Experimenting with E-Cinnamal in combination with THC

primer/probe experiment


Trip Date:
At home and also out in nature.
100mg Spironolactone / 25mg bicalutamide / 10mg estradiol (daily)


Name Dosage Route of Administration
E-Cinnamal 30mg Oral
THC 30mg Oral


This experience report is part of an ongoing experiment in which we are documenting the subjective effect profile of various terpenes and various essential oils when used by themselves, and in combination with THC. Within this particular report, I am experimenting with the primary active constituent found within cinnamon.



I swallow 0.75ml of the essential oil, which contains 30mg of did 30mg of E-Cinnamal. Unsurprisingly, it tastes very strongly of cinnamon. After this, I promptly eat a gummy containing 30mg of just THC, with no other active ingredients such as CBD or various other cannabis related terpenes.

I have an empty stomach and have not eaten anything today aside from some coffee and a couple of french fries.


I am feeling a strong and distinctive high that is quite difficult to discern as any different from what I would be feeling if I had taken a THC edible by itself.


I am distinctly high and have lost the ability or at least motivation to carry on performing chores such as organizing my bedroom and doing the laundry. My thoughts and movements have slowed down greatly, I am feeling physically sedated, I am experiencing muscle relaxation, and also a strong desire to eat food.



I wasn’t feeling much of anything outside of what I would expect from a strong but quite standard THC high, so I decided to go outside out for a bike ride in nature. During this bike ride, I had unusually strong alterations in both my vision and cognition that I would usually associate more with psychedelic substances rather than that of THC.

For example, my vision was overly colourful in an exaggerated manner and I was experiencing mild but distinct level 3-4 geometry both within my open and closed eye vision. I also found myself deeply fixated on introspection regarding my life circumstances, my recent break up with a long term partner, and the numerous positive changes that I am making in my life and projects. These thoughts were interpreted as very therapeutic and beneficial, in a manner that I would not usually expect when simply high under the influence of cannabis.


While laying in bed and cuddling with my flatmate, I was experiencing very strong sedation and had trouble keeping my eyes open. When I closed my eyes, I was seeing moderately strong ever shifting psychedelic shapes, patterns, and colours while simultaneously drifting into and out of very vivid day dreams, many of which caused me mild anxiety.

Despite my sedation, I also felt stimulated at the same time, which resulted in my twitching my limbs for extended periods of time.



It was around this time that I seemingly fell into a deep sleep. I had extremely strong and vivid dreams, the details of which I remember very little about.


The next morning, I woke up feeling quite groggy, I was slightly nauseous, and I felt very sedated, despite the fact that it had been over twelve hours since I consumed the 2 substances and that I had gotten plenty of sleep. This is not something that I would have experienced from edible THC alone. I continued to feel sedated and generally high until around midday.

Conclusion / Aftermath

This experiment was certainly interesting. It was definitely noticeably different from that of my experiences with THC by itself, but I have concluded that I need to try E-Cinnamal alone as soon as reasonably possible, in order to further differentiate between its effects and THC’s effects. I also intend to repeat this same experiment, but with a sublingual ROA for the E-Cinnamal in order to determine if the stomach is destroying any of the active terpenes during digestion.