very content and at peace.

11:28 pm - I took another hit nitrous. It made me briefly ego death and hallucinated a conceptual representation of my connections between my new life in the USA and my friends/family in the UK.

11:41 pm - While struggling to pee I close my eyes and see Finn from adventure time riding on a cylinder through the grass kingdom. The hallucination was made out of condensed psychedelic geometry. Afterwards, I sit back down in my reclining armchair with my girlfriend (who is also tripping), and I notice how incredible the music sounds. I am listening to my good vibes playlist on Spotify, and it is making me unbelievably content and happy.

11:43 pm - I continue getting intense feelings existential self-realisation. It feels very profound.

11:56 pm - I'm feeling intense feelings of love towards everybody in my life. I am incredibly happy.

12:29 am - At this point I am starting to come down as the feelings of dissociation subside. I feel very calm, serene, and grateful to be alive.

1:09 am - I'm still progressively coming down. I now feel subtly dissociated, and I'm grinding my teeth. I feel very happy.

4:00 am - I finally fall asleep after hours of laying in bed with residual stimulation.

12:00 pm (the next day) - I feel great and have an afterglow. My body feels physically euphoric with subtle teeth grinding, and I feel like I have an increased appreciation for my life and the world around me. I spend the day walking around fort collins university campus while enjoying the lovely weather and the beautiful trees. Despite my physical energy levels and emotional well being, I am experiencing mild analysis suppression and focus suppression; I, therefore, am incapable of performing high-level tasks which require focus.

4:00 pm - My feelings of euphoria and gurning abruptly give way to feeling sleepy and exhausted. I go home and pass out.


Once again DXM has far exceeded my expectations. I think I had previously overlooked this compound due to its reputation as a "kiddie drug". However, this may well be my favourite dissociative. It's spiritual and therapeutic effects easily rival that of any of the classical tryptamines for me. 

I suspect this may well be due to the way in which DXM presents psychedelic effects combined with dissociative effects. It seems to be 70% dissociative and 30% psychedelic. Either way, I am very much looking forward to trying this substance at a wide range of dosages to fully document the experience.

Trip report by Josie Kins

600mg DXM report by Cocoabunny

  • Substance: DXM
  • Dosage: 600mg
  • ROA: Oral
  • Age: 23
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5ft10
  • Weight: 210~lbs
  • Setting: In my room by myself on voice chat with some friends
  • Medication: 120mg ER
  • Date: 3/13/2018
  • Subjective effect tracker PDF

6:30pm - 600mg DXM consumed orally on empty stomach.

6:37 pm - Beginning to get tingly sensations in arms as well as mild time dilation.

6:40 pm - Deep sounds sound slower, and I’m beginning to feel nausea.

6:42 pm - Memory is beginning to be suppressed.

6:55 pm - Mildly dissociated, drinking ginger tea for dear life.

6:58 pm - Music appreciation is moderately enhanced.

7:09 pm - Level 4 geometry made up of hexagons of red, indigo, and green.

7:23 pm - Vomit is slowly climbing up my throat in an incredibly uncomfortable manner.

7:27 pm - Temperature dysregulation intensifying, feel very hot and cold.

7:36 pm - Threw up for about 10 minutes, I feel much more clear mentally.

7:39 pm - Geometry is now moving, and I feel like my physical movement feels very mechanical and robotic, as well as my voice. Mental clarity is fading rapidly.

7:48pm - Incredible diarrhea, 100% liquid. Getting double vision and highly noticeable floaters comprised of geometry.

7:54 pm - Little body high outside of persisting nausea. Skin feels like it is burning especially my arms, and this increases as I think about it. Visualization capabilities are greatly increased, and I can fully visualise any clear 2.5D image that I want to.

8:00 pm - Feel like the man pulling the gears in the head of the robot. Getting lots of audio distortions, everything sounds close and far away.

8:26 pm - Continue to projectile poop.

8:36 pm - Speech is very impaired, can barely speak.

8:42 pm - Extremely dissociated, feels like there is a several second latency between making an action and the action being taken.

10:03 pm - My room feels much larger than it is due to the darkness. Tongue is numb, and I’ve begun to come down.

12:05 am - Almost completely sober.

12:37 am - Went to bed, passed out instantly.

7:59 am - Still somewhat dissociated, movement feels off. I have an incredible afterglow where I feel like I can accomplish everything that I set my mind to.

11:00am (the next day) - Very euphoric. Feel rejuvenated and mildly manic

Trip report by Cocoabunny

350mg DXM experience report by Josie Kins

Generic DXM cough syrup from wallgreens for around $5 a bottle.

  • Substance: DXM
  • Dosage: 350mg
  • ROA: oral
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: female
  • Height: 5ft10
  • Weight: ~125lbs
  • Setting: Inside my flat with my girlfriend who is also tripping
  • Medication: 300mg spironolactone / 8mg estradiol daily
  • Date: 13/03/2018
  • Subjective effect tracker PDF

6:44 pm - I finished drinking the bottle of Walgreens generic brand cough syrup with 350mg of DXM in it. It tasted unpleasantly sweet, and each mouthful was worse than the previous one.

