Opening Up



Trip Date:
my apartment
not specified
120 lbs


Name Dosage Route of Administration
6-APB 115 mg + 25 mg Oral in gel cap



Dosed. Having another one of those days where my closest friends and I share a psychonautic experience together. 2 of them are on MDMA, one on 5-APDB and one on 4-AcO-DMT.


Not feeling much yet except for some chills.


Starting to feel faint and light, but its still barely noticeable. This would be the onset of the substance’s effects.


Everything is beginning to seem funnier. I feel warm and sweaty and my limbs seem to move with a great deal of ease, like they are flowing about in a warm rushing stream. I am seeing faint visuals on some surfaces and I am yawning a lot. Interesting to note is that there was no bodily discomfort, no nausea or even shaking, which is usually a very standard effect for phenethylamines.



Feel a bit wobbly and dissociated, my thoughts feel like they are fringed with pulsing rainbows, like the very essence of them is emitting a diversity of the base colors that form every intangible thing. Everything appears to be chromatically lighter and more intense. I smoke some weed and it seems to ramp up all of the effects. The open eyed visuals begin to manifest as faint bluish herringbone patterns on every surface. The closed eyed visuals are also blue, and appear as a sort of helical form overlaid on more of the flowing herringbones. A slight tick of nausea has set in, and my skin feels faint and fuzzy.


Decide I want to go a little further and measure out another 25 mg which I then put in a capsule and dose.


Definite feeling of “lifting off”, of my essence rising within me like heat waves off hot asphalt on a summer day.


I feel fantastic. My friend and roommate are playing music in our basement while they roll and I find myself singing along, which is something I rarely do, as I am tone deaf and cannot properly imitate a tune. I see spots in my vision, like the afterimages that come from looking at a bright light. I am absolutely rolling face in some literal sense of the word, it feels like my face is being battered with pleasure. I now feel that warm fuzzy dissociation both inside and out. This experience is not speedy in the least, with there still being no shaking. It feels much less energetic and forceful than MDMA does.


Everything is very funny and I find myself talking and laughing a lot. Still no discomfort or negative stimulant effects, this feels like a natural hypomania with colorful visuals and colorful thoughts. My thoughts seem to be flowing faster and more efficiently than normal, like it typically does with psychedelics. This isn’t that overwhelming and artificial euphoria that other empathogens bring, this feels a lot more genuine. Everything is melting and coalescing together in the sweetest way. Sounds begin to pick up a sort of metallic twang.


The second dose seems to have kicked up the bodyload that had remained elusive until now. My teeth are grinding and I am beginning to shake and feel a bit bloated.


The visuals begin to manifest as a shaking and twitching and strobing of my field of vision, like an insect quickly batting its wings before taking flight. Every now and then everything will begin to randomly and rapidly flash for a few seconds. Another friend stops in who is also on MDMA.


The bodyload is setting in, as is a stronger roll effect. I smoke more cannabis. My jaw is clenching hard and my ears are popped, but will not unpop. This is fairly uncomfortable. My friends and I are all talking very openly and honestly about all sorts of things, it’s fantastic to be so emotionally open and available to one another. It feels like we are getting things off our chest that have gone unsaid for years. This experience is absolutely therapeutic for all of us. Various tactile sensations are extremely pleasurable, especially the feeling of running rough textures through my hands and squeezing rough textured things. I find myself obsessively kneading the same coarse blanket in my fingers for the better part of the experience. The conversation steers in a very sexual direction, as empathogens are known to do, but I find myself feeling nothing, a continuation of the trend of drugs having a consistently inhibitory effect on my sexuality. I also find myself subject to perceiving things very psychedelically, as if I am considering every angle of what I am witnessing and spontaneously falling into fountains of thought.



I am coming down now, For the next few hours my friends and I smoke weed and play videogames well into the very early morning. The comedown is not rough or unpleasant, there is certainly no crash but also there isn’t even much of a mild depressive feeling either. It’s a very neutral cruise back to baseline.


I am not feeling well physically,I am bloated and have to pee a lot. Falling asleep is difficult but I eventually manage.


The next day I feel strong bodily discomfort and a good bit of fatigue. I feel bloated and have stomach cramps the entire day, and find myself having to urinate very frequently. The week that followed was awful. I was incredibly fatigued every single day, finding myself taking frequent and long naps. Every waking moment felt like I was half asleep. I was stricken with intense anxiety at random times for no discernible reason. Thankfully I didn’t feel too many depressive symptoms, just a great deal of anxiety and fatigue.

Conclusion / Aftermath

The moniker “Benzo-Fury” that this drug sometimes bears is very deceptive (though the name is taken from its chemical structure). It is an overall mild empathogen, not as intensely stimulating or explosively euphoric as MDMA. Rather, it is a light psychedelic hypomania with a few subtle hallucinatory effects. It is not very stimulating at all, and until I redosed there was absolutely no bodyload. In general redosing seemed to greatly increase the negative physical effects with diminishing returns as far as the experience goes.