A Pleasant Morning


Trip Date:
23. 2. 2021
At first at home, later in a city park
Sertraline (50mg, orally), daily


Name Dosage Route of Administration
4-PrO-DMT 15mg Oral


Continuous daily use of Sertraline (50mg, orally) and piracetam (1200mg, orally) for a few previous months, stopping three days before this voyage takes place.

The fumarate salt of 4-Pro-DMT was obtained from a trusted vendor, untested; optically it is fine brown powder of a shade reminiscent of that of chocolate; consumed a week or so after it arrived, stored at room temperature in the meantime.

Dose was weighted out using a milligram scale.

There is some confusion online about what does 4-Pro-DMT mean - some claim that 4-Pro is 4-propionyl, others that it is 4-propoxy. The substance that I used and which I am describing in this report is the 4-propionyl variant - I elect to call it 4-Pro-DMT, since the 4-propoxy variant should be called 4-PrO-DMT (given that methoxy and ethoxy are MeO and EtO respectively, both with capital O).

Previous experience with the compound: I tried 4-Pro-DMT once before using a threshold dose (5mg). I have extensive previous experience with psychedelics in general, including several compounds that should be close to 4-Pro-DMT (assuming it’s also metabolised into psilocin) - 4-AcO-DMT and psilocybin and psilocin itself in magic mushrooms.

Set: I am feeling well, excited to test what a compound will do when I take it and then go back to sleep before the effects take place. Very slight anxiety, which I usually get when trying psychedelics. Mild lower abdomen pain which later turned out to be most likely psychosomatic.

Setting: In my room, at home, and later in a calm city park. It was roughly 5 degrees Celsius outside in a sudden upswing of temperature after a few weeks of freezing winter. Snow melted and the park’s ground was wet and muddy. The atmosphere was almost as if during an autumn, though it’s closer to spring by now.

Other: The plan was to take the compound and then go back to sleep, letting the effects wake me up.


7:17 (T + 00:00):

Swallowed the dose in a gelatine capsule.

7:21 (T + 00:04):

Returned back to bed as planned.

7:48 (T + 00:31):

Couldn’t get back to sleep. Over the course of this time, the effects began to set in in the softest possible manner. First, I started to feel a very slight body high, the typical pleasant psychedelic tingling over most of the body. It had a strange aspect to it, though – on the backs of my hands, I felt a sensation of cold, except it felt strangely neutral or even pleasant. This experience made me quite excited, because I haven’t really experienced something like this so early into a low dose before.
Gradually, closed eye visuals started to appear. It was extremely soft, and began with the natural chaotic ‘buzzing’ of black-to-brown noise that one gets when they close their eyes in the dark becoming softly ‘crystallic’, as if the noise were slowly coalescing into more meaningful shapes. The body high grew stronger, though in character it remained the same. I also got the typical psychedelic feeling around the gums of my teeth, which is really hard to describe other than ‘increased sensitivity and a sense of very very soft pins and needles’.

7:54 (T + 00:37):

As I was writing the previous entry (which took some time), my visual field began to swim very softly. This is more pronounced when I am looking at a text on the screen, but I am not focusing on it.
There also seems to be a hint of a headspace, as if the edges of the ‘window’ through which I am looking into the world came closer together slightly and the window became a little narrower, though it’s nowhere near as dramatic as it gets in higher doses of psychedelics.
Overall, I feel good (I would say ‘great’, but that feels like a little too strong a term for this very subtle state), somewhat very slightly light. If this state grows stronger, it feels like it might be good for dancing and moving in general.

8:29 (T + 01:12) :

The chronology of this time-entry will be a little confused. At one point there were marked proprioceptive hallucinations, I felt as if I had arms extending to the sides of my body (my actual arms were resting on it), and that I had more of them than usual. This felt pleasant and amused me greatly. Sense of humour in general seems to be enhanced, and I am in a really good mood.
Much more pronounced closed eye visual, biotic and geometric in nature. At one point, I saw a vaguely menacing piece of geometry that extended a long, protruding piece of itself ‘into’ me. Rather than fight it, which is what I would usually do, I opened myself to it, let all the shields down. Nothing bad happened, and in general I felt just as good as before, and in good humors.
Good, though not excellent, erotica. I wish I had someone to cuddle with around, and considered calling a past love that I am still strongly intimate with, but ultimately decided against it, because she probably has an online lecture right about now, or is sleeping.
Thoughts about my gender identity and sexual orientation also surfaced. I concluded that I feel more genderfluid and bisexual while on psychedelics, and that I feel hermaphroditic more than anything else – I wish I could have all of the organs (and probably also looked more feminine, though I am not entirely sure about that).
Getting up and walking around the flat a little bit, I discovered that I am higher than I thought. Marked acuity enhancement and some colour enhancement. Things seem to be, hm, more ‘ontologically present’, as if they were more pronounced and recognizable as things, and more distinct from each other than normally – this felt pronounced with a large house plant near a window, and especially pronounced with a belt randomly resting on the sofa’s back support.
The psychedelic varnish over the world, so to speak, is very much present indeed, though subjectively it felt that I weren’t that high - that might however change were I to interact with people more, though after talking with my brother, this assessment still feels correct. I am definitely able to hold a conversation about our company’s business, though I have to focus much more than normally on what I am saying.