6:47 pm - I immediately start feeling a little bit nauseous.

7:01 pm - It's been 12 minutes, and I'm already feeling subtle cognitive dissociation as if my thought patterns and senses are slightly more distant and vague. I began noticing that my physical movements are a little more mechanical or robotic in their gait and feeling.

7:07 pm - I'm now feeling distinctly dissociated on a cognitive level. My senses, however, remain unaffected so far.

7:12 pm - I'm starting to feel subtly stimulated and energised. My eyes are moving faster around, and I feel a slight urge to move around.

7:18 pm - My vision is now starting to blur a little. I'm feeling dehydrated, and there is a warm fuzziness engulfing my body.

7:20 pm - I'm getting the giggles and laughing at things which would not usually be considered funny. I notice that the pitch sounds of sounds within my environment are deeper and that I'm feeling even more nauseous.

7:26 pm - My thoughts are significantly slowed down and I'm feeling very relaxed. There is a visual noise or static overlayed across my environment.

7:34 pm - I'm feeling itchy, my mouth is persistently dry, and I'm spontaneously yawning.

7:36 pm - My stomach is now starting to hurt a little.

8:08 pm - At this point, I feel like I've levelled off. I feel very nauseous, and I might vomit. I decide to go lay down in bed with my girlfriend and watch a movie.

9:05 pm - I'm grinding my teeth, and my stomach is uncomfortably bloated.

9:50 pm - I'm getting unusual amounts of phlem production in my throat.

10:19 - At this point, the high is just sustaining itself. It feels great! I'm feeling very distinctly dissociated at a second plateau while talking to my girlfriend. I feel incredibly enthusiastic about DXM and subjective effect documentation in general.

10:54 pm - I decide to lay back on my recliner armchair and snuggle my girlfriend. This is where the trip begins to become surprisingly psychedelic. I notice on the backs of my closed eyelids that I see very bright clouds of colour. They don't form into proper geometry but are disproportionately colourful in comparison to geometry of a similar level on more traditional psychedelic compounds.

11:39 - As I was listening to my "cosmic playlist" which is musical playlist comprised of songs which make me contemplate the bigger picture, I began getting gravity alterations and felt as if I was separating from my body while floating through the void in a variety of directions. It was distinctly more colourful and clear-headed in comparison to that of other dissociatives such as ketamine, MXE, DCK, and 3-MeO-PCP.

I began thinking intensely about my place within the universe and within the history of this species. I was feeling strong feelings of spiritual reverence and a profound appreciation for being alive. As I drifted through the void, my stream of consciousness started analysing my philosophical viewpoints on what was right and wrong in this world. It seemed to conclude that the universe is a neutral process with no right/wrong or better/worse unless a sentient-being applies those intellectual constructs to parts of it. I was also getting existential self-realisation and felt as if I was "waking up" while re-remembering who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. I felt that subjective effect documentation was the most direct way through which I could contribute to this civilisation as it would hopefully assist in legitimising and spreading the social acceptance of undergoing these incredibly beneficial states.

12:11 am - I'm coming down at this point but still feel very stimulated.

12:28 am - At this point I'm trying to get ready for bed. I'm absolutely blown away by how unexpectedly profound this experience was.

12:34 am - I'm getting a feeling at the end of my fingers which is like an uncomfortable itch but not quite. I usually get this on feeling codiene. DXM is definitely a morphinan.

1:03 am - At this point, the serotoninergic stimulation effects feel like they have gone. I'm no longer gurning and now feel like I'm on an opioid with psychedelic effects. I am experiencing a soft euphoric body high with distinct level 3 geometry. I also begin to notice subtle visual drifting on my bathroom floor. As I lay in bed, I begin drifting off into geometry based internal hallucinations. They shift between each other roughly every ten seconds or so. They are surprisingly complicated, but I immediately forget their details after they occur similarly to that of a dream.

12 pm (the next day) - I wake up still feeling a little high, I feel euphoric and refreshed, I'm grinding my teeth a little, and I have a warm, comfortable body high. I feel very motivated


I purchased this DXM on a whim because I understood that it is a readily available classical hallucinogen that requires documentation. I was expecting to feel subtly dissociated for the evening and to derp around while watching a movie or something. Instead, I received a profound sense of spiritual reverence with shockingly profound cognitive and visual effects that easily rivalled the more mainstream psychedelics and dissociatives. Considering what it is capable of inducing, It is really hard to believe that this substance is both legal and so freely available to the general public.

This is a truly underappreciated compound with a unique pharmacology that needs to be re-evaluated by the mainstream psychonaut community. It does not feel comparable to any other dissociative and is incredibly psychedelic. I would class this substance as a psychedelic dissociative more so than merely one or the other.

