25mg 2C-E experience report by Cocoabunny

  • Substance: 2C-E
  • Dosage: 25mg
  • ROA: Oral
  • Age: 23
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5ft 10
  • Weight: 210~lbs
  • Setting: In roommate with condo
  • Medication: 120mg propranolol ER
  • Date: 9/3/2018
  • Subjective effect tracker PDF

5:59 pm - 25mg 2c-e consumed orally

6:26 pm - Beginning to see low-level geometry above HPPD baseline, 2D, level 3-4. Starting to feel nauseous and extremely cold, especially in my hands and feet.

6:29 pm - Level 2 tracers. Starting to grind my teeth, switch to grinding my cheeks

6:32 pm - Feeling spontaneous tactile sensations in dick/bladder, feels like a bunch of concrete has sealed off my urethra, and I am no longer able to urinate

6:36 pm - Experiencing flowing and drifting, rapidly progress from level 2 to level 3. Typing is becoming increasingly difficult, and my vision is obscured by intense level 4 geometry.

6:42 pm - Geometry rapidly intensifies through level 5 to level 7. Spontaneous tactile sensations continue to appear, now on the left side of torso and legs. Can barely see.

6:48 pm - Really starting to come up, nausea and cold has intensified significantly. I feel as if I am very sick, likely due to histamine release.

6:51 pm - Contrast between light and dark has reached a point where I cannot see anything but my computer screen when looking at it, which hurts my eyes.

6:53 pm - Geometry is becoming increasingly phenethylamine-y, level 7.

7:00 pm - Spent 7 minutes violently puking. Made a cup of ginger tea which I am sipping for dear life, every sip is like a small explosion in my stomach. Several autonomous entities appearing in the dark with lights off (note: while they are similar in appearance to shadow entities this is due to the visuals of phenethylamines and I consider them distinct from shadow entities). No communication or sensed intent.

7:02 pm - Simultaneously feeling sedated and stimulated. Think to myself “I would really like to go to bed” and laugh.

7:04 pm - Communication, both verbal and text, becomes harder as time dilation intensifies. When I close my eyes, I see what looks like Egyptian hieroglyphics dancing on an endless plane in the style of Hellenistic pottery.

7:07 pm - Throat feels like it's on fire from vomiting, begin sucking on benzocaine throat lozenges. Fingers are freezing cold, and constant muscle spasms make it very difficult to type.

7:08 pm - Nausea now feels painful, I am very uncomfortable.

7:10 pm - Audio distortions rapidly intensify from level 1 to level 3, music sounds like it is folding in on itself over and over while the pitch is significantly decreased. Time dilation has slowed reality to a crawl, and it is very difficult to keep my eyes open due to the overwhelming amount of visual geometry. Audio recursion is incredibly intense, and I feel as if every sound is repeated many times and the repetitions are also themselves repeated. Temperature dysregulation is very intense, and I am simultaneously extremely hot and cold on multiple parts of my body.

7:15 pm - Memory suppression is intensifying, cannot remember anything from more than a few minutes ago. I cannot tell the difference between memory and imagined conversations.

7:18 pm - All sound seems far away, and there are many fleeting entities scattered throughout the room. There are so much cognitive noise and geometry that I am unable to focus on anything for more than a few seconds.

7:25 pm - Spent another 10 minutes puking. Amusingly despite this being very painful the relief from the intense and painful nausea has resulted in greatly increased mental clarity. Switching from Notes to Discord as I am no longer able to write timestamps myself.

7:30 pm - Getting a lot of fractals in my vision and perceiving sound to be endlessly repeated fractals in my ears.

7:37 pm - Significant diffraction and color shifting

7:41 pm - When I close my eyes I see level 5 internal hallucinations of many lighthouses strobing. I am able to move my position around in this world, though not without great difficulty due to the intensity of all effects. Geometry is fully persistent between closed and open eyes.

7:44 pm - With my eyes open I can see a floating ship that has been shattered by bolts of lightning in a storm. This is clearer with my eyes closed and I can rotate the image, again with great difficulty.

7:47 pm - Music is triggering intense thought loops. Horned devil-esque entities are all around me.

7:52 pm - With my eyes closed I see lots of World War II hallucinations with a heavy emphasis on propaganda and Soviet/Nazi iconography.

7:56 pm - Internal hallucinations continue to intensify and become increasingly persistent and overlap each other simultaneously. The geometry feels as if it holds an incredible amount of information in every symbol but I can barely understand it as the noise is so loud.

7:59 pm - Begin to fill out SEI form

8:04 pm - Memory of SEI is so suppressed that I constantly have to look up effects only to immediately forget what they are when I return to the form.

8:24 pm - Writing down every thing I am experiencing as memory has been annihilated to the point where even the last few moments are fleeting.

8:34 pm - Completed filling out SEI form

8:40 pm - I feel as if I had a lobotomy, but I am beginning to come down a bit. 

8:51 pm - Still feel as if my mind is being thoroughly ravished by geometric noise.

9:30 pm - Starting to feel weak and very hungry, but my stomach still hurts a lot. Roommate and I decide to go to grocery store to find something edible

10:00 pm - The Sunny D and bread called out to me, and I answered

10:30 pm - Roommate decides to leave to hang with his girlfriend, this makes me feels intense negative emotion, but it is somewhat numbed by complete exhaustion.

10:45 pm - Only light geometry and visuals remain, although I am still incredibly stimulated.

11:30 pm - Eating bread causes sharp pain in my stomach, mostly blankly staring off into space waiting for time to pass. Memory is still super suppressed and experiencing muscle spasms that make it difficult to do anything.

12:30-1am - Decide to go for a walk, as soon as I step outside I feel fear and a presence/presences in the darkness, so I stick to the well-lit areas

1:30 am - Visuals basically all gone at this point except some low-level geometry. Still super stimulated

2:30 am - Get tired of waiting for stimulation to wear off and drink three bags of kava tea, almost no effect on levels of stimulation. Begin to think about the many close friends that I’ve had in my life and experience feelings of loss and profound isolation.

3 am - Lay down and try to sleep with no success, temperature dysregulation is very uncomfortable still.

4 am - Finally able to sleep.

Trip report by Cocoabunny