To the dextroverse!

by Amethyst


Trip Date:
A friends living room


Name Dosage Route of Administration
DXM 700mg Oral



Took 700mg of pure powdered DXM; method of ingestion was via three bombs/parachutes. There were two other people present; josikins, who was taking the same dose as me, and a sober friend/sitter.


First plateau/Starting to feel the effects of the DXM; tingling feeling at the end of fingers and toes, and slightly dizzy.


2nd plateau/Dissociation starting to come-on. Very floaty headspace. When moving, it feels like I am on auto-pilot.


Me and my other dissociated friend spent a little time recording ourselves on my webcam. It was at this point that I was starting to find it difficult to string sentences together, and could not just talk naturally without having to force the words out.



After this point, I cannot remember the whole experience, due to being in and out of the “d-hole” for the next six hours. Most of my awake moments only involved me opening my eyes, mumbling a few words and passing back out again a few seconds later. However, I can remember specific events occurring.

This is where I reached the 3rd/4th plateau. I was feeling completely detached from my body, like I was just a mind that was completely separated from anything. Everytime I had to move, I would just find myself in the place I needed to be, with barely any recollection of the actually transition from one room to another. It was as though my body was on autopilot, all I had to do was think about going somewhere and I would suddenly be in that room. The parts where I remember walking, it was very difficult to control my motor control, and getting anywhere required holding onto walls, banisters etc the whole way.

I remember feeling very disorientated, and panicking that my parents had been trying to get in touch with me. I tried looking at my phone, but where my vision was blurry, I couldn’t make out any of the writing on the screen, meaning I couldn’t tell whether I had been called. In the end, my sitter had to remove my phone and turn it off, to prevent me from calling my parents. I was repeatedly asking my sitter whether I had been contacted, but then forgetting I had asked seconds later. I apparently kept asking where I was, due to the memory loss, and had to be calmed down as I was appearing to be becoming scared.

The visual side of the trip wasn’t as strong as the dissociating side. However, I remember on several occasions flying through a void, surrounded by pixelated buildings (think Minecraft). The colors were darker than I experience on psychedelics like LSD and psilocin; mostly the darker shades, or greys/metallic colors.

During the brief periods where my eyes were open, I remember thinking that everything had a very Cubist/Picasso look to it. It was as though any object I looked at had been chopped up, and rearranged. As well as looking different, objects had completely different textures to what I was used to. The whole room was blurry and I was experiencing double vision when I tried to focus on one particular thing. When just glancing briefly upon anything, although I had no double vision, the object would leave behind blurred tracers.

At several points during the trip, I remember seeing people I knew in the room that weren’t actually there. One hallucination I had was where the trip I was currently having and a memory of a trip with three of my friends merged together. The friends in my hallucination I actually saw seated around me and moving. However, outside of that hallucination, any people that weren’t physically in the room, I could just feel a sort of presence of.



Towards the end of the experience, there were a few interesting things I noticed. I started to come down around seven. I could keep my eyes open for longer, and could start to talk more easily. I still had memory loss; minutes would feel like hours. I had a period of feeling about a foot shorter that I really was. If I looked down at my legs, they looked incredibly short. My surroundings seemed larger than normal too. I was also left with an afterglow of feeling rather awake and talkative, staying up until 3am talking. Food also tasted bland or just had no taste, as well as the textures feeling slimier than normal. After the peak of ego death, I said several times that I regretted taking the DXM and wouldn’t do it again. However, the further away I got from ego death, the more I started to consider DXM to be one of the more interesting and profound trips I’ve ever had.