Although this was far from my first trip with this substance, it has been around six years since I have tripped on DXM. I recall having amazing experiences with it as a teenager but had somehow forgotten about this substance entirely. I now feel even more inspired to revisit the dozens of hallucinogens which I am experienced with because as an adult with a standardised methodology for documenting them, the experiences are in many ways even more profound.

Thanks for reading.

Trip report by Josie Kins

15mg 15x Salvia extract experience report (attempt two) by Josie Kins

  • Substance: 15x salvia divinorum extract
  • Dosage: 15mg
  • ROA: smoked
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: female
  • Height: 5ft10
  • Weight: ~125lbs
  • Setting: Alone inside my living room with my girlfriend sleeping in the bedroom
  • Medication: 300mg spironolactone / 8mg estradiol daily
  • Date: 13/03/2018
  • Effect Tracker form data PDF

12:00 am After I smoked the salvia and closed my eyes, I felt my body was drifting backwards into a void. I got the sense I was going to become part of something ridiculous such as a machinescape and that the situation was going to be very funny, I started to laugh at myself a little. As I drifted backwards, I realised that although it was significantly more challenging to remember, I could still understand who I was and where I was. 

12:04 am - I quickly realised that the trip was not even close to as strong as last week despite taking the same dosage. I, therefore, decided this was probably an excellent opportunity to document the weaker effects of salvia so got up and started typing this. 

I am experiencing cognitive suppressions, depersonalisation, analysis suppression, thought deceleration, and emotion suppression. My body feels heavier than usual, and my palms started sweating. My vision is blurry, and sections of my environment such as objects in the foreground or background seem somehow qualitatively different in a way I can't quite specify.

12:11 am - I'm still getting cognitive and visual impairments, but they are quickly wearing off. 


Either the hallucinatory states are inconsistent, or my mg scales are not capable of weighing out 15mg without a significant margin of error. I will smoke 20mg next just to clarify which option is the case.

A significant realisation during this experience was that every time I've smoked salvia both recently and in the past, I get a feeling that my body is suddenly pulled backwards into another space which is where the hallucination takes place. The further I am pulled into this darkened space the more I forget who I am, and the more intense the hallucinations become.

I remember acknowledging this six years ago as a teenager but had since forgotten that this was the case. I find it fascinating that even after all these years, the subtle effects of a  hallucinogen can be so precisely the same in every way that it jogs my memory to recall previously forgotten experiences.

Thanks for reading.

Trip report by Josie Kins

15mg 15x Salvia extract experience report by Josie Kins

  • Substance: 15x salvia divinorum extract
  • Dosage: 15mg
  • ROA: smoked
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: female
  • Height: 5ft10
  • Weight: ~125lbs
  • Setting: Inside my flat with my girlfriend who is trip sitting me
  • Medication: 300mg spironolactone / 8mg estradiol daily
  • Date: 01/03/2018
  • Subjective effect tracker PDF

7:44 pm - I loaded up 15mg of "15x" extract into a bong. I then lit it up with a with a mini torch lighter while listening to Queen of all everything by OTT. 

Less than 30 seconds later - The trip immediately hit me like a tonne of bricks. My vision separated into multiple sections in a manner which was based on my actual environment. I realize that I can't remember who I am but I can see glimpses of the real world between the sections. I became a cog/tooth of a vast slowly rotating gear that was hundreds of meters tall. There were four gears of equal size alongside of each other. High above this giant gear was a ceiling that was actually my carpet. I was descending down into darkness as the cog rotated. As I descended into the earth, I tried to hold on to the memory that I am Josie and that I just smoked salvia. I quickly realize I can't even remember that but still vaguely understood that I should attempt to just wait this out and not worry or try to act on my confusion because I'll end up saying something stupid.

Seconds later, I immediately forgot that social norms are a concept which exists and started repeatedly saying things like “holy shit” “this is insane” "this is crazy" "I remember this" “whoa” "document this." 

As I continued being a tooth of a cog in a larger machinescape, I start realizing that this salvia was definitely stronger than 15x and might even be 50x. I started laughing manically about that. I found it hilarious that I had accidentally overdosed but was also concerned that whatever I was in the real world (which I had no memory or concept of) was going to lose control and do something terrible. After what felt like a minute or two I quickly realized who I was, that I'm in a room with my girlfriend, and what that even meant. My girlfriend informed me that I had been out for around ten minutes. The entire experience felt like 2 minutes at the most.

7:55 pm - I regain enough lucidity to start writing out the rough notes of this trip report.

7:58 pm - At this point, I'm mostly sober but still feeling cognitive suppressions, my vision looks like it has no depth perception, and different sections or objects within my sight look as if they hold some greater abstract significance, in a way which is difficult to describe. I'm feeling even more depersonalized than usual, and my body feels as if every single one of its nerve endings are being steadily activated in a motionless and consistent manner.

8:30 pm - I'm feeling completely sober at this point. 


This was my first salvia trip in over a year. I was expecting this to be a threshold dosage with very mild physical effects. Although during the trip, I was under the impression that this is much stronger than a 15x extract. After seeing how my girlfriend responded so mildly to this batch of salvia, I now believe that it is indeed a 15x extract and that the reverse tolerance which salvia produces is still present within my brain, even though it has been around seven years since I last used salvia on a regular basis. 

