Wednesday January 30 2019

Site updates

After a several month hiatus due to personal issues, we are getting back on track with utilising this project as a means of furthering the field of subjective effect documentation. Although there is still room for many significant improvements, we are happy to announce that the first version of the subjective effect index is completed, formatted, and proofread.

The next step is to apply this SEI to specific psychoactive substances in order to document their phenomenological effects in a comprehensive and formalised manner. This will require the creation of a standardized methodology that involves a small team of people ingesting these substances at a range of dosages and documenting their experiences through the use of consistently formatted trip reports which are accompanied by the information produced by our SEI form system. We will then analyse the collected data and produce articles that detail the effects which are induced at specific dosage ranges, their levels of intensity, style variations, and approximate frequency of occurrence.

This will hopefully demonstrate that the SEI is not only useful for increasing our collective understanding of specific subjective effects but that it is also capable of being used as a tool for analysing and documenting the various compounds which trigger them.

~The Effect Index team

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