9:11 (T + 01:54):

Excited when telling my brother about E. B. R., a marvel of French post-war armoured vehicle design. Played some Osu! and though my performance felt neutral to better than normal initially, it was in fact substantially poorer. This is an effect that I’ve generally found to be pretty consistent with low doses of psychedelics.


9:22 (T + 02:05):

Music is excellent, feels more intense than normally. Subjectively the experience still seems to be ‘on the background’. I will attempt to bring it more to the forefront by venturing outside, though I shall have something to eat first. Still very amused with things.

9:36 (T + 02:17):

Clearly, I am sober enough to argue with friends on Discord about technical chemical terminology.

9:51 (T + 02:34):

Danced a little to the sound of music, then ate some toasts with honey, which tasted excellent (though I’ve not had them for a long time, so I can’t tell if their taste was better than usual). I feel remarkably close to baseline, actually. There are hints of the psychedelic state still present, but not as strong as before. About to go outside now.

10:57 (T + 03:40):

I was apparently higher than I thought. Walking to the park through the streets, it felt like there were hints of textures of the roads and other everyday objects around becoming ‘cartoonish’ – not that they would actually seem that way, but it felt that had I taken a higher dose, this is the direction the visuals might take. Also on the way to the park, I noticed that people seemed unattractive to me, though this might have been simply due to randomly meeting only unattractive people (but even attractive people seeming unattractive is a relatively common psychedelic effect for me).
The city park that I went to was beautiful despite its muddy fall-like appearance (we got a sudden heatwave after a few weeks of strongly cold weather). The state feels subtly energetic in a way which invites activities like hugging trees and accidentally putting one’s foot through thin ice of a lake into the water.
Visual acuity enhancement and depth perception enhancement. Textures and colours, especially those of tree barks, greatly enhanced. The park used to be one huge lake, so it has the shape of a large oval with a central area which is depressed by seven or so meters compared to the sides, which used to be its shores. The area is dotted with multiple rather large lakes, and now seemed extremely spacious, as if I were extraordinarily aware of how huge it in fact is (it has like six hundred meters across).
Watching one of my favourite trees in the park, a large white oak, it first felt strange, as if it gained a shape different than normally (though it’s equally possible that only now I noticed the shape in full), and then majestic in a almost religious way, and reminded me of the weirwoods in Game of Thrones.
Much to my surprise, when I was returning from the park, moving my hands in front of my eyes resulted in weak though still clearly present tracers. Despite the weather being quite cold (around 3-4 degrees Celsius), and me wearing only a t-shirt with short sleeves, a sweater, a relatively light jacket, a wool cap, and casual jeans with tennis shoes, I felt very warm to the point that I took my cap off (and when I returned home, I also took my shirt off). This made me suspicious of possible serotonergic influence on body temperature, so I measured it at 11:08 (T + 03:51; while already home for quarter an hour or so) and found out that it was 35.9C, which is an ordinary temperature for me.
Subjectively though, even while sitting behind the computer and writing these words, I do feel warm. I am not entirely sure if I would compare it to empathogenic warmth… it feels similar to being snuggled in a bed under a warm blanket, except I am sitting half-naked on a chair instead.


13:01 (T + 05:44):

Spend the last few hours playing computer games (performance does not seem to be impaired or improved) and somewhat listening to a lecture. Very slight hints of psychedelia still present, but I seem to be close to back to baseline.

15:37 (T + 08:20):

Very mild headache, which might be simply a result of me forgetting to drink enough – after I realised this and drank a glass of juice, it seemed to retreat partially.
As I was about to start working on revisions of a translation for one of my seminars, I felt uncertain about my ability to perform properly, so to speak, but when I actually got to work, there were no issues. I still feel a little bit in the psychedelic headspace, though the varnish is almost entirely gone. Still not entirely back to baseline.

17:56 (T + 10:19):

Headache continues a little stronger, but still mild. I still feel very mildly in the headspace, but all the other effects are gone.


I kept feeling very mildly cognitively impaired (still ‘in the headspace’) for the rest of the day, though it did not prevent me from doing copywriting work. The mild headache continued, and eventually subsided after taking ibuprofen. During a session of critical review of some work I did, I were perhaps more frustrated than I would be normally.

Next day:

Woke up feeling somewhat worn, though that might just be due to not getting enough sleep. Had pretty wild and very vivid dreams. Very mild headache in the morning, but subsided naturally in a few hours. Felt quite normally for the rest of the day.

Conclusion / Aftermath

A great mellow experience. Felt warm and pleasant, definitely will want to try again in a higher dose. One of the nicest half-trips I’ve ever had, actually, and I have had a lot, as they are my favorite way to take psychedelics.