I now recall that as a teenager around the age of 17-18, I used to smoke salvia and break through every single day for months at a time. Over this period, I began needing less and less salvia to trip and could eventually ego death on even small amounts of unprocessed leaf powder. Before the trip, this had completely slipped my mind, and I did not expect the reverse tolerance to last this long.

This salvia trip was easily one of the most intense and bizarre experiences I have ever been through, at least since my last salvia trip over a year ago. There is something bizarre and unique about this drug. I now intend to experiment with this 1gram bag on a semi-daily basis while documenting every single experience it induces.

Thanks for reading.

Trip report by Josie Kins

Psilocybin mushroom experience report by Josie Kins

 Psilocybin extract tincture vials

Psilocybin extract tincture vials

  • Substance: Psilocybin mushroom tincture given to me by a good friend
  • Dosage: unknown but claimed to be the equivalent of 30mg of 4-AcO-DMT
  • ROA: oral
  • Age: 24
  • Gender: female
  • Height: 5ft10
  • Weight: ~125lbs
  • Setting: Inside my flat with my girlfriend who is also tripping
  • Medication: 300mg spironolactone / 8mg estrodiol daily
  • Date: 17/02/2018
  • Subjective effect tracker data PDF

3:44 pm - I drink the vial of psilocybin mushroom extract tincture, it tastes strongly of vodka.

3:54 pm - I'm already feeling a warm fuzzy body high and slight cognitive suppression. My vision looks subtly different somehow but its hard to pinpoint in what way.

4:02 pm - My right index finger started doing this thing where it begins rapidly bouncing up and down by itself. It's been such a long time that I completely forgot that this usually happens when I trip. I'm feeling stimulated and physically euphoric so I decide to go out for a bike ride while I wait to fully come up.

4:06 pm - I notice I'm feeling my first bit of nausea just as I leave the house.

4:14 pm - As soon as I'm outside I immediately start getting introspection about my ex and my immigration to this country. I start riding my bike towards a local park and notice that the world seems even more beautiful than usual. Once I stop to rest and sit on a bench I start feeling very nauseous. My body-high is now pretty distinct, there are very subtle colors on the back of my eyelids, and I'm noticing patterns and textures more than usual. I'm getting stomach bloating and feel like I might vomit

4:20 pm - I'm getting extremely analytical thoughts about everything i see. I feel as if my cultural filter is suppressed and that I'm seeing the world through less biased eyes. I begin noticing countless "little" things such as homeless people, the smell of fried chicken, air pollution, society, and technology. The acknowledgment of these things which I would usually ignore results in an intense state of pondering and analysis. I decide to head back home because the sheer amount of people is a little overwhelming.

4:32 pm - I just arrived home, I'm suddenly feeling A LOT higher. I'm getting distinct geometry, cognitive suppressions, its harder to function, and objects look as if they are warping. I attempt to play Portal 2 and find that the jokes are incredibly funny and that the game seems extremely immersive. However, I pretty quickly realise that I am tripping way too hard to play this and turn it off.

4:43 pm - I begin seeing substantial amounts of geometry, I feel even more depersonalized than usual and feel very disconnected from my body. I decide to lay down in bed with my girlfriend.

5:13 pm - I'm getting lost in intense geometry, conceptual thoughts, and memory replays from both the last few days and from pretransition. I'm listening to Regina Spektor and she sounds like some sort of beautiful cosmic goddess.

6:17 pm - The effects are lessening in their intensity and I'm clearly past my peak at this point. I spent what felt like hours lost in geometry and highly vivid daydreams or low-level internal hallucinations. I spent a lot of time being forced to analyze my relationship with my ex, the death of my father, my urge to reproduce, my new job, and my current relationships with my girlfriend's. There was a surprising lack of cosmic or spiritual thoughts which I usually get on psychedelics, but instead my brain focused more on my life in general and it's interpersonal relationships. I feel very refreshed and mentally reinvigorated.

7:06 pm - I'm highly sedated at this point but also gurning for some reason. I can't stop getting lost in highly vivid daydreams, most of which are not particularly exciting memory replays such as revisiting the date I had with that guy the other night as if I were actually there. Snuggling my girlfriend is highly arousing, my whole body feels euphoric and I get extremely turned on but I'm far too sedated to have sex and cannot begin to focus. I notice that I'm starting to get come down symptoms and feel slightly anxious.

9:35 pm - I was feeling very on edge so I slathered my naked body in lavender essential oils and now feel normal again. My back hurts a little which often happens on psychedelics. I'm completely sober at this point.

12:00 pm (the next day) - The next day i felt very mentally reinvigorated. My thoughts felt clearer, my anxieties were gone, and my kava withdrawals that I have been undergoing for the past week or so were almost entirely absent. I felt as if my brain had been defragged and that I could appreciate my life to a greater extent.


