Visual strobing

Visual strobing is the experience of a fast-paced and bright flashing light which can occur within one's visual field in manner similar to that of a strobe light. This flashing light may be spread out across one's visual field evenly, or it can sometimes be concentrated within the peripheral vision. It is typically more pronounced within darkened environments or with closed eyes, but can also often be seen to a somewhat lesser extent within well lit environments with open eyes.

[p]When directly focused on, this strobing effect can sometimes begin to gradually increase in speed and intensity until appearing to become a steady permanent light which then gives way to closed eye geometry of a greater intensity than that which preceded it. At points, visual strobing can often further intermix with psychedelic geometry in a manner that results in the complex patterns and shapes starting to rapidly flash and potentially also appearing to be the source of the strobing light itself.[p]

Visual strobing is most commonly induced under the influence of moderate dosages of psychedelic compounds, such as LSD, DMT, psilocybin, and mescaline. However, it is particularly common during the onset and comeup of these experiences, often building up before giving way to the other visual effects that present themselves during the peak.




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