Four Raccoons and a Squirrel

by froggie


Trip Date:
Cottage, rural Canada
6'3 / 190.5cm
~170lbs / ~77kg
Cyproterone Acetate, Estradiol


Name Dosage Route of Administration
1cP-LSD 100ug Sublingual, Tab


I avoided reading any trip reports of this substance beforehand, so I would have no specific expectations when I tried it, with the exception of checking PsychonautWiki for a dosage guideline. I had previously done 1P-LSD on it’s own, and with DXM, along with microdoses of 1P-LSD.



Took one tab, and ended up accidentally swallowing it a few seconds later. I’d eaten half an hour before, and for whatever reason this tab didn’t end up doing anything, though it was from the same sheet.


I went out on my dock, and hopped in my canoe to spend a few hours canoeing, hoping the come-up would be by the time I’m somewhere nice in the water.


I got back from my canoeing, having been caught in a thunderstorm for about an hour and completely soaked. At this point I wasn’t tripping.


Took another 100ug tab sublingually, and ate a banana after about 10 minutes.


I’m prepping dinner, chopping up stuff for a salad and roasting potatoes. A bit earlier I was peeling potatoes and remarking at how fast and efficiently I was able to do it, completely expecting the tab to be bunk, but by the time I was chopping everything I felt enough stimulation to know I was coming up, and remarking at how accurately and quickly I was able to chop everything. It felt as if my knife skills had been completely honed, and I was just really in tune with the music was I was listening to (mostly modern rock, neo-psychedelic and indie pop).

The “tip-off” for the fact I was coming up, apart from the stimulation and greatly enhanced hand control, was walking almost like I would on DXM. My body weight was perfectly centered and moving around felt like my head was physically directing the movement, and I felt much more agile when moving around the kitchen.


I started making a fire outside to roast chicken sausages on, and if I let myself relax for a few seconds I started seeing geometry swirl on rocks and in the flames.



When I went to grab my pickles, I struggled to open the jar and all of a sudden I felt extremely wall, and a few minutes later it was like looking through a fish-eye lens. Eventually this became less extreme over the next half hour.

I’d finished roasting my sausages by now, and was eating them with salad, pickles and roasted potatoes. Overall tasted pretty good, but within a few minutes I got the familiar “somebody else is eating this for me” feeling, in which I was moreso experiencing someone else chew and taste for me.


At this point I was heavily tripping, I could look at a patch of wild grass and watch it turn into various shapes, and have the square of grass tessellate completely across my vision, with the fire pit just barely noticable in the middle of my vision.


I spent the next couple hours just completely enveloped, watching the geometry in the trees. If I closed my eyes I’d see completely indescribable “visions”, that I felt seemed to fit the vibe of whatever the current music was, and my exact thoughts when trying to think about it were, “I don’t have the adjectives for any of this”.

Recently on a small dose of shrooms + 4-HO-MiPT I’d started learning how to pick apart music and single out specific instruments or chords, while still hearing everything else at once, and I’d slowly gotten better at it while sober. This effect was extremely enhanced, and I really loved hearing all the individual parts of music, and the small background details that I had entirely missed before the first dozen times I’d listened to my playlist.

Reopening my eyes just caused the geometry and tessellation to be even stronger, almost blending what was reality and what I was actually looking at. The lower light conditions made it much easier for various pine tree branches and long grass to turn into whatever shapes and colors.


I opened my eyes to four raccoons sitting around my chair and looking at me, one of them with my leftover sausage in it’s mouth. I struggled to get out of my chair and they ran off, but at that point I was still trying to figure out if they were raccoons or not, due to the strong geometric patterns shimmering over them. A few minutes later a squirrel also came up to me, and I decided to go inside at this point. The fire was almost dead, so I poured a pot of water over the coals and walked to the cottage in the pitch black night. The rest of the trees were still heavily drifting, and had been, along with the rest of the forest.



I played cards for a bit, geometry still swirling over people’s faces and changing the shapes of the suits (hearts, spades, etc) on the cards.


Everyone else had gone to bed at this point, I was still lightly tripping so I went to the bathroom, and took my shirt off to watch the various patterns stem from the stretch marks on my boobs. The rest of my skin still had that familiar, skin-colored “tattoo” that I had seen on 4-AcO-MET and 4-HO-MET trips, with the distinctive hooks and almost medieval-like art type of patterns.


I went to bed at this point, with light geometry accompanying me as I quickly fell asleep. I felt tired but not totally worn out, I was moreso tired from the earlier canoeing and the various introspection and emotional thinking I’d been doing during the trip.

Conclusion / Aftermath

All in all, this was a really enjoyable and comfy, light trip. I’d definitely like to experience something similar in the future, I think the setting was an amazing choice, though sort of disappointed the first tab didn’t do anything while I was canoeing. The forest and lake were absolutely beautiful to look at, and so was the campfire. I didn’t do nearly as much introspection or reflection that I’d normally do on tryptamines, which was almost refreshing in a way that I could just enjoy my evening and finish off a great week at my cottage.