Extreme discomfort



Trip Date:
Inside my flat with my girlfriend who is also tripping
300mg spironolactone / 8mg estradiol daily


Name Dosage Route of Administration
LSA 376 / 11.9 g Morning Glory seeds Oral


1:52 pm:

I took 24 gelcaps stuffed with a compacted dust that I made by blending approximately 376 seeds. The total weight was 11.9g. I am tripping with my girlfriend who has taken an identical dosage and she also intends to document the experience.

1:54 pm:

I’m already very bloated and slightly nauseous.

1:59 pm:

I feel some soft all-encompassing tingly body high with mild cognitive suppressions that make it ever so slightly harder to think clearly.

2:05 pm:

I’m beginning to notice music sounds much better than it usually does sober.

2:11 pm:

At this point, my stomach is actually starting to hurt. It feels mildly painful.

2:56 pm:

My girlfriend is completely incapacitated by intense nausea, but mine is comparatively mild. I found my recent DXM trip to be considerably more nauseating. I’m now feeling a fairly substantial body high and a distinct sense of cognitive relaxation. At points I was sexually aroused for no apparent reason.

3:11 pm:

I’m feeling cognitive euphoria and I’m very giggly. I’m beginning to feel quite a pleasant state of mind.

3:34 pm:

I’m getting mild geometry overlayed onto my vision, its very fine, grainy, and resembles visual noise or static. When I close my eyes I see bright patches colour of yellows and greens.

3:47 pm:

I’m now getting a strong dreamy headspace with introspective thoughts regarding my relationships with other people.

3:53 pm:

I’m very sedated and feel a need to lay down with my eyes closed.

3:39 pm:

I’m beginning to feel on very edge and anxious despite not having anything which is explicitly bothering me. My heart rate feels high and my body feels uncomfortable. This anxiety is very similar to the anxiety I get on that of LSD.


4:27 pm:

I look at this report and notice obvious time compression, it feels as if 5 minutes has passed since my last entry but in reality it was closer to an hour.

4:53 pm:

I’m feeling increasingly shitty, my muscles hurt, my limbs feel numb and intensely ache from the vasoconstriction. I’m salivating uncontrollably while also feeling dehydrated in a manner which seems contradictory. I feel weirdly anxious for reasons I cannot identify, and the nausea is persistent.

5:08 pm:

The previously mentioned side effects continue to increase to such an extent that I decide to bail out from this trip and take 1mg of Xanax in an attempt to subside the physical and cognitive side effects. I also take a gelcap full of CBD powder in the hopes that its vasodilating effects will combat the painful sensation within my limbs. Aside from this, I am getting very mild drifting and extremely vivid daydreams.


6:00 pm:

I am now feeling much better. The Xanax has offset the all of the physical and cognitive side effects, and the CBD has successfully counteracted the vasoconstriction. I am now tripping much harder but have concluded that documentation from this point forward is not worthwhile as I am no longer able to document the LSA alone.

Conclusion / Aftermath

For me personally, LSA is quite likely the worst psychedelic I have ever taken. Out of the many hallucinogenic substances which I have tried, this substance was easily one of the worst regarding its physical discomfort, which was very disproportionately intense relative to the mild visual and cognitive effects I was experiencing. In terms of discomfort, I would even rank it up there with some of my DPH trips. In the future, I will not be ingesting this compound again without first making a purified tincture from my large collection of morning glory seeds. I am hoping that this will perhaps offset many of the side effects.

In the meantime, I now consider this trip to be a partially failed experiment. This is due to being forced to combine it with other substances which sullied the documentation process. However, it was still useful for learning more about LSA and how I should approach this compound in the sure.

Thanks for reading.