Although this trip wasn't particularly intense or profound, I am posting it regardless as part of my effort to document all future psychedelic experiences in a manner which could later yield useful information for my substance effect documentation project.

This was my first trip in over 6 months and proved to be excellent practice for utilizing the standardized documentation methodology which was outlined in my previous blog post. My next trip will be the coming Friday. I am going to take a heavy dosage of 2C-E (30mg) and it will likely yield far more interesting results.

Thanks for reading.

Trip report by Josie Kins

25mg 2C-E experience report by Josie Kins

  • Substance: 2C-E
  • Dosage: 25mg
  • ROA: oral
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: female
  • Height: 5ft10
  • Weight: ~125lbs
  • Setting: Inside my flat with my girlfriend who is also tripping
  • Medication: 300mg spironolactone / 8mg estradiol daily
  • Date: 01/03/2018
  • Subjective effect tracker PDF

1:20 pm - I took 25mg of 2C-E which I acquired through a good friend.

1:25 pm - My stomach already feels slightly uncomfortable. I can tell this is going to be a nauseating trip.

1:27 pm - I'm grinding my teeth ever so slightly and feel very subtly stimulated.

1:40 pm - I had a sudden urge to poop. I took it, and it was an unusually gross poop. The smell gave me an exaggerated nauseous response. Alongside this, I'm also starting to feel mildly stimulated with mild thought acceleration and mood elevation.
2:07 pm - I suddenly experienced a weird, unpleasant taste in my mouth. It feels like a phantom drip despite the fact that I did not insufflate this substance.

2:09 pm - At this point, I'm getting uncomfortably nauseous. My whole body is getting some sort of fuzzy electric body high. I'm also experiencing cognitive suppressions, and the clarity of my thoughts is distinctly decreased.

2:12 pm - I'm now getting very mild visual drifting in my peripheral vision.

2:13 pm - The stimulation has increased from mild to distinct. I'm finding it more and more difficult to type.

2:14 pm - I'm suddenly feeling unusually cold as if my bodies natural temperature regulation is no longer functioning.

2:15 pm - I'm getting mild geometry, and I have a weird feeling in my mouth. I'm noticing small details of my apartment that i wouldn't usually pay attention to. I also feel vaguely euphoric.
2:17 pm - I'm uncontrollably salivating a lot. The music I'm listening to sounds far better than it did before ingesting the drug.

2:19 pm - It's extremely difficult to pee and seem to have diarrhea. My stomach hurts, and I feel like I could vomit at any moment.

2:22 pm - When I stare at a fixed point, the geometry begins increasing from visual noise to something more complex and defined. My whole body is uncomfortable, and my back hurts.

2:24 pm - I feel very cold even though the room is warm. My hands are also sweating to an absurd degree.

2:25 pm - I'm getting pleasurable tactile enhancements on my hands when I rub them together or touch a surface.

2:28 pm - I'm seeing distinct drifting. The carpet is flowing and twisting around.

2:31 pm - I somehow feel uncomfortably warm and cold at the same time.

2:33 pm I'm feeling really nauseous and have extreme stomach bloating, I look like I'm five months pregnant.

2:34 pm - My penis has shrivelled up and died similarly to how it does so on stimulants such as MDMA and amphetamine.

2:35 pm - My back hurts so much that I'm resorting to putting on a prescription strength lidocaine patch.

2:38 pm - While I'm struggling to urinate I notice the bathroom floor is flowing and that I have increased pattern recognition. I see what looks like a Mongolian warrior in the texture of the laminate flooring.

2:47 pm - I'm starting to feel VERY out of it.

2:49 pm - I'm getting very strong geometry over everything I see. The room around me has bright and cartoonish colours. The drifting is becoming very strong, and I need to lay down soon.

2:51 pm - My hands are shaking intensely.

2:54 pm - My whole body is now starting to shake too.

2:55 pm - I'm getting extremely strong brightly coloured geometry which is making it very difficult to see. I need to go lay down now.

5:58 pm - Mother of God. I have seen so much that it is difficult to withstand. I just spent what felt like a thousand lifetimes laying in bed with my girlfriend while experiencing complete and utter ego-death. I had no conception of who or what I was, but I felt incredibly calm and serene. 

My brain has seemingly been rendering the maximum amount of endless, incomprehensible hallucinations that it possibly can at the expense of all other cognitive processes. I completely separated from my body and saw thousands upon thousands of extraordinarily vivid and detailed scenes of places, entities, and genuinely incomprehensible forms. I both saw these scenes in front of me and became them. I could feel every single detail of these vivid hallucinations as if they were my own body. They were more complex and detailed than anything that could possibly exist in the "real" world. A significant percentage of their forms defied all logic and appeared to be impossibly shaped. 

The sheer intensity and amount of the breathtaking, incredible scenes eventually began to leave me completely overwhelmed with sensory overload. I tried to open my eyes and watch Planet Earth 2 which was playing on the screen in front of me in an attempt to take a break from what I was experiencing.

