The Hallway of a Thousand Things

by froggie


Trip Date:
6'2 / 188cm
~190lbs / ~86kg
Estradiol Valerate, Relaxin-2


Name Dosage Route of Administration
DPT 100mg boofed


This is my first experience with DPT. I had not read about it’s effects online, only checking dosage reference ranges (of which only exist oral, insufflated and smoked ranges). Previously, I had a friend describe her experiences on DPT to me, though it was a while ago and my main takeaways from her description were that it was very strong and to be practiced caution around.



I boofed 100mg of the substance. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, as this was my first time with this substance, so I sat next to my roommate to watch Ozark with them. The first thing that is immediately noticeable is my heart pounding through my chest.

I glance over at my watch, and note that my heart rate is around 160bpm. It eventually calmed down further into the trip, but I spent the first 15 minutes of the trip contemplating if I should benzo my way out of this one or not.



Almost within seconds, I feel almost ill. My roommate’s monitor starts melting in my vision, and the walls become covered in geometry while my vision is flickering. I’m starting to feel almost uncomfortable, and surprised by how sudden and intense it was, I go lie down on my own.


I’m at what I would describe as the absolute peak of the trip. I’m incredibly uncomfortable, and I’m laying in bed doing everything I can to try to be comfortable. My socks felt weird, so I took them off. At this point in time I felt hot and almost sweaty, but fairly quickly I began to feel cold and craved the warmth, and as such I wrapped myself up in a blanket cocoon. I feel pressure on my teeth, and on my eardrums. My back is in pain, as well as a muscle I pulled earlier in the week hurting a lot more suddenly. It seems as if all the minor uncomfortable things I normally deal with and ignore are amplified 100x, and are the main focus point of anything for me now. I have tinnitus that is growing increasingly loud and is becoming harder to ignore, so I scramble to put on any sort of music to help with it. Everything is blurring, with tracers trailing behind as I look around the room, with everything stretching and twisting like I had taken some sort of Alice in Wonderlandesque cake. Everything is so tense and uncomfortable.

My vision itself is flickering rapidly, and everything is covered in fractals, as well as incredibly intricate geometric patterns. The flickering and changing of patterns slows quite a lot once the music comes on, almost matching the tune of the song. I skipped through a few different genres while trying to find something comfortable, and whatever I listened to strongly correlated with the visuals. I was barely able to make out what I was reading on my screen, and as a result, was relying on randomly skipping through spotify. Eventually I found something that felt more comfortable, and landed on my playlist that is fittingly titled “i want these songs played at my funeral”, which is mostly made up of vaporwave and synthwave.

At some point I closed my eyes, and experienced incredibly comprehensive and intricate Level 5 internal hallucinations. I had heard them described to me before, as well as read the article that we have on the SEI, but I had always felt that the replications made depicting them were a form of artistic interpretation, and I would have never known I was so wrong. I am traversing down a hallway with walls made up of lines of a thousand things, each stripe being a pattern of a group of a type of things. Various arcane symbols, social media icons, pyramids made up the masses of things, as well as catboys at some point. I felt like I had stepped into some elaborate StingrayZ gif. I felt a lot more comfortable by this point, as I was disconnected from my physical senses and was no longer painfully uncomfortable.


I’m spending the rest of the time enjoying the warmth and music in the dark, and I’m slowly regaining the ability to type as I reach the hour and half mark. The physical uncomfortableness has eased off by this point, as well as my heart rate returning to just slightly above my resting range, at 120bpm. The open-eye visuals are as strong as ever, and are comforting to lose myself in, as they melt and drift throughout my room, everything still warping and made up of a malleable substance.


I’m still slowly coming down by this point, and the visuals are still fairly noticeable, but nowhere near as heavy.



The visuals are quickly wearing off now, and all physical and cognitive effects have disappeared.


As I type this report, my eyes are still noticeably dilated, but all of the aftereffects are long gone. Only slight visuals are noticeable when starting at a blank wall.


Eyes are more or less back to normal.

Conclusion / Aftermath

As I write this, I feel as if I threw hands with god and lost. Almost all aspects of the experience were unexpected, apart from the intensity, which should have been expected. I had entirely assumed that it would be a totally pleasant, if a bit intense, experience, as shown by me expectation of watching a show with my roommate on the comeup. I now sit here, exhausted and worn out, as if I am a wrung-out rag.

I’d exercise more caution, and start a lot lower, when revisiting this substance, should I ever plan to. I feel that I am satisfied in my venturing out to base tryptamines, and I’ve learned that things can get more intense than I ever imagined. I’m glad that the experience itself was fairly short-lived, without lasting effects.