A Delightfully Fun and Clear-Headed Psychedelic

by froggie


Trip Date:
6'3 / 190.5cm
~170lbs / ~77kg


Name Dosage Route of Administration
4-HO-MiPT 20mg Tablet


I avoided reading any trip reports of this substance beforehand, so I would have no specific expectations when I tried it, with the exception of checking PsychonautWiki for a dosage guideline. I was initially going to do 4-HO-MET this evening but decided it would have lasted too long if I wanted to sleep on time.



Dosed, decided to remake my bed. I had paper and doodling supplies out, along with water, though didn’t end up using either.


Remarking that my regular joint pain and whatever random body pain is rapidly disappearing, despite sitting in a chair with my legs crossed on top of a desk (awkward position but I was feeling too lazy and relaxed to change it).


I’m noticing physical euphoria and relaxation, though my fingers feel a jittery but I think it could be nervousness. I feel like I’m in the mood for music, though I don’t end up playing any, and rocking back and forth along with stimming feels great.


It feels like the euphoria and empathogenic effects are rapidly picking up, and I would’ve described it as almost a head high. White doesn’t look exactly white anymore and my screen looks like it blurs each time I tap it while typing. I was also faintly noticing a flickering over my field of vision, similar to previous HPPD that I’d had before.


Comfortably feeling very physically warm, I took my feet off the desk, along with observing my field of vision slightly changing. I felt very clear headed and was talking to one of my partners at this time, and told them it was vaguely making me feel horny.



It feels like everything around me is defocused and blurry except for my phone, right in the center of my vision. Definitely feeling like my body wasn’t my own, and watching my fingers type and move by themselves. Text looks almost 3d, though despite the vision changes I’m able to walk around just fine.


Decided to turn around on a spot instead of walking in my room, and despite knowing I’m actually turning very slowly it feels quite fast, and rapidly accelerating over the next couple of minutes. As the feeling of turning around in a circle accelerates it looks like my arms get further and further away from me, to nearly double their length at some point. Despite all this, I’m quite surprised at how clearly I can think and observe this, along with holding a conversation just fine. I started giggling at how great it felt to just turn and watch the text blurring, and was really enjoying the experience. I remarked that my sense of balance was incredibly good given I was turning pretty fast at this point, and wasn’t really thinking about how to balance or turn at all, as it felt completely autonomous and as if I wasn’t controlling the physical movements themselves.


What felt like ages later, I decided to stop spinning and was thrown onto my bed. I laid there for a couple minutes, physically feeling like I was almost on a vertical roller-coaster, and it became much harder to read. After a bit I was able to read again, and everything felt as if it was squished shorter, with noticable chromatic aberration and strong physical euphoria. My body no longer felt like my own and I was just a mere observer of my room. Icons and the letters on my phone’s keyboard were squirming around and drifting, and I felt very warm.


The time dilation was more extreme than I thought, in hindsight. Now I was very aware of my chest breathing, how it rose and fell. I have some fairly strong OEVs covering my vision, with distinct patterns and geometric shapes, but I’m still able to read my phone fine enough. My tinnitus is extremely noticable in the dead silence without any music, but I felt too euphoric to really care.


I’m just lying in bed remarking at how pretty everything is, and how disconnected and painless I feel, along with really enjoying the warmth and euphoria.


Still surprised at how mentally clear I feel, I try covering my face and exploring the CEVs. Quickly, I’m sucked into a tunnel of tessellating patterns and watch them for a couple minutes, before deciding to pull myself out. In hindsight I regret not spending more time enjoying the CEVs, as my eyes were open for the rest of the trip.


I’m feeling extremely euphoric and empathic, and just loving talking to other people. Remarking how I haven’t stopped smiling the entire time, which would persist for the next couple of hours, I was just talking to my partners about how grateful I am that I have them, and how much I love them.



The visuals have entirely faded by now, and my throat hurts slightly but it’s not dry. Still wasn’t able to control my body enough to get up and drink some water, so I just lay there feeling really great and happy.


I remarked that it felt like the trip was over, but all the good mental effects were still there and I felt just wonderful talking to people, feeling much more sociable than I’d usually be.


The aforementioned effects still persisted, and I’d decided to go to sleep because I was too tired.

Conclusion / Aftermath

This was a really fun trip and unexpectedly clear-headed, with the fun kind of body disconnection that I enjoy during the visuals. In hindsight I wished the visuals lasted a bit longer but the empathogenic effects made up for it.