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Trip Date:
My apartment
100mg Sertraline


Name Dosage Route of Administration
4-HO-MET 30mg Oral (gel caps)


This was my first experience with 4-HO-MET, and my first experience with a tryptamine other than 4-HO-DMT.



I took 20mg 4-ho-met orally while on a voice chat with other psychonauts tripping, alone in my apartment.


I was feeling stimulated and happy, pacing around my apartment in anticipation. I then went to lie down in a dark room.


I began to feel a weight on top of me, and started to see faint impressions of patterns. The patterns resembled the surf in Hokusai’s The Wave off Kanagawa, but in reds and purples. Soon after I saw faint cute little creatures with big eyes and stout square bodies.



I began puffing on my dab pen every few minutes. After every puff the visuals seemed to gain an extra dimension, eventually becoming a network of 3D geometry in various reds, purples, and greens resembling bulbous structures, many spheres and pyramids in various combinations. There was a great amount of layered structures like the different cores of the Earth.


The visuals proceeded from a 3D overlay to becoming intertwined with my perceptual space, along surfaces and extending out from objects in all directions. My body started to dissolve into my surroundings. At this point I went to the bathroom for the ritual shitting of rainbows. Looking at my bathmat, there was strong symmetrical texture repetition, and the fibers looked like a hundred baby faces of varying emotions. I spaced out a bit starting at my legs which were coated in a tribal-tattoo reminiscent pattern that alternated between darkening of my skin and a pearlescent silver texture. I eventually escaped back into my apartment.


Laying in my bed again, the visuals were still streaming in all directions. As I relaxed, it began to feel as if the visuals overtook the solidity of my walls, and it seemed as if they were infinitely deep and I was floating in a void of geometry, accompanied by a sense of motion in varying directions.


I started pacing around my apartment again, and stared at myself in a mirror for a while feeling somewhat disconnected from body and my words. It felt as if my sense of the present moment was stretched further out.


My fellow psychonauts started began chanting “REDOSE REDOSE REDOSE”. I didn’t actually redose, but it was funny as hell. Lots of cackling. One of them also made a joke about the FBI being mad at me for not redosing, and I began to see an FBI-themed 3D mandala. This was not scary at all, and entirely hilarious.


I saw a few copies of Ice T’s face floating around. My friends then started heckling me to smoke DMT as I was the only one in the group with access. After a lot of confused back and forth wandering around my apartment, I found the quartz bucket I use for it, which had some melted DMT and maybe 10mg of powder in it already. I cleared a space on my kitchen table (my usual spot to smoke it), and did some stretches and deep breaths. I got down on my knees before a black upside-down cross that is on my apartment wall, and began to pray to Frogmodai, my personal meme deity and embodiment of the the union of entropy and complexification, chaos and order. I turned off all the lights and lit a red candle we have in a tall cast iron candle stick. As I reflected on what I was about to experience, I noticed that it was dark and foggy outside. My apartment is adjacent to a swamp, so with the cross, prayers, candle, fog, and impending DMT I felt very witchy and mystical and could not stop laughing about it. I settled down and took a hit of the DMT. It was not a large amount but it was enough to kick the holographic visuals into gear. There were rainbow symbols on every surface, and I was transfixed especially by the candle, which had symbols streaming off in every direction. When I put my head down I saw lots of blue/green wheel shapes with white details rolling and flying around each other as they left cylindrical trails. This transitioned to more green structures, specifically spherical shaped resembling frogs. Behind the frogs were enormous 4- and 5-plane rotational symmetry, folding in and around themselves. The texture resembled the greebled spaceships in Star Wars.



I was satisfied with the experience and started wandering around my apartment again. I was feeling very happy at this point. Around this time all the sober psychonauts left the call, leaving me with my friend who had also dosed 4-ho-met. I decided it was time to go exploring outside. I threw on warm clothes and ventured out into the cold night, as did my friend. My sense of space was significantly expanded, in that areas I was familiar with walking through felt twice as big and took twice as long to navigate through. I walked to the beach which is about 15 minutes from my apartment.


At this point the overlay-visuals seemed to have died down, likely from the increased amount of light and massive amount of fresh visual information. There was significant symmetrical texture repetition on all the trees I passed. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel paranoid much at all. Walking felt like I was floating, and that my legs were handling all the work for me subconsciously.


When I got to the beach there was some sort of setup for an event with tents covering the entrance I usually go through, so instead I had to cross the pier. This path was a matter of 50 feet and I have been in this spot many times, but it felt very confusing finding my way through. When I got down to the beach, the texture of the sand looked like hundreds of howling faces, and I joked that I was sorry to be stepping on all these lost souls.


There had been a high surf warning this weekend, and I became a little concerned about my safety so I walked back to the pier and stood above where the waves were breaking. In the foam I saw dozens of faces transforming and stretching as the waves went in and out. I stayed here for a few minutes, amazed by the different patterns and images I could see. I was getting cold so I began heading home.


On my way home I realized I was very hungry and cold so I went to a nearby Foster’s Freeze to get some greasy food and to warm up for the rest of the walk home. As I approached I had delusions of sobriety, but when I entered the establishment I was proven wrong. In the bright room there was significant color enhancement, and all the employees had a cartoonish look. I managed to order and pretend to be human alright. The employee who didn’t take my order was someone I recognized from the area who looks extremely similar to me and would frequently wear those raver pants with the straps and flared bottoms, which I thought was funny. I went to take a seat and try to act human. The tables and benches were fake wood, and as I stared at them I noticed strong drifting and that they resembled the surface of Saturn. On the walls there were veins of pulsating and flowering colors. I held myself together until my order was ready. The raver employee handed me my order, and said “Have a great night” with a very wide smile. In that moment I felt like he could tell that I was tripping (my pupils were blasted wide open), and laughed to myself about it when I left.


When I got home I still had residual effects and began to feel some GI distress and bloating, along with a slight headache. I rested for a while as it wound down, then watched some videos with my roommates who had gotten home, and eventually went to bed around 3am.


In bed I didn’t have many visual effects remaining, but my mind felt as if my awareness was able to browse through many different possible trains of thought. Because my mind was running, I wasn’t able to fall asleep until around 6am, but it didn’t feel that long because of how all over the place my thoughts were.

Conclusion / Aftermath

This substance surprised me with the stylistic and qualitative differences of the visuals as compared to 4-HO-DMT. The content of hallucinations was often humorous, referential to popular culture, and gave a feeling opposite to spiritual depth. There was relatively little mental content compared to 4-HO-DMT, and a much larger degree of visual information being remixed akin to a Youtube Poop or other video art. It strikes me as something that is equally powerful as a tool for artists and for recreation, but not as much as a tool for mental health.

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