6:38 pm - I have come down ever so slightly and am now walking around my apartment just to hold on to the external environment and take a break from the thousands of lifetimes of content which I just experienced. I filled out the subjective effect tracker form and ate some food. As soon as I stop moving, I immediately drift off again into hallucinations.

6:52 pm - I am struggling to keep my eyes open, I feel incredibly mentally exhausted, and like I could pass out into unconsciousness any minute now.

7:00 pm - I tried watching a tv show called the man in the high castle. I felt incredibly emotionally invested in the world and the characters and had the feeling that I was glimpsing into an alternate reality.

9:00 pm - I'm entirely sober at this point with no visual effects. I feel on the verge of passing out from exhaustion, but my heart rate is still uncomfortably high and will not settle down. I took 0.5mg of a Xanax which successfully allowed me to sleep.

10 am - The next day I woke up to go to work and felt completely normal, as if I hadn't tripped at all. I was fully expecting to have a horrendous comedown and to struggle at work, but this was not the case. I noticed that I could not entirely focus on complex high-level tasks such as proofreading the subjective effect index. However, routine tasks such as performing my job and interacting with people were perfectly fine. I actually felt quite mentally refreshed.


This trip was an absolutely mindblowing experience and easily the hardest I have tripped in over two years. It seems that somewhere in the mind, there is a button that triggers the brain into activating a "complete simulate render 3D hallucinate everything mode". 2C-E somehow presses this button perfectly.

I am completely baffled that the brain is even capable of rendering thousands upon thousands of scenes which are so detailed, intricate, and vivid that they are incomprehensible beyond anything which could ever occur within the real world. What possible evolutionary advantage could the presence of this mode of action have? Especially considering that it is usually only activated during the most obscure of situations, such as ingesting a synthetic phenethylamine psychedelic. These compounds could do a fraction of what they are capable of, and they would still be one of the most profound experiences available to a human being. 

This trip truly pushed myself to the limits of what I could withstand and reignited my respect for these compounds. Although I could likely tolerate a heavier dosage of 2C-E, there would be no point as it would probably just involve me passing out into unconsciousness.

For my next hallucinogenic experiences, I will be ingesting Salvia divinorum at a wide range of dosages and documenting the results.

Thanks for reading.

Trip report by Josie Kins

25mg 2C-E experience report by Kaytwo

  • Substance: 2C-E
  • Dosage: 25mg
  • ROA: Oral
  • Age: 24
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 6ft
  • Weight: ???
  • Setting: In flat with my girlfriend who is also tripping
  • Medication: 200mg of spironolactone / 10mg of estradiol daily
  • Date: 01/03/2018
  • Subjective effect tracker PDF

Dose @ 1:20PM
+7 min – Slight headspace, faint tingles that feel like they’re moving outwardly from my core. Definitely feeling altered.

+12min – Thoughts feel stimulated in a creative and conceptual way, overall mild stimulation

+21 min – Vision is slightly distorted, harder to read text on LCD screen a few feet away. Increased alteration in headspace, feel more wrapped up in thoughts and less on sensory perceptions

+37 min – No change from ~ 15 minutes ago

+50 min – Tingly body-high intensifies, especially in core. Stomach feels off but no nausea.

+55 min - Mild drifting if I stare at a fixed point, senses seem more acute, auditory and touch enhancements

+60 min – Feeling of increased mucus or salivation dripping down throat. Vision slightly blurred/vibrating. Physical stimulation is stronger now, with some jitteriness in my hands. Mild tactile enhancement and sexual arousal.

+70 min – Starting to get visual breathing, effects slowly intensifying. Simple and faint closed eye visuals on backs of eyelids.

+75 min – Increased jitteriness and stimulation, body high feels like tingles coursing through body

+85 min -  Slight gurning. Yawning a lot. Starting to get mild geometry, especially in the carpet. Face feels hot and flushed.

+ 90 min – Drifting into brief vivid daydreams. Getting strong feelings of empathy and love for Josie. The feelings come abruptly and are so intense that my eyes begin to water. It felt like experiencing directly the full extent of the love, appreciation, and admiration I have for her.

+ 100 min – Starting to feel too cognitively impaired to continue normal activities. Go to lay down in bed. Visuals are mild – moderate at this point. Geometry is low level, about level 4, mixed with faint internal hallucinations which blend seamlessly together. Drifting is noticeable but mild enough that objects appear to remain stationary while backgrounds drift. Feeling very clear-headed and coherent, but cognitively impaired. Handling daily activities would be confusing and difficult at this point. The stimulation has started to blend with physical and mental sedation. Body high is stronger, overall very tingly with jolts of energy rushing through muscles and limbs that cause them to twitch or flex.

+120 min – Effects are still about the same in intensity, if not very gradually getting stronger. The long come up is likely from the small amount of food I ate before. I decide to smoke some weed. 

