Saturday July 07 2018

Welcome to the Effect Index

We are pleased to announce the launch of Effect Index, a new project which is dedicated to pioneering and establishing the field of formalised Subjective Effect Documentation, wherein all aspects of the hallucinogenic experience are examined, defined, and analyzed by knowledgeable people in the field who provide rational, evidence based, and data-driven insights into the many components that make up the experience.

The Subjective Effect Index, where all effects that may be experienced on hallucinogens are listed and described, was previously hosted on PsychonautWiki and DisregardEverythingISay, however, the project has become large enough to deserve its own dedicated platform.

We believe that providing documentation and analysis of subjective effects is an important endeavour, as through the use of a universal terminology set the psychonautic subculture can finally formally discuss that which was previous considered indescribable. In doing so we may help to demystify the psychedelic experience, which has the potential to allow hallucinogen usage to become more culturally acceptable, better understood, and create a platform on top of which these substances may be more easily studied. For more information please see our about page.

~The Effect Index team

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