Resplendent and Warm



Trip Date:
my apartment
not specified
130 lbs


Name Dosage Route of Administration
4-AcO-MET 40 mg Oral in solution


Been pretty depressed lately, I’m going into this trip thinking about sad stuff from the past with a self-destructive desire. Close friends giving me warmth and love, though I have in general felt very bleak and pessimistic about the future.



Solution administered in 4 separate gulps across half an hour, chased with ginger tea and some puffs of weed to subdue nausea. Time begins from when solution is fully consumed.


Oddly enough, I can already feel it coming on. Already beginning to get closed eyed visuals- they are moving and breathing in a seemingly algorithmic way with a great deal of depth. Nausea and stomach discomfort is hitting hard.


I feel like my body is floating. In general it is a very warm and dissociative body high that would be pleasant if not for the intense nausea. It is like I am being caressed by soft, pleasant fingers, bursting with rainbows at the points of contact. Open eyed visuals begin to form as faint patterns and color enhancements. They flow and join organically and are entirely inoffensive with their rounded and gentle forms.


I now sense that my perception is contained within a box that is being warped and twisted by some unknown force. I feel like there are presences around me. I keep getting this feeling that there is a distinct presence hovering directly in front of my face, receding and pouncing in rythic motion. My eyes twitch and flinch at this constant stimulus. It feels like my visual perspective keeps getting shifted back and forth violently between my perception and a 3rd person perception, completely at random and beyond my control. As if I am switching between my view and that of the mysterious presence that insists of hovering in front of me.



I can no longer recognize my body parts. I see these fleshy things and I can move them but I still feel like they are moving themselves in a way. I feel so completely and utterly alien both within this body and within this world. I also feel very sweaty. There are patterned visuals on all flat surfaces along with very solid rainbows coming from every light source. It feels like my eyes are being forced to a certain spot, but I’m not sure why or what’s forcing them. It feels like the world is divided into hexagonal cells.


I am feeling a stoning sedative effect. My body feels numb and still, I don’t want to move at all. I can feel a bit of vasoconstriction in my limbs. Digestive system is no longer painfully uncomfortable, but still feels adrift.


Nausea is mostly gone. I went outside to see the sky and was blessed with colorful geometric patterns, lacking in the pareidoilia and symmetry that presents with other psychedelics. Seems very synthetic in appearance yet organic in nature, simplistic intertwined patterns with sharp defined edges, drifting and breathing across the sky. The feeling of forced perspective shifts is hitting its peak.


I am feeling an extremely powerful empathogenic effect, moreso than any psychedelic has given me. It’s like a big sweaty psychedelic hug. I feel so warm and happy, I love everybody I know, I want to tell them that I understand their struggles and that I love them and want them to be happy. Everything feels so significant. This is great. I’m so hot and sweaty.


I feel so excited and pumped up, I want to go out into the world and do everything there is to do. There is so much to do. I can’t imagine how I’ve ever been depressed, I feel so good about myself and about my potential and about the future. I feel giggly, everything seems hilarious. I’m so happy. I believe I can do anything and want to do everything, it’s a soft and warm sort of mania.



I’m mostly coming down, still very giggly, but the optimism from before is gone. Shades of the usual depression are starting to crop back up, but I’m high as fuck and don’t care too much.


I’m mostly back at baseline save for a slight afterglow in body and mind.

Conclusion / Aftermath

One of the happiest warmest trips I’ve had. The nausea is incredibly uncomfortable for the first 45 minutes or so but the body load does not manifest otherwise. The empathogenic effect was one of the strongest I’ve ever felt. There was a strange sense of “other” throughout the trip. The visual perspective shifts are unique to this drug, and the visuals were otherwise bright and colorful, hearkening to the forms of nature.