+ 125 min – Smoking weed felt different, instead of getting my high in the normal way that weed does, it feels like it instead just enhances the strength of the rest of the trip. Visual drifting is now quite intense; my entire visual field looks like everything is in motion, rhythmically swaying, breathing and drifting. Geometry has intensified to level 6 and is overlayed on my vision. I'm also experiencing strong level tracers, moving my eyes causes the environment to streak and blur until I focus on a certain point. 

The body high is now positively electric; it feels like energy is coursing throughout my body in a strong tingling/vibrating feeling that flows through me. It causes my limbs to twitch and move slightly, and my muscles are increasingly/unconsciously tightening and relaxing. I can now stare at one point and have geometry gradually overtake my vision until it is unrecognizable. If I meditate and focus on my experience, I drift into ego death. The overstimulated feeling is gone, and instead, I feel relaxed and sleepy like I’m in a dreamlike state. Laying down and letting visuals overtake me feels natural. At this point

+140 min to 270 min – Trip has gotten insanely intense at this point. This is likely from the weed and a delayed come up on 2ce. Laying down watching visuals would put me into ego death within several seconds to a minute. The geometry was level 7 at this point and would immediately overtake my vision if I watched them. It was incredibly hallucinatory, with high-level internal hallucinations blending with geometry and building on top of it. It felt like my brain was recursively hallucinating, hallucinations quickly built on top of hallucinated content in a constant stream of visual data. 

At points, I was sexually aroused, partly by the very euphoric body high. Any sort of sexual stimulation did not seem appealing, but this caused hallucinations that involved kinks of mine and happened to what felt like the idealised version of my body. This continued for a bit; I was aware of the hallucinatory content but not that it was hallucinations or that it was coming from me tripping. I also experienced sci-fi, and alternate history-themed hallucinations, such as being led through a futuristic club full of transhumans of different sorts, and being part of a resistance movement in a fictional universe where the Nazis won WW2. The body high at this point was very intense but not uncomfortable. The sensation was intense in a mostly neutral sense, but nonetheless somewhat euphoric.

During brief moments of lucidity in which I remembered I was tripping, I would smoke more weed then lay back down. Ego death was near constant but with some small interludes where I would remember where and who I was, often triggered by a spasm or twitch of my physical body that would ground me back with my senses. 

I felt clearheaded and alert during the hallucinations and did not feel cognitive impairment of the sort I’d expect from a tryptamine. I had acute and detailed tactile hallucinations of a sexual nature. My arousal felt like it was being caused by the intense body high and hallucinated tactile sensations. At one point, I felt near orgasm until I was pulled out of the hallucination by a distraction in the external environment. 

There was little introspection or reflection on my life, the external world, etc. What thoughts I did have were in response to the hallucinatory experiences I was having. Weed did not seem to alter the headspace of the trip much. It did not tend to make it more delusional, as it would a lysergamide or tryptamine. Weed instead just made the visuals much more intense, not categorically different, and made the headspace a bit more relaxing and dreamy. 

+ 280 min -  Josie is up and walking around, and I join her. We talk, and in between saying things, I drift almost immediately back into trancelike ego suppression and geometry, and hallucinations stack up in my vision. At one point I am sitting on the couch and staring at my leggings with the room in my peripheral vision. As my vision stays fixed at one point, the background morphs into being a coffee shop, then an art studio. This transformation happens with my eyes open and seems to happen without the individual objects morphing or changing, but my brain reinterpreting what they are due to not being grounded by short-term memory. Despite this, when Josie says something, it brings me back to the present, and I am coherent enough to respond seamlessly. I am starting to experience increasingly strong sedation as the trip has worn me out. I am not getting analysis suppression but am getting extreme thought disorganisation and thought suppression. 

+ 300 min - I attempt to fill out a trip report and have regained enough short-term memory, and my visuals have decreased to a level manageable enough to see the screen in front of me. I am getting time dilation; I spent 10 minutes on the form which felt like an hour.

Experience report by Kaytwo

25mg 2C-E experience report by Cocoabunny

  • Substance: 2C-E
  • Dosage: 25mg
  • ROA: Oral
  • Age: 23
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5ft 10
  • Weight: 210~lbs
  • Setting: In roommate with condo
  • Medication: 120mg propranolol ER
  • Date: 9/3/2018
  • Subjective effect tracker PDF

5:59 pm - 25mg 2c-e consumed orally

6:26 pm - Beginning to see low-level geometry above HPPD baseline, 2D, level 3-4. Starting to feel nauseous and extremely cold, especially in my hands and feet.

6:29 pm - Level 2 tracers. Starting to grind my teeth, switch to grinding my cheeks

6:32 pm - Feeling spontaneous tactile sensations in dick/bladder, feels like a bunch of concrete has sealed off my urethra, and I am no longer able to urinate

6:36 pm - Experiencing flowing and drifting, rapidly progress from level 2 to level 3. Typing is becoming increasingly difficult, and my vision is obscured by intense level 4 geometry.

6:42 pm - Geometry rapidly intensifies through level 5 to level 7. Spontaneous tactile sensations continue to appear, now on the left side of torso and legs. Can barely see.

