Unnecessarily large dosage

by Teeldeer


Trip Date:
late 20's
At home with my girlfriend


Name Dosage Route of Administration
MDA 250mg Oral
MDMA 250mg Oral


I should start this trip report with a disclaimer about my dose and tolerance. Taking as much MDA as I did would not be a good idea for someone who has not tried it before. My tolerance is I would suggest starting out at or below 100mg. I have friends that found 100mg to be too much, but they LOVED doses in the 50-60mg range.

I ate a large meal at least an hour before dosing. This may have contributed to the late onset of the effects.



I ate a large meal at least an hour before dosing. This may have contributed to the late onset of the effects. It was more than an hour after eating my initial 150mg of MDA that I decided that I must have gotten some really weak stuff. My girlfriend convinced me to take some MDMA since she was already rolling. I took 150mg of MDMA at that point and waited patiently for it to kick in. Around 45 minutes later I started feeling the effects of the MDMA, which are quite familiar to me. It must have been 10-15 minutes before I started to feel the effects of the MDA, which I had never taken before. At this point I took another 100mg of each, because I thought that my tolerance was the reason that the effects were so mild. So by my estimate it was an hour and a half to two hours before the MDA kicked in, and it hit me like a freight train.

One minute I was talking about how I didn’t really feel anything more than the mild rolling feeling, and then I got up from laying on the floor to get a drink and WHAM.



The next minute I was having trouble standing up straight and everything I could see was exhibiting light drifting and the fragmented look that edges seem to take on while rolling on ecstacy. For about 30 minutes to an hour I was overwhelmed with an erotic sort of intensity that made me not want to move for a good twenty minutes. The visuals were nice, but they were relatively mild, and typical of psychedelics but not really the focus of the trip, so I won’t say anymore about the visuals.

The next few hours were filled with wonder and amazement at all things. There was a confidence and optimism that I find hard to reach while sober.

The strangest of all of the effects to me was the auditory distortion. I’m a musician, and this is the first time I’ve had any kind of auditory hallucination, so it was a sort of mind-blowing experience to hear a noticeable difference in all of the sounds I was experiencing.

The way I noticed was I put on one of my favorite albums, Cake’s Fashion Nugget. It seemed at the time that the sound distortion was only obvious on familiar songs with vocal parts.

I didn’t notice a difference while listening to Beethoven’s 9th and instrumental parts of other songs were hard to differentiate, but voices stuck out as being distinctly slowed down. This was not limited to recorded music, but my voice and my girlfriend also sounded lower than normal.

A month or two later I tried another dose of MDA (100mg) with the intention of paying special attention to the auditory aspect of the experience since it had been such an interesting effect the first time, but this dose didn’t seem to produce the same pronounced effects. I tried again at the 200mg level, and sure enough all sounds I heard were deeper, the ringtone of my phone, my voice, and the familiar sound of a local DJ’s voice were all noticeably lower, though the effects were less profound this time.

Mentally I would have to say that the empathy factor was lower than with MDMA, but since I took both and my tolerance was not at base level, I don’t really think it’s fair for me to judge that.

(Revision: now that I’ve tried MDA alone I would say that the empathetic feelings that are a hallmark of MDMA are not even worth mentioning. I don’t feel like MDA would be as useful for interpersonal therapy, though it could still be useful in deprogramming past traumas)

My last MDA dose was 200mg, and I felt that it was too much for me to really enjoy. I spent a good portion of the trip trying to get comfortable, but no matter what, I could not find a position or spot that I could be content with for more than a few minutes.

Another very present effect was a GREAT reduction in my short term memory. I would be talking with my girlfriend and I would either forget what she was talking about or forget what I was talking about in the middle of a sentence. This could be due to my higher doses.

This was not at all conducive to conversation, but I feel that it would be very useful for meditation.

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