This page is going to be used as an ongoing collection of notes and tasks. I will use it to help keep track of what needs to be done while this project is still under construction.

  • continue proofreading and improving EVERY SINGLE COMPONENT. Visual, Auditory, Tactile, Disconnective, Cognitive, Psychological, Physical, Side effects, Multisensory
  • add visual styles subsection, personal analysis and history/culture subsection for autonomous entities
  • improve or overhaul index intro, note that the descriptions should strive for linguistic simplicity so that as many people as possible can actually understand the effects
  • define exactly what constitutes a multisensory effect vs a specific sensory effect for the hallucinatory state's category
  • complete the list category pages for the various types of physical effects and side effects. make sure they have comprehensive definitions/introductions
  • fill in all of the red link effects
  • write a universal intro for style variation sections which explain what style variations are
  • mention which class of substances an effect is commonly associated with on each effect
  • add colour suppression
  • add analysis sections to drifting, tracers, geometry, entities, external hallucinations, unspeakable horrors, memory suppression, ego death
  • add personal experience sections to as many components as possible
  • reupload gfycat gifs to dedicated effectindex account
  • mention that component controlability might just be a delusion
  • etc etc

Description terminology examples

add as much consistency for descriptions as possible. for example in the first sentence, within introductions to leveling systems, sentences introducing levels themselves, content across inter-related components etc

  • Pre-levelling system into - XYZ can be broken down into 4 basic levels of complexity and visual intensity. These are described and documented below:
  • drugs this effect occurs on: The experience of this effect is nearly universal under the influence of psys/dissos/dels/etc such as ABC, 123 and XYZ.

fractal geometry notes

Fractals in nature usually manifest themselves in situations where energy expenditure or another constraining variable is optimized to follow a path of minimum resistance. It seems plausible that visual geometry could be fractal in nature from either congitive computing expenditure or even electric signalling being optimized.