6:48 pm - Really starting to come up, nausea and cold has intensified significantly. I feel as if I am very sick, likely due to histamine release.

6:51 pm - Contrast between light and dark has reached a point where I cannot see anything but my computer screen when looking at it, which hurts my eyes.

6:53 pm - Geometry is becoming increasingly phenethylamine-y, level 7.

7:00 pm - Spent 7 minutes violently puking. Made a cup of ginger tea which I am sipping for dear life, every sip is like a small explosion in my stomach. Several autonomous entities appearing in the dark with lights off (note: while they are similar in appearance to shadow entities this is due to the visuals of phenethylamines and I consider them distinct from shadow entities). No communication or sensed intent.

7:02 pm - Simultaneously feeling sedated and stimulated. Think to myself “I would really like to go to bed” and laugh.

7:04 pm - Communication, both verbal and text, becomes harder as time dilation intensifies. When I close my eyes, I see what looks like Egyptian hieroglyphics dancing on an endless plane in the style of Hellenistic pottery.

7:07 pm - Throat feels like it's on fire from vomiting, begin sucking on benzocaine throat lozenges. Fingers are freezing cold, and constant muscle spasms make it very difficult to type.

7:08 pm - Nausea now feels painful, I am very uncomfortable.

7:10 pm - Audio distortions rapidly intensify from level 1 to level 3, music sounds like it is folding in on itself over and over while the pitch is significantly decreased. Time dilation has slowed reality to a crawl, and it is very difficult to keep my eyes open due to the overwhelming amount of visual geometry. Audio recursion is incredibly intense, and I feel as if every sound is repeated many times and the repetitions are also themselves repeated. Temperature dysregulation is very intense, and I am simultaneously extremely hot and cold on multiple parts of my body.

7:15 pm - Memory suppression is intensifying, cannot remember anything from more than a few minutes ago. I cannot tell the difference between memory and imagined conversations.

7:18 pm - All sound seems far away, and there are many fleeting entities scattered throughout the room. There are so much cognitive noise and geometry that I am unable to focus on anything for more than a few seconds.

7:25 pm - Spent another 10 minutes puking. Amusingly despite this being very painful the relief from the intense and painful nausea has resulted in greatly increased mental clarity. Switching from Notes to Discord as I am no longer able to write timestamps myself.

7:30 pm - Getting a lot of fractals in my vision and perceiving sound to be endlessly repeated fractals in my ears.

7:37 pm - Significant diffraction and color shifting

7:41 pm - When I close my eyes I see level 5 internal hallucinations of many lighthouses strobing. I am able to move my position around in this world, though not without great difficulty due to the intensity of all effects. Geometry is fully persistent between closed and open eyes.

7:44 pm - With my eyes open I can see a floating ship that has been shattered by bolts of lightning in a storm. This is clearer with my eyes closed and I can rotate the image, again with great difficulty.

7:47 pm - Music is triggering intense thought loops. Horned devil-esque entities are all around me.

7:52 pm - With my eyes closed I see lots of World War II hallucinations with a heavy emphasis on propaganda and Soviet/Nazi iconography.

7:56 pm - Internal hallucinations continue to intensify and become increasingly persistent and overlap each other simultaneously. The geometry feels as if it holds an incredible amount of information in every symbol but I can barely understand it as the noise is so loud.

7:59 pm - Begin to fill out SEI form

8:04 pm - Memory of SEI is so suppressed that I constantly have to look up effects only to immediately forget what they are when I return to the form.

8:24 pm - Writing down every thing I am experiencing as memory has been annihilated to the point where even the last few moments are fleeting.

8:34 pm - Completed filling out SEI form

8:40 pm - I feel as if I had a lobotomy, but I am beginning to come down a bit. 

8:51 pm - Still feel as if my mind is being thoroughly ravished by geometric noise.

9:30 pm - Starting to feel weak and very hungry, but my stomach still hurts a lot. Roommate and I decide to go to grocery store to find something edible

10:00 pm - The Sunny D and bread called out to me, and I answered

10:30 pm - Roommate decides to leave to hang with his girlfriend, this makes me feels intense negative emotion, but it is somewhat numbed by complete exhaustion.

10:45 pm - Only light geometry and visuals remain, although I am still incredibly stimulated.

11:30 pm - Eating bread causes sharp pain in my stomach, mostly blankly staring off into space waiting for time to pass. Memory is still super suppressed and experiencing muscle spasms that make it difficult to do anything.

12:30-1am - Decide to go for a walk, as soon as I step outside I feel fear and a presence/presences in the darkness, so I stick to the well-lit areas

1:30 am - Visuals basically all gone at this point except some low-level geometry. Still super stimulated

2:30 am - Get tired of waiting for stimulation to wear off and drink three bags of kava tea, almost no effect on levels of stimulation. Begin to think about the many close friends that I’ve had in my life and experience feelings of loss and profound isolation.

3 am - Lay down and try to sleep with no success, temperature dysregulation is very uncomfortable still.

4 am - Finally able to sleep.

Trip report by Cocoabunny