600mg DXM report by Cocoabunny

  • Substance: DXM
  • Dosage: 600mg
  • ROA: Oral
  • Age: 23
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5ft10
  • Weight: 210~lbs
  • Setting: In my room by myself on voice chat with some friends
  • Medication: 120mg ER
  • Date: 3/13/2018
  • Subjective effect tracker PDF

6:30pm - 600mg DXM consumed orally on empty stomach.

6:37 pm - Beginning to get tingly sensations in arms as well as mild time dilation.

6:40 pm - Deep sounds sound slower, and I’m beginning to feel nausea.

6:42 pm - Memory is beginning to be suppressed.

6:55 pm - Mildly dissociated, drinking ginger tea for dear life.

6:58 pm - Music appreciation is moderately enhanced.

7:09 pm - Level 4 geometry made up of hexagons of red, indigo, and green.

7:23 pm - Vomit is slowly climbing up my throat in an incredibly uncomfortable manner.

7:27 pm - Temperature dysregulation intensifying, feel very hot and cold.

7:36 pm - Threw up for about 10 minutes, I feel much more clear mentally.

7:39 pm - Geometry is now moving, and I feel like my physical movement feels very mechanical and robotic, as well as my voice. Mental clarity is fading rapidly.

7:48pm - Incredible diarrhea, 100% liquid. Getting double vision and highly noticeable floaters comprised of geometry.

7:54 pm - Little body high outside of persisting nausea. Skin feels like it is burning especially my arms, and this increases as I think about it. Visualization capabilities are greatly increased, and I can fully visualise any clear 2.5D image that I want to.

8:00 pm - Feel like the man pulling the gears in the head of the robot. Getting lots of audio distortions, everything sounds close and far away.

8:26 pm - Continue to projectile poop.

8:36 pm - Speech is very impaired, can barely speak.

8:42 pm - Extremely dissociated, feels like there is a several second latency between making an action and the action being taken.

10:03 pm - My room feels much larger than it is due to the darkness. Tongue is numb, and I’ve begun to come down.

12:05 am - Almost completely sober.

12:37 am - Went to bed, passed out instantly.

7:59 am - Still somewhat dissociated, movement feels off. I have an incredible afterglow where I feel like I can accomplish everything that I set my mind to.

11:00am (the next day) - Very euphoric. Feel rejuvenated and